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Subject and Predicate - My Schoolhouse Lessons and Worksheets ...
Sentence Lesson on Subject and Predicate. Every sentence has a complete subject and complete predicate. The complete subject tells whom or what the sentence is about.  
Subject and Predicate - Subjects and Predicates
Subject and Predicate: Objective: The learner will identify the subject and the predicate in a sentence. The learner will select a subject that agrees with the predicate.  
Subject and Predicate Worksheets - Super Teacher Worksheets
Printable Subject and Predicate Worksheets that you can use for your Grammar Lessons.  
Subjects and Predicates Worksheets -
Subjects and predicates (or nouns and verbs) are the main componenets of English sentences. They comprise the most essentail information of every sentence.  
Schoolhouse Rock Subjects and Predicates - YouTube
Schoolhouse Rock Subjects and Predicates - YouTube ... WritingClass    
BrainPOP | English | Learn about Subject and Predicate
Subject and Predicate. What’s the bare-bones minimum needed to build a sentence? Find out in this BrainPOP movie, as Tim and Moby teach you all about subjects and predicates!  
Complete Sentences "Subjects and Predicates" "Subject and ... I wrote this song about complete sentences as a memorable tool to help my students learn and understand complete sentences for life. This song illustrates visually the differentiation between the subject and predicate of a sentence. It also ...    
Predicate (grammar) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
§Predicates in traditional grammar . The predicate in traditional grammar is inspired by propositional logic of antiquity (as opposed to the more modern predicate logic A predicate is seen as a property that a subject has or is characterized by.  
Subject and Predicate Definition | Subject and Predicate ...
The sentence and its parts. Many sentences contain at least one clause. A clause is a sentence containing a subject and a predicate. Understanding and identifying simple subjects and predicates, tricky subjects, and complete subjects and predicates  
Parts of a Sentence, Subject and Predicate | WyzAnt Resources
Understanding Subject and Predicate is the key to good sentence writing. The subject of a complete sentence is who or what the sentence is about, and the predicate tells about that subject.  
IXL - Identify the simple subject or predicate of a sentence ...
Fun language arts practice! Improve your skills with free problems in 'Identify the simple subject or predicate of a sentence' and hundreds of other practice lessons.  
University of Ottawa Writing Centre: Subject and Predicate
Every complete sentence contains two parts: a subject and a predicate. The subject is what (or whom) the sentence is about, while the predicate tells something about the subject.  
eThemes - Grammar: Subjects and Predicates
Grammar: Subjects and Predicates These sites have definitions and examples of subjects and predicates. Learn the difference between simple and compound.  
Subject and Predicate - Super Teacher Worksheets
Name: _____ Subjects & Predicates The subject of a sentence tells who or what the sentence is about. example: The woman with the green hat ate lunch.  
Subject & Predicate Practice - Mrs. Warner's 4th Grade Classroom
The subject of the sentence is found in the beginning of a sentence. It tells who or what the sentence is about. The Predicate is the action part or it tells what the subject is or does.  
Complete Subjects and Predicates - English Worksheets
Complete Subjects and Predicates * Every sentence has two main parts: a complete subject and a complete predicate. The complete subject includes all words that tell who or what the subject is. Example: Most birds | can fly.  
Quia - Independent simple subject and predicate
Independent simple subject and predicate. Follow directions and remember-the subject is who or what the sentence is about and the predicate is the verb in the sentence.    
Free Online Subjects and Predicates Lessons and Exercises
Free online lessons and exercises on subjects and predicates. On these online English lessons students learn how to identify subjects and predicates. This will help eliminate sentence fragments from their writing. Come learn English online with English Maven!  
Schoolhouse Rock - Subjects and Predicates - SchoolTube
school house, schoolhouse rock, song, subjects, music, sentence, predicates, elementary, rock, parts of speech, english  
Subjects & Predicates - Lexington School District One
Subjects & Predicates Project LA Activity Every complete sentence contains two parts: a subject and a predicate. The subject is what (or whom) the sentence is about, while the predicate tells something about the subject.  
Who Wants to be a Millionaire - Subject and Predicate - Quia
A review for sentence structure. Remember, simple subject is a noun or pronoun (ex. he, she, dog, house) and simple predicate is a verb (ex. sit, was dancing)    
COMPLETE SUBJECTS AND PREDICATES - Rutherford County Schools[1][1].ppt
Subjects and Predicates COMPLETE SUBJECTS AND PREDICATES The man whipped. Complete predicates What kinds of words could we add to learn to make it more complete?  
Complete Subjects and Complete Predicates
Complete Predicate The complete predicate is the action of the sentence and all its modifiers (adverbs and prepositional phrases) and complements.  
Complete and Simple Subjects and Predicates
Complete and Simple Subjects and Predicates. The simple subject is the main word or word group that tells whom or what the sentence is about. The complete subject consists of all the words that tell whom or what a sentence is about.  
Predicate - Definition and Examples - English Grammar ...
A predicate is one of the two main parts of a sentence or clause, modifying the subject and including the verb, objects, or phrases governed by the verb.  
Subjects and Predicates - Language Arts Index - FREE ...
Pete's Power Point Station is your destination for free educational PowerPoint presentations about Subjects & Predicates, and so much more.  
Subject and Predicate Worksheets | Simple, Complete, Compound
What is a Subject and Predicate? These FREE, printable worksheets are great for home and classroom activities. Click to view!  
Subjects & Predicates - Jefferson County Schools, TN
1/11/2002: Subjects & Predicates ... Now that you know all about subjects and predicates, try the subject and predicate song and sing along!  
Subjects Meet Predicates | Parents |
Help teach your child how to combine subjects and predicates in sentences.  
Subjects, Predicates, and Objects | Worksheets & Activities ...
Looking for worksheets about subjects and predicates? We have FREE worksheets about subjects, predicates, clauses, phrases, and more!  
English Exercises: Compound subject and predicate
Other printables exercise. This worksheet will help students to identify the differnece between compound subject and predicate from the simple subject and predicate | Subject and Predicate Worksheets
These subject and predicate worksheets are great for working with subject and predicate. Use these subject and predicate worksheets for the beginner and intermediate levels.  
Simple Subject and Simple Predicate - ProProfs Quiz
The simple subject of a sentence is “who or what” the sentence is about.Example 1: Brandon collects baseball cards.Who is this sentence about? The sentence ...  
Name: Subject & Predicate - Reading Worksheets, Spelling ...
Title: Subject and Predicate Worksheet | Grammar Worksheets from Author: Subject: In each sentence below, underline the subject, and circle the simple subject.  
5 Compound Subjects and Compound Predicates
CompoundSubjects(andCompoundPredicates(((((1((Compound Subjects and Compound Predicates A sentence may have more than one simple subject or simple predicate.  
Subject and Predicate Lesson Plans and Lesson Ideas ...
In this educational resource page you will find lesson plans and teaching tips about English learn about sentences, subjects and predicates.  
Sentences, Subjects, and Predicates - Engrade Wikis
Subjects- Sabrina Chong A subject is a person or thing that is being discussed. It commonly indicates what it's about, or who or what is performing the action.  
Sentence skills quiz - identify simple subjects and predicates
Click on the subject or predicate of the sentence below. (Note: The answer may be more than one word.) Then click Check to see if you are correct.  
Grammar Lesson: Compound Subject and Compound Predicate ...
Do you want to improve your grammar skills? has grammar study guides to help you learn about compound subjects and compound predicates.  
Subject & Predicate - Flocabulary - Educational Hip-Hop
Teach or review subject and predicate with Flocabulary's educational rap song and lesson plan.  
Predicate Nouns, Pronouns - Bonduel School District
and Compound Predicates. A sentence might have more than one simple subject or simple predicate. A . compound subject. is two or more simple subjects that have the same predicate.  
Subject/predicate identification quiz - A guide to learning ...
Subject/predicate identification exercise for ESL students ... Identify the red words in the simple sentences on the right as: Subject or Predicate  
How to Identify Subjects and Predicates | Pennington ...
Learning how to identify subjects and predicates will help students and employees comprehend sentences and avoid sentence fragments and run-ons in their writing.  
Compound Subjects and Predicates - Reading Worksheets
Name: _____ Compound Subjects and Predicates . Directions: Underline the subjects and circle the predicates; on the line below, write  
Reading Fun: Sentences (Subjects & Predicates)
SENTEnCES: SUBJECTS and PREDICATES : Learn about them: Subject Definition from Harcourt's Grammar Glossary: Simple Subject Definition from Harcourt's Grammar Glossary  
Predicate | Define Predicate at
Great palmist can accurately predicate the future of man. No one can predicate our longevity.It is better ignorant about our progenitor than knowing and making himself miserable.  
Predicates, Objects, Complements -
Predicates. A predicate is the completer of a sentence. The subject names the "do-er" or "be-er" of the sentence; the predicate does the rest of the work.  
Subjects and Predicates - The Teacher's Guide-Free Lesson ...
Subjects and Predicates The subject names something or someone. The predicate tells what something or someone does. ... Directions: Complete each sentence by writing the subject or predicate. 2 1. _____ cried because she was hungry. 2 ...  
SUBJECT AND PREDICATE - Sinclair Community College
SUBJECT AND PREDICATE The two essential parts of every complete sentence are the subject and the predicate. The subject is the person, thing, or idea about which something is said.  
Subjects and Predicates Worksheet 5 -
Subjects and Predicates Worksheet 5. Your students will read a variety of sentences about the Middle Ages then underline the subject and circle the predicate in each sentence.    

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