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Can you put a BB in an xploderz gun -
yes you can, but there are several complications: a. you have to load all the bb's into the clip or ammo depot, which takes a while to do because you have to hold ...    
Xploderz at Target
Shop for Xploderz at Target. Featuring best selling products in toys, clearance. Spend $50 get free shipping. Expect More. Pay Less. xploderz
Product Features Night Fighterz ammo is compatible with all Xploderz brand products  
Xploderz | Toys"R"Us
Buy Xploderz products at The leading toy store for toys, educational toys, baby products, and more.  
Xploderz - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Xploderz is a line of toy weapons made by The Maya Group to compete with Hasbro's Nerf Super Soaker line and marketed as a safer alternative to paintball. The ammunition uses what The Maya Group calls "H2Grow Technology", wherein the polymer pellets (containing acrylic acid, sodium hydroxide and ...  
Loading and Shooting Xploderz Blasters - YouTube
Loading and Shooting your Xploderz Blasters - XBlaster 200, Face Off 400, XStormer 100 and XRanger 2000 Outblast and outlast the competition with Xploderz re... Xploderz X3 - Sneak Attack: Toys & Games
They'll never see you coming with the new Xploderz X3 Sneak Attack, the largest of the X3 generation of blasters. The X3 Sneak Attack pivots to shoot around corners and take your opponents by surprise.  
Xploderz : toy blasters : Target
Shop for Xploderz toy blasters at Target. Find a wide selection of Xploderz toy blasters within our toy blasters category.  
Xploderz Mayhem. Outblast and outlast the competition with the Xploderz FireStorm Series. The Xploderz Mayhem features a multi-shot auto firing system that fire an astonishing 120 rounds of ammo in 60 seconds.  
Xploderz Ammo Depot -
This Xploderz Ammo Depot includes 500 ready-to-fire rounds. Including an additional 500 Xploderz ammo refills, this Xploderz Nerf Ammo Depot allows you to be prepared for your next battle.  
Xploderz Face Off X3 Blaster, 2-Pack -
Kids can battle and play for hours with the Xploderz Face Off X3 Blaster. This fun blaster comes in cool colors that highlights its fun features.  
Hands On Review: Xploderz Blasters Guns...Because Shooting ...
Exploring the Xploderz Blaster Line. As you can see in the video, there are a number of different Xploderz Blasters. We tested out the Xblaster 200 – a nice little gun with a 50 foot range (comes with 200 rounds of ammo).  
Xploderz Ammo Refill Pack | eBay
xploderz Ammo Refill Pack. in Toys, Hobbies, Outdoor Toys, Other Outdoor Toys | eBay  
xploderz | eBay
Find great deals on eBay for xploderz xploderz gun. Shop with confidence.  
Trend Times Toys & Hobbies Xploderz XRanger 2000 Water ...
Shop for Trend Times Toys & Hobbies Xploderz XRanger 2000 Water Blaster Gun W/Bipod. For sale for $54.99. Find it at Shop  
Smyths Toys UK - Xploderz
Includes: 1 Ammo Clip, Xploderz Ammo and instructions; Refills available; Shoots up to 30 Metres and up to 75 rounds per minute; Weighs: 724.5g; Comes with 500 rounds of ammo  
Xploderz Ammo | ToysRUs | The Maya Group
Outblast and outlast the competition with Xploderz revolutionary technology. With more distance, more ammo and more fun! H2Grow Technology allows you to grow and refill  
Xploderz Gun - Outdoor Toy Product Review - YouTube
http://www.DadDoes.Com Today we look at the new Xploderz gun, These cool guns shot little gel balls that you grow with water. Visit DadDoes.Com for the full story.    
xploderz gun | eBay
Find great deals on eBay for xploderz gun xploderz blaster. Shop with confidence.  
Xploderz Blasters Range - Toy Tattle
Xploderz Blasters: Guide to the Orbeez shooting gun range. Have you seen the TV commercial for the new water ball gun that shoots ammo you grow yourself, but can’t quite remember the name?  
Xploderz | Facebook
Xploderz. 8,418 likes · 39 talking about this. More distance, more ammo and more fun, Xploderz will change the way kids shoot forever. H2Grow Technology...  
XPloderz Xploderz Mayhem FireStorm Series - Toys & Games ...
Outblast and outlast the competition with the Xploderz FireStorm Series. The Xploderz Mayhem features a multi-shot auto firing system that fire an ...  
Review: Xploderz X2 Mauler, The Second Coming of Xploderz Gel ...
Loading? Who has time for loading these day! Last year, the Maya Group introduced the Xploderz line of gel ball blasters. You can read (and watch) our full review of the Xploderz here, but the major downside to the Xploderz was the need to click a lever each time you wanted to load a gel ball.  
Last Minute Gift Ideas: Xploderz & Make Your Case - Nicki's ...
Last Minute Gift Ideas: Xploderz & Make Your Case. If you’ve been looking for last minute gift ideas I have two great products that would work great for the holidays.  
Ammo | Xploderz
Ammo is the most important thing in Xploderz. Without ammo, there is no war. To survive, you need ammo of course! Ammo in Xploderz are waterballs or rounds.  
Xploderz X3 Equalizer Sneak Blaster FUN Safe 8 Boys Girls ...
Xploderz X3 Equalizer Sneak Blaster Fun Safe 8+ Boys & Girls (plus 1575 Rounds) in Toys & Hobbies, Outdoor Toys & Structures, Sand & Water Toys | eBay  
Xploderz Water Pellet Guns | Uncrate
Xploderz Water Pellet Guns. It's about time someone offered all the advantages of paintball without the paint. Xploderz Water Pellet Guns ($15-$40) shoot pellets made of a super-absorbent polymer that you "grow" in water before loading into a cartridge and slapping on your weapon of choice ...  
Xploderz Savage Shield Review | Blaster Labs
Use and Performance. The Savage Shield certainly looks good enough, and it has a unique ammo design that appears to offer the best of many worlds.  
Xploderz Water Guns As Seen On TV - Trend Times
Xploderz water guns as seen on TV are the latest innovation in toy gun blasters that shoot small safe exploding balls of water also known as Orbeez.  
Orbeez and Xploderz - Little Orbs of Fun
The concept of the Orbeez Jewelry Maker is pretty cool and my daughter really enjoyed it. The jewelry maker comes with the following: 1,500 Orbeez in 8 colors  
How to Make Any Xploderz Gun Into an Airsoft Gun: 4 Steps
Edit Article How to Make Any Xploderz Gun Into an Airsoft Gun. Xploderz guns shoot blue pellets that are supposed to splat on impact, but what if you could modify these guns into something better?  
Xploderz X3 Retaliator Gun Shoots 125 Feet-Hot - Trend Times
The Xploderz X3 gun is new and in stock. Fire Xploderz ammo water balls over 125 feet with accuracy. Xploderz guns are the most fun and safest toys if you are looking for a cool new water gun or are into exploding airsoft bbs.  
New Xploderz - World News
New Xploderz, Xploderz X2 Mauler 1000, New 2nd Generation Xploderz for 2012, REVIEW, Xploderz Gun - Outdoor Toy Product Review, Product Review: BlasterPro S2500 from Maya Group (aka Xploderz people), Smyths Toys - New Xploderz Range    
Xploderz Water Pellet Gun: Best of Both Worlds - Technabob
While I don’t deny that paintball guns are fun, they can get quite messy which is why the Xploderz Water Pellet Guns look so cool. The ammo they shoot won’t make anyone too dirty, but you’ll get the same satisfaction as from paintball guns.  
Xploderz from
Did not find what you were looking for? Tell us about it. Your answers help us improve our search results. And it takes less than a minute!  
Xploderz | Xploderz news, updates, and more!
Xploderz news, updates, and more! ... I know we haven’t been posting much, but you guys have to realize that we have tests in school and we needed to prepare and take them because they are 2 hour tests.  
Xploderz Firestorm TV Commercial, 'Introducing the Xploderz ...
No blaster gun battle compares to the battle that ensues with the Xploderz Firestorm in hand.  
Academy - Backyard Expressions, Calcutta®, CCM, Costa Del Mar ...
Backyard Expressions, Calcutta®, CCM, Costa Del Mar, Jump Zone™, Xploderz  
Xploderz – New Exploders Water Ball Gun Toy - Toy Tattle
Xploderz – New Exploders Water Ball Gun Toy. If you like the thrill of a water fight, but want to avoid getting wet, or maybe you’d like to play paintball without the mess, then check out Xploderz.  
1,000-Pc. Xploderz Ammo Depot - 616371, Toys at Sportsman's Guide
Sportsman's Guide has your 1,000-Pc. Xploderz Ammo Depot available at a great price in our Toys collection  
Urban Taggers.: X-ploderz Blasters: shoots wet ballz.. really far
Spotted on the UK toy store site Smyths: "Includes Xploderz™ Ammo Depot with 500 Ready-to-fire rounds. These unique hydro-rounds are super safe, non toxic and leave no mess!  
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Xploderz | Compare Prices, Reviews and Buy at Nextag!
Xploderz - 9 results from KOHLS, Maya Group like 6.5 oz Sour Patch Fruit Gummy Candy, Xploderz Ammo Depot, Xploders Ammo Refill Pack - 500 [Toy], Xploderz  
Xploderz Invader, Mauler, X Grenades TV Commercial -
Xploderz scientists have returned from the future and brought back the technology needed to create the new Invader, Mauler, and X Grenades, specially designed to shoot farther and longer.  
Xploderz Blaster -
Get ready for an epic battle with the Xploderz Blaster. This toy gun is part of the next generation of Xploderz blasters with an updated look and new design.  
Kids everywhere are begging their parents for the new Xploderz water guns! These guns were recently released to the public at the beginning of this year and have quickly become a "must-have" for kids of all ages.    
Xploderz - The Awesomer
Capable of nailing your enemies from up to 85 feet away (YMMV), Xploderz toy guns fire gel pellets filled with water instead of paint. Not quite as mean as paintballs, but they still get your point across.  

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