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Target-Date Fund Definition | Investopedia
A target-date fund is similar to a life-cycle fund except that a target-date fund is structured to address some date in the future, such as retirement. Its returns are ...    
target date - definition of target date by The Free Dictionary
Translations of target date. target date synonyms, target date antonyms. Information about target date in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia.    
3 Questions to Ask Before Choosing Target-Date Funds - US News
3 Questions to Ask Before Choosing Target-Date Funds Target-date funds seem like an easy choice, but they're not all the same. If you want to continue growing your income in retirement, you'll chose a "through retirement" fund. | Target Date Retirement Funds
... than you expect. Recognizing this, a number of companies offer “target date retirement funds,” sometimes referred to as “target date funds” or “lifecycle funds.”    
Hate investing? Target-date funds are for you - USA Today
Hate investing? Target-date funds are for you. If you watch financial advertising, you know that you should spend your days tracking your portfolio, trading frequently, and, well, tracking your portfolio.  
Target-Date Funds Pros And Cons |
Target-date funds can be a solution to the asset allocation quandary, but you need to check them out thoroughly. Find out the pros and cons of investing in these ...    
Target-date investors get better returns than active managers ...
Investors who throw their savings into a target-date fund are likely to get more from their investments than people who manage their fund portfolios aggressively.  
Should You Invest in a Target-Date Fund? - US News
Nov 26, 2014 ... Target-date funds are finally getting their moment to shine, but are they wise investments?    
Target-date | Define Target-date at
noun 1. the date set or aimed at for the commencement, fulfillment, or completion of some effort: The target date for the book is next May.  
Target date fund - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A target date fund (TDF) – also known as a lifecycle, dynamic-risk or age-based fund – is a collective investment scheme, often a mutual fund or a collective trust ...    
Pick the Best Target-Date Fund for You-Kiplinger
Pick the Best Target-Date Fund for You. Target-date funds aren't as simple as they might first appear. We'll help you find ones with low fees and the right investments.  
Target Date Retirement Funds - - US Department of Labor
Target Date Retirement Funds -. Tips for ERISA Plan Fiduciaries. U.S. Department of Labor. Employee Benefits Security Administration. February 2013. Target ...    
Is your target-date fund ripping you off? - Jan. 25, 2015
Target-date funds have become a wildly popular option among those seeking a hands-off approach to retirement investing. But not all of these funds are created equal.  
Vanguard Target Retirement Funds | Vanguard
WANT DETAILS ON HOW TARGET-DATE FUNDS SELF-ADJUST? Watch this video to learn about the "glide path" & how it works ...    
Target date dictionary definition | target date defined
The definition of a target date is a specific deadline or time when a goal is to be met or when something is to happen.    
ICI - Frequently Asked Questions About Target Date Funds
Target date funds, which are also called lifecycle funds, are designed to offer a convenient way to invest for a person expecting to retire around a particular date.    
Powell: Changes coming to target-date mutual funds
Among other things, a target date-fund is typically a default investment option for employees who are automatically enrolled in an employer-sponsored retirement plan such as a 401(k).  
Target date - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster ...
the date set for an event or for the completion of a project, goal, or quota. Improve your SCRABBLE game with our official Word Finder Tool Word Finder Tool » ...    
Our 7 Favorite Target-Date Fund Charts
Janet Yang, CFA, is a senior analyst and strategist covering fund-of-funds strategies on Morningstar’s manager research team. Follow Janet on Twitter: @jyangrohr. Asset Flows: Target-Date Funds' Vital Place in Asset Managers' Business Target-date funds have quickly become crucial sources of new  
Is your target-date fund ripping you off? - Jan. 25, 2015 - CNN Money
Jan 25, 2015 ... Target-date funds have become a wildly popular option among those seeking a hands-off approach to retirement investing. But not all of these ...    
Fidelity Freedom Funds - Target Date Mutual Funds
Target date funds can be used to help build and maintain an age-appropriate retirement investment strategy.    
The best- and worst-performing target date funds - InvestmentNews
The latest data on target date funds through the fourth quarter of ...    
Target-Date Funds Can Pose Complexities -
Deborah L. Lemmerman said investing in target-date funds had helped her become more patient with her retirement money. Rick Friedman for The New York Times  
2014 Target-Date Series Research Paper - Morningstar
Target-date funds have rounded out their second decade, having first come to ... target-date industry has shown many signs of a maturing, stabilizing market, ...    
Target-Date Funds Gained in 2014 - WSJ
The use of target-date mutual funds continues to grow, despite conflicting views about their design. These all-in-one funds for retirement could capture almost 90% of contributions to 401(k) plans by 2019, according to research firm Cerulli Associates  
Should You Trust Your Retirement To A Target Date Fund? - Forbes
Jun 6, 2012 ... Sign up for a 401(k) these days and, if you don't pick your own investments, your savings will likely end up in a “target date” mutual fund.    
How to stay on point with target-date funds - Washington Post
They are supposed to be the “set-it-and-forget-it” vehicle for retirement investors who don’t know how to — or just don’t want to — micromanage their money. Many investors have a general understanding of how the funds work and that they typically reduce a portfolio’s ...  
Target Date Compass - Evaluate Target Date Funds - J.P. Morgan ...
Target Date Compass is J.P. Morgan's industry-leading target date fund evaluation tool. It uses an objective process for comparing and selecting target date ...    
Target date - Definition and More from the Free Merriam ...
Definition of TARGET DATE: the date set for an event or for the completion of a project, goal, or quota . Take a 3 minute break! See if you can Name That Thing»  
American Funds College Target Date Series | American Funds
Our seven target date funds were designed to address the key challenges of saving for the rising cost of higher education. A single investment provides ...    
American Funds 2045 Target Date Retirement Fund - AAHTX ...
Depending on the proximity to its target date, the fund will seek to achieve the following objectives to varying degrees: growth, income and conservation of ...    
Target-Date Funds | ICMA-RC
Simplify and diversify at the same time according to your investing time horizon! Target-date funds, also referred to as target-retirement or life-cycle funds, offer diversification and a strategy that seeks to reduce your investment risk over time, all in one fund.  
BlackRock LifePath Target Date Funds - Defined Contribution ...
LifePath is the only target date fund that has led investors into retirement since 1993. It is one of the fastest growing target date funds, increasing 1,639% over the ... Asset Allocation: Strategies: Target-Date
Information regarding target-date investment allocations of LifeTime funds from Principal Funds.  
Target-date funds are a good idea : Business
Target-date mutual funds are a growing part of 401(k) retirement plans, leading savers to wonder if they are worth a look. Here’s the quick and dirty take: They’re worth more than a look. The average Jane and Joe, who know little about investing, would probably do well to dump their entire 401(k  
Target-date retirement ETFs miss the mark - MarketWatch
NEW YORK (MarketWatch) — Target-date funds appeal to a lot of people — although a “set it and forget it” approach is inappropriate for any investment — but exchange-traded funds probably aren’t the best way to own them. The idea of target-date funds couldn’t be simpler: Pick a fund  
T. Rowe Price Target Date Funds Key Differences
Both Retirement Funds and Target Retirement Funds, commonly known as T. Rowe Price target date funds, are designed for investors who want to save for ...    
Strategy - Asset Allocation - S&P Dow Jones Indices
S&P Target Date 2015, iShares S&P Target Date 2015 Index Fund, TZE ... S&P Target Date Index Series Consultation (Open for Comment until March 31, 2015) ...    
2020 Target-Date Funds Hang Tough-Kiplinger
When the stock market tumbles, investors, especially those nearing retirement, nervously eye their port­folios. But if you own the right target-date fund, one that’s appropriate for your time horizon, you should breathe a little easier.  
The pros and cons of target-date funds - CNBC
While target-date funds may make long-term investing easy, the products themselves are anything but simple. Experts weigh in on the pros and cons.    
S&P Dow Jones Indices » Dow Jones Target Date Indices » Overview
Dow Jones Target Date Indices are designed to measure the performance of multi-asset-class portfolios. The indices were designed as benchmarks for the ...    
Target Date Funds
Target date mutual funds are a straightforward concept for defined contribution plans: Participants get a well-diversified fund that becomes more conservative as they near retirement, all in one convenient investment.  
Target Date Series from The Principal - Principal Financial Group
Target Date Series from The Principal. Managing Risk over a Lifetime of Investing. When it comes to saving for retirement, managing risk can be critical.    
Best Target Date 2026-2030 Mutual Funds - US News & World Report
Find the top rated Target Date 2026-2030 mutual funds. Compare reviews and ratings on Target Date 2026-2030 mutual funds from Morningstar, S&P, and others to help find the best Target Date 2026-2030 mutual fund for you.  
Target Date Funds - Retirement Investing - E*Trade
Target date funds are designed to automatically adjust the allocation of stocks, bonds & cash over time based on the date you expect to retire.    
Retirement target -date funds make hedge fund style bets ...
(Reuters) - A fast-growing segment of U.S. retirement plans is using hedge-fund type strategies to bet a small but increasing slice of their assets. BlackRock Inc (BLK.N), the world's largest asset manager, and Manning & Napier are among the managers that use strategies such as ...  
Custom Target-Date Strategies Summit - P&I Conferences & Webinars
Custom target-date funds are fastly becoming more prevalent than traditional TDFs as they address the varied and individualized needs of plans that aren't ...    
Target-Date Fund Investors Face Disappointment, Arnott Says
Target-date funds are now fast approaching $1 trillion in assets, with the help of massive 401(k) contributions, but participants who think the funds will meet their retirement income needs could be sorely disappointed, according to Robert Arnott, chairman of Research Affiliates.  
Target Date Analytics LLC (TDA) | Welcome
Serving investors, plan sponsors, advisors and portfolio managers, Target Date Analytics LLC (TDA) is the leading independent provider of analysis, and ...    
Target-Date Funds Take Over - Barron's
Target-date mutual funds are taking over the 401(k) market. Once a small backwater of the industry -- often uncharitably dismissed as products for the unsophisticated or lazy -- target-date funds are designed to be a complete, one-stop investment.    

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