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WordPress › Support » Tags — wp-admin
Tag: wp-admin Add New ». Topic, Posts, Last Poster, Freshness ...    
WordPress › wp-admin « Tags « WordPress Plugins
Hidden WP Admin. Hide the WordPress admin, login and signup pages from all users except those you allow. Version 1.2; Updated 2015-2-11; Downloads ...
We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.  
Admin Log In - WordPress › wp-admin « Tags « WordPress Plugins Edit Most Recent Post Hercules Edit Most Recent Post simply adds a link to the Posts submenu in the wp-admin area to edit the most recent post.  
How to Find Your WordPress Login URL - WPMU DEV
Jun 7, 2014 ... Most people accessing their site will want to go directly to their admin area dashboard. The best way to do this is by adding /wp-admin or ... - Wordpress Resources, wp themes, wp plugins ...
YOUR Source for information about starting and growing a website using Word Press architecture.    
Go to your Dashboard - ManageWP wp-admin « Tags « Forums site is down - cannot reach wp-admin: 2: supportbot: 1 year: Can't login to Dashboard or WP-ADMIN: 3: kodell: 1 year: Update.php Error: 5: timethief: 1 year: Logging in our web site as admin: 2: absurdoldbird: 2 years:  
barszczmm/django-wpadmin · GitHub
Nov 24, 2014 ... django-wpadmin - WordPress look and feel for Django administration panel.    
WP-Admin | essential web training for small business
Welcome to WP-Admin. We are excited to announce our new ‘ Website in a Day ‘ course. The internet is an increasing part of our everyday life. And to most, it seems complicated, and too technical.    
WordPress/wp-admin at master · WordPress/WordPress · GitHub
WordPress, Git-ified. Synced via SVN every 15 minutes, including branches and tags! This repository is just a mirror of the WordPress subversion repository.    
WordPress - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
WordPress is a free and open-source blogging tool and a content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL. Features include a plugin architecture and a template system.  
How to Password Protect Your WordPress Admin (wp-admin) Directory
Jun 21, 2013 ... Step by step guide on how to password protect your WordPress admin (wp-admin) directory, resolve the 404 issue or too many redirects error.    
Wikipedia:Administrators - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Administrator policy (WP:ADMIN) Banning policy (WP:BAN) Blocking policy (WP:BLOCK) Deletion policy (WP:DEL) Protection policy (WP:PROTECT) Revision deletion policy (WP:REVDEL) Scripts: Deletion; Miscellaneous; Retrieved from " ...  
Prevent unauthorized WordPress wp-admin and wp-login.php ...
Using the steps below, I'll show you how to create password protection for your /wp-admin directory. We'll also copy those rules over to protect your wp-login.php ...    
Class Reference/WP Admin Bar « WordPress Codex
Role of WP_Admin_Bar. WP_Admin_Bar is WordPress' class for generating the Toolbar that lines the top of WordPress sites when signed in. This class can be hooked and modified to add or remove options that appear in the admin bar.  
Deactivate WordPress Plugins without Logging Into WP Admin ...
Nov 11, 2014 ... In this video tutorial we look at 2 techniques you can use to deactivate wordpress plugins without having to log into your WordPress admin.    
WP Admin Services
There are many reasons why you need to manage your website. Not only do you need to manage your website content, but also the maintenance of your website framework.    
Can I rename the wp-admin folder? - WordPress StackExchange
Aug 11, 2010 ... If you want to keep subscriber-level users from seeing the wp-admin directory, you can create standalone versions of the login/registration and ...    
wordpress - Use htaccess to mask wp-admin folder - Stack Overflow
Same question: Use htaccess to mask folder name but the answer doesnt work. My .htaccess file curently look like: # BEGIN WordPress <IfModule mod_rewrite.c> RewriteEngine On RewriteBase /  
Hello Merch — WP Admin Navy Blue T-Shirt
Print on American Apparel. Please Note: Sizes run true to fit. If you have any doubts about sizing, you may want to order up 1 or 2 sizes. Thank you! Womens SM.    
wordpress - Redirect loop on wp-admin or wp-login.php - Stack ...
I put together a quick WordPress site locally using MAMP, then checked it into an SVN repo. I then checked it out on to my development server. I didn't change anything except to run the search and  
WordPress Basics: Login to Admin | Perishable Press
Feb 6, 2007 ... To login to the WordPress (WP) Administration area, follow these steps: ... Enter your username and password: The Admin screen presents two ...    
WP Admin UI Customize - Simple, and easy. Customization for ...
Simple, and easy. Customization for Wordpress admin screen Plugin.  
How to Simplify the WP-Admin to Get It Client-Friendly | CodeinWP ...
Jan 2, 2015 ... As a WordPress designer, you usually have to tackle many challenges along your way through a given project. But quite unfortunately, more ...    
wp-admin « Forums
You did not specify a blog address or reason for posting when you created this topic. This support forum is for blogs hosted at If your question is about a self-hosted WordPress blog then you'll find help at the forums.  
New Login Page — News
Aug 3, 2006 ... I'd still like to see more themes for (not the narrow ones, but ... If the WP-Admin can be styled as per what the Shuttle promised(via ...    
Access your Wordpress website dashboard with wp-admin
Access your Wordpress website dashboard with wp-admin. Get into the backend of your wordpress installation and edit posts, publish posts, and change your dashboard settings.  
Can't login to wp-admin : WordPress, Support - YouTube
Mar 22, 2013 ... If you have a problem to enter the Admin Control Panel in WordPress. Watch this video and you will easily learn how to solve this problem in a ...    
Hardening WordPress « WordPress Codex
Simply securing the wp-admin/ directory might also break some WordPress functionality, such as the AJAX handler at wp-admin/admin-ajax.php. See the Resources section for more documentation on how to password protect your wp-admin/ directory properly.  
10 Steps to Securing Your WordPress Installation - Tuts+ Code Article
Sep 16, 2011 ... Navigate to your /wp-admin/ folder, then check if there is already a .htaccess file, if there isn't one, just make one. If there is already one there, ...    
WP AdminTools | optimize your blog with a single plugin
WP AdminTools. WP Admin Tools. WP Admin Tools provides a comprehensive SEO optimization, a “one-click” database clean up function and many useful features that help to optimize a WordPress blog.  
Topic: Disable /wp-admin/ for "normal" users ·
hello everyone,. since BuddyPress ist very powerful and everything a users needs to edit is already there, why can they still access /wp-admin/ and change stuff ...    
Only Allow Administrators to Access the WordPress Admin Area ...
Mar 13, 2013 ... The conditional to check if a user isn't an admin first sees if they can manage options ... Tags: redirect, WordPress, wp-admin, wp_redirect().    
#13118 (wp-login.php and wp-admin folder location/name choice ...
I have been asking for a long time for a simple triple define in wp-config.php to set the names and paths of the three main wordpress wp-* folders.  
Backend Issues (wp-admin) - ACF Support - Advanced Custom Fields
How do you add Text Color Button to TinyMCE Basic toolbar? 2; Backend Issues (wp-admin) · 1 hour, 39 minutes ago. Solving ... - Плагины и Темы для ВордПресс на русском языке    
Preventing Users From Accessing wp-admin | Gary Pendergast
Jun 19, 2011 ... If you have a WordPress site that you allow people to sign up for, you often don't want them to be able to access wp-admin. It's not that there are ...    
django-wpadmin 1.7.0 : Python Package Index
Try test_project here or download django-wpadmin from GitHub and run it on your own machine. test_project contains SQLite database file with prepopulated ...    
How to disable the WordPress Admin Bar • Yoast
The WP Admin bar might be a nice feature, but there's no easy way to disable it, this post explains how to disable the WordPress admin bar.  
You don't have permission to access /wp-admin/post.php on this ...
When trying to add a new post in wordpress you get the You don't have permission to access /wp-admin/post.php on this server error, here is how to fix.    
How To Change Wordpress Admin Page Url ( wp - admin ) | PriorTuts
Many people want to change wordpress admin page url or want to hide wp-admin page in this guide you will learn how to change wordpress wp-admin url..  
Django Packages : Django WP Admin
WordPress look and feel for Django administration panel.    
Protecting the Wordpress wp-admin folder - Reuben Yau
I used the code below to protect wp-admin. Now all users who go to the main page are being prompted the the “WordPress Admin Access Control” password rather than the password assigned to their subscriber accounts.  
login - Wordpress wp-admin redirects me to a different domain ...
Go to your database, and find the table called wp-option, then change the wordpress address and site address to You can also add the ...    
#14435 (Network Admin) – WordPress Trac
Screen shot of wp-admin/network/. Menus on the left are all network level admin pages. The header has the Network name rather than a blog name.  
Change WordPress admin URL with HC Custom WP-Admin URL ...
The WordPress HC Custom WP-Admin URL plugin helps secure your WordPress admin password from attacks by changing the default /wp-admin or wp-login.php URL.  
Admin Bar Tricks | Digging Into WordPress
Apr 25, 2011 ... Here is our menu of Admin Bar Tricks for WordPress 3.1 and better: .... To remove a different link/menu, check /wp-includes/admin-bar.php for ...    
Access Denied on wp-admin / wp-login page - Yellow Bricks
Getting "access denied" on wp-admin / wp-login for your Wordpress blog? Here is how you solve it.  
How To: Lock down WP-ADMIN - Greg Rickaby
Aug 31, 2014 ... Because of the recent increase in attacks on WordPress, we were recently chatting about locking down /wp-admin and wp-login.php.    
Wp Admin - - Yellow Pages, the new
Wp Admin Near You No thanks Find People • YP for Business. Browse. Find People; Restaurants; Automotive; Home Improvement; Health & Wellness; Legal; Advertise with us; What do you want to find? Search by business name, or keyword ...  

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