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WS FTP configuration files - Just Solve the File Format Problem
Sep 16, 2013 ... Its configuration files are in a system-dependent location, but for ... The file wirh the site setup is located in the Sites subdirectory as ws_ftp.ini.    
Importing your WS_FTP LE saved password settings into a new ...
Overview: When you import your site passwords for WS_FTP LE (and possible other versions), be sure to update both: The main copy of the WS_FTP.ini file, typically located in “C:\Program Files\WS_FTP\”    
Exposing the Password Secrets of WS_FTP Professional
WS_FTP stores all the configured FTP account & password information in the file "ws_ftp.ini" at ...    
Ipswitch Support -
Ipswitch File Transfer; IMail Server; WhatsupGold ; iMacros ; AlertFox; Products; Partners; Company; Free Trials; Support; Contact Us; Ipswitch is a family of IT tools and services: Ipswitch File Transfer; IMail Server; WhatsUp Gold ; iMacros ; AlertFox    
WS FTP site .ini file location |
I use an older version of WSFTP (8.0). I wanted to backup the .ini file that holds all the site configurations. I was unable to locate it, but eventually search enough and found it.  
Trivial "encryption" (obfuscation) in ws_ftp.ini - Insecure.Org
It keeps this information in ws_ftp.ini in obfuscated form which is easy to decode. Additionally ... Compromise: Obtain cleartext passwors from ws_ftp.ini files.    
WS_FTP JavaScript Password Decoder - Lab - ArtLung
WS_FTP JavaScript Password Decoder. Go into the .ini file, and look for the lines which begin with PWD. Enter the value of the PWD line: It should look like hex ...    
WS_FTP LE for Windows 95/NT (X86 Version) Version 4.6 Release ...
With WS_FTP LE, users can connect to any remote system that has a valid Internet ... Unzip the download file into a temporary directory and execute INSTALL. ... the installation program asks if you want to retain the existing ws_ftp.ini file.    
Public Knowledge Base -
Answer/Solution: The answer varies depending on which version of WS_FTP, and which Operating System you are running. Please do a search on your computer for "original.ini" and "ws_ftp.ini".  
Penetration Testing: Re: Webhits.dll arbitrary file retrieval Vulnerability
Mar 3, 2005 ... LOG file will give you a list of all files uploaded to the server, the source address of the client, and the local directory on the client. A ws_ftp.INI ...    
WS_FTP Password Decryptor: Free WS_FTP FTP Login Password ...
WS_FTP stores the password for all the past FTP sessions in the "ws_ftp.ini" file so that user don't have to enter it every time. WS_FTP Password Decryptor makes it easy to quickly scan & decrypt all ... you can uninstall the product using the Uninstaller located at following location (by ...  
whatsnew.txt - Courses
WS_FTP32 is the 32 bit version of WS_FTP for Windows NT, Windows 95 and ... of ACCOUNT in ini files and log files; accounts are processed like passwords ... destination can be a directory (must end with a slash) - source can contain ...    
Location for .ini files? Solved - Windows 7 Help Forums
I have an application (which we developed ourselves) that uses a .ini file, previously stored in th. Join Forum | Login | Today's Posts | ... Windows 7: Location for .ini files? 30 Nov 2011 #1: SueTw. Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit ...  
GOOGLE HACKING DATABASE – GHDB – FTP... - تیم امنیتی ...
ws_ftp.ini configuration file search: intitle:index.of ws_ftp.ini. 2.) ws_ftp.ini configuration file with “Parent Directory” search: filetype:ini ws_ftp pwd. 3.) Variation:.    
WS_FTP starts to open, then closes. -
Once the requests.dat file is removed, try to start WS_FTP again. ... This usually happens in WS_FTP Pro if you have opened multiple remote site connections at once. ... Save and close the wsftp_options.ini file, then try to start WS_FTP again. Environment Version: 12.3: Metadata ...  
WS_FTP Pro Window - Technology For All
Oct 26, 2000 ... Note: In the 16-bit version of WS_FTP Pro, each column contains ... The buttons to the right of each column provide file and folder operations for that column. ... INI file in the Extensions section and is also valid for Windows.    
Ws Ftp Ini - Free Download Ws Ftp Ini Software
Ws Ftp Ini in description. ... Transer files with this FTP client for both advanced and novice users Transer files with this FTP client for both advanced Web developers and ... File, Folder, Ftp, Hard Disk, Location, Management, Network, Open, Program, Quick, Run, Save, Start, Syt, Time, Url ...  
FTP – File Transfer Protocol Client Setup and ... -
Select this box only if you are the only user of your computer and no one else has access to your WS_FTP folder. (Passwords are stored in the WS_FTP.INI file in ...    
12.3 Release Notes - Ipswitch Documentation Server
12.3 Release Notes About this document. This document contains information on how to install and configure WS_FTP Professional, and WS_FTP LE. Depending on which WS_FTP client product you have purchased, portions of this document may not apply.  
How do you export FF bookmarks, [Archive] - StatCounter User Forum
Then turn around and import in FF from the exported IE file. ... Or edit the .ini file in the ws_ftp folder and find each site and see what connection ...    
ipswitch ini files - read - SitePoint – Learn HTML, CSS ...
Hello I am trying to copy the ini files from WS_FTP Pro so I can install the config on the new computer. Aren;t you supposed to be able to see all the website addresses that you have set up. My ... Location *** Posts 372 Mentioned 0 Post(s) Tagged 0 Thread(s)  
McAfee Labs Threat Advisory PWS-Zbot
Jun 6, 2014 ... data file with random name inside %APPDATA% folder. ... Total Commander → Retrieve data associated with the values "ftpininame", and "installdir" ... WS_FTP → Retrieve data associated with the value "datadir" from.    
WS_FTP Password Recoverer Download - Softpedia
Once you discover the location of your WS_FTP.ini file, ... WS_FTP Password Recoverer gives the possibility to restore certain host connections, by seamlessly recovering lost passwords used to encrypt and identify that connection.  
Failed to Load OpenPGP Keys From Keyrings - Don't Back Down
Nov 16, 2007 ... I have been a user of WS_FTP for a while - years, in fact. ... When you do, you'll see the Log file path. ... In this directory, you'll see ipspgp.ini.    
Accessing System Folders - Windows 7 Help Forums
I'm trying to manually copy over the ws_ftp.ini file from my older XP system, and it has to go in the Documents and Settings folder. In Win 7, this folder appears to be a shortcut, but I can't find where it actually points.  
Running MultiplePost Modules - Shell is Only the Beginning
Dec 16, 2011 ... As we can see it takes a macro file where each post module and its options are ... Running Against 1 [*] Checking Default Locations... [*] C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\Ipswitch\WS_FTP\Sites\ws_ftp.ini not found .    
Install WS_FTP 12.4 using WS_FTP 12.2 ws_ftp.ini
You do not need to rename the ws_ftp.ini to use with a newer version of WS_FTP. I just save the file in a safe place, install the new version of WS_FTP and copy the .ini file to the correct location.  
FTP and Archie - Yale University
Apr 9, 1995 ... Click here to view the directory at West Point that contains WS_FTP. ... WS_FTP is distributed with an INI file that identifies the distribution points ...    
Ws Ftp Ini File PDF - Books Reader
WS FTP Server Installation and Configuration Guide. Ipswitch WS_FTP® Server is a highly secure, fully featured and easy-to-administer file transfer server for Microsoft Windows® systems.  
W32/Kryptik.AX!tr - A Masterful FTP Trojan | Fortinet Blog
Jul 30, 2012 ... For WS_FTP it searches the following folders for .ini files: ... Install Path, and Data Folder, searching for the location of sites.dat, quick.dat, and ...    
WS FTP Pro User's Guide
do not replace the WS_FTP.ini file, as this file contains all the FTP sites you have configured. Introduction 7 WS_FTP Pro ... current main window size and location. Note that WS_FTP Pro saves the window locations only if the main window is not fully maximized. Using the “Classic” Interface 35  
Use copy of WS_FTP .ini file that stores passwords; Simple changes to the file will display ... A: Depends on what resides in memory at location “buffer[20]”.    
Comments on: WS FTP site .ini file location
Comments on: WS FTP site .ini file location ...  
TextPad Support Tips
Command: c:\mysql.bat Parameters: $File Initial Folder: $FileDir Capture Output ON. 3. ..... INI (which can be found in the folder with your user name in the \VSS\USERS folder): ... The error messages from WS_FTP are particularly unhelpful !") ...    
FTP Client Software & SFTP Software | Ipswitch File Transfer
That’s why more than 40 million users from around the world rely on WS_FTP Professional from Ipswitch File Transfer to simplify file transfer tasks, save time, and improve communications. ... and synch to virtually any location, device, drive, or server.    
Problems with Microsoft Windows Easy Transfer Utility - Locks Up or ...
Import or copy files to the new location; Move the utility configuration files; Test to confirm ... The settings are stored in a file, named either ws_ftp.ini or original.ini.  
WS FTP Password Decrypter -
WS FTP Password Decrypter. Login | Register. 2 Users Online. Tools; Projects; Users; Home » Tools » WS FTP Password Decrypter. Versions. 4.5 LE; 5.0 LE; 6.0 PRO; Locations. WS_FTP.ini (PWD=) ... WS_FTP.xml File: Copyright © 2006-2010 All Rights Reserved. About Us | Contact Us ...  
FileZilla in multiuser environment - FileZilla Forums
Program files are located in network drive, and users have only ... WS_FTP has a command line setting to specify the location of its INI file.    
Gentoo Forums :: View topic - SSH/SFTP using WS_FTP Pro [solved]
... add the following line to the wsftp_options.ini file, under the [LOG_OPTIONS] ... \Program Files\Common Files\Ipswitch\WS_FTP Per User Application Data directory Location: On Windows NT: c: ...  
mIRC Trojan (taskmngr.exe / ocxdll.exe) Analysis - KLC Consulting
It tries to copy "c:\progra~1\flashfxp\sites.dat" and "c:\progra~1\ws_ftp\ws_ftp.ini" to "c:\windows\system32" directory. (maybe get the configuration from the bot?).    
Vista Business 64 & WS_FTP ini File on USB Drive?
... How can I map WS_FTP Pro (installed on my Vista Business Laptop) to store my important Sites information on a USB drive? ... I don't change the ini file much, but I think the location you point to is the correct location. Sorry for the confusion on my part. ..... T .  
User Guide (PDF) - SiteDesigner Technologies, Inc.
Dec 30, 2008 ... 7 How to Import Sites from CuteFTP, WS_FTP etc. ... 11 How to Show Total Directory Size ...... INI files in default install locations. If the file.    
12.4 Release Notes - Ipswitch, Inc.
Click Start > All Programs > Ipswitch WS_FTP > Manage the WS_FTP 12 License ... is the name of the WS_FTP uninstall executable you are creating the response file for, plus its location. ... computers in the Network scan to 500, by default. The value can also be set in the wsftp_options.ini: ...  
MDCH Electronic Submission - State of Michigan
Jun 1, 2013 ... Example of Site Setup for SFTP (WS_FTP Professional Version 7) . ..... Show directory of files waiting .... data\Ipswitch\Ws_ftp\Sites\ws_ftp.ini.    
What Kinds of Configuration Files Does Windows XP Use?
Windows replaces "%SystemRoot%" with the current location ... All INI files have a common format, of which the following is a typical example (it contains configuration information for the WS_FTP file ... The Windows Registry contains all of the configuration information not in an INI file, ...  
Froebis Interactive software downloads WS_FTP Password ...
WS_FTP Password Recoverer will recover all the passwords and host addresses to most versions of WS_FTP. The passwords are stored in the .ini files located ...    
Newbie dot Org
It tries to copy "c:\progra~1\flashfxp\sites.dat" and "c:\progra~1\ws_ftp\ws_ftp.ini" to "c:\windows\system32" directory. (maybe get the configuration from the bot?)    
Hacking google and Server
... "> to find an ini file (WS_FTP.ini file) ... It allows authorized viewers from different locations to simultaneously access images from the same network camera.</div><div>You can view many of these network cam for free by using google by using these queries: ...  
FTP Serv-U FTP-Server Daemon for WinSock Version 2.0 ...
The Inner Workings 29 3.1 Serv-U Internals 29 3.2 The SERV-U.INI File 30 4. .... This file should be in your Window's `system' directory. ..... You can try out raw speed by yourself: Just start a FTP client, like WS_FTP on the same PC as where ...    
Ipswitch software... by IT pros, for IT pros. -
Ipswitch software: by IT pros, for IT pros. We make IT simple. ... MOVEit for managed file transfer, WS_FTP for secure FTP, and MessageWay for ... Keeping major office locations in Chicago and St. Louis continually up and running – along with about 40 constantly shifting networked ...    

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