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Avid | ISIS | 5500
... in a smaller, more affordable, shared media storage system for post production, ... Post Production Music Creation Audio Post Production Live Sound Music ...    
LibSharedMedia-3.0 - Libraries - World of Warcraft Addons - Curse
Shared handling of media data (fonts, sounds, textures, ...) between addons. ... When registering sound files check for a valid file extension (OGG or MP3), and fail to register the sound if it's not found. Currently just returns false, ...  
Asian Shore Crab - BioOne
rate of non-native introductions into estuaries (Cohen and Carlton 1998, Ruiz et al. 1997). The Long Island Sound estuary (LIS) is not likely to differ in this.    
SharedMedia -Blizzard - WoWInterface
SharedMedia-Blizzard exists to give you a wider choice of game textures/sounds, ... - six new sounds: Bell (Klang), Fireworks, Springs, Troll Drums, Ogre Drums, Alarm Clock ... shared Media Blizzard. Lady, you ROCK!  
TurboSync: Clock Synchronization for Shared Media ... - UCLA
Abstract—Clock synchronization in shared media networks is particularly ..... out the noise and reveal hidden structure (in our case, a line). The principal ...    
LibSharedMedia-3.0 - WoW AddOns - WowAce
Shared handling of media data (fonts, sounds, textures, ...) between addons. API Documentation  
User Manual - iDroid Project
May 22, 2011 ... 4.1 Changing the Volume; 4.2 Silent Mode; 4.3 Playing Audio Files; 4.4 Other Sound settings; 4.5 Having a Shared Media Library with iOS; 4.6 ...    
SharedMedia - 10 - Custom sounds - WoW AddOns - WowAce
I got the same problem. The added sounds from SharedMedia_MyMedia appear in the list of usable sounds but are not functional. I really like this addon plz fix it.  
Pricing - ZooBurst
Add sound effects to characters. Record your ... Access and maintain artwork via a "shared media" library that can be used by you and your students. Download ...    
SharedMedia/MyMedia, sounds not working in-game - WowAce Forums
Hi there, I've recently installed SharedMedia so I can add some sounds for custom notificiations in Parrot. I read the instructions, created MyMedia.lua and a "MyMedia files" folder, and put my sounds in there.  
What is PESO? Part I - The YGS GroupThe YGS Group
Apr 21, 2014 ... Paid media is exactly what it sounds like—advertising. ... Shared media, the newest type of media, is a confluence of Owned, Paid, and Earned ...    
SharedMedia-MageSounds : Mage : World of Warcraft AddOns
OVERVIEW This very simple addon adds some neat sound effects to mage procs via the SharedMedia library. It's meant to be used with - for example - addons like Koko Spell Overlays, Power Auras or other addons that make use of SharedMedia for their Sound Effects.  
Google+ for Android update makes shared media ... - The Next Web
May 24, 2012 ... The 50" LG TV + Sound Bar Giveaway ... Google+ for Android update makes shared media look better, adds support for mobile Hangouts.    
[How To] Add fonts/sounds/textures to Elv UI WITHOUT ...
1. Installed SharedMedia Addon from CURSE. 2. Browse to your World of Warcraft\Interface\Addons folder and create a new folder called 'SharedMedia_MyMedia'  
Media Streaming Using Windows Media Player - Turn On or Off ...
Jan 21, 2011 ... Select to show devices or computers on the Local network or All networks to have them allowed or blocked to access your shared media.    
Custom Addon Sounds - Forums - World of Warcraft
Oh you're talking about addons. Each addon usually gives you instructions on how to add custom sounds to it if that is an option. If it isn't, then you have to add your sound to SharedMedia.  
Redefining Public Relations: Are You Persuaded By 'Earned ...
Feb 17, 2015 ... ... solutions that encompass paid and earned and owned and shared media and ... "Earned media" sounds as if it happens all by itself, a natural ...    
Weakauras - Custom Play Sound. - MMO-Champion
Or even, you can add your own sound too, if you have Shared Media. All you have to do, is to copy the sound you want to use (in MP3 format) to the SharedMedia_MyMedia/sound folder which is located in the AddOns folder if you have SharedMedia installed.  
Media Streaming with Windows 7 - Engineering Windows 7 - Site ...
May 12, 2009 ... In addition to playing media streamed from other shared media ... skip forward and backward, seek forward and backward, volume, and mute.    
SharedMedia - Miscellaneous - World of Warcraft Addons - Curse
M /trunk/SharedMedia.lua M /trunk/SharedMedia.toc - reverted last commit - some small changes-----r185 | ukoterpuh | 2014-11-01 10:53:21 +0000 (Sat, 01 Nov 2014) | 1 line Changed paths: M /trunk/SharedMedia.lua M /trunk/SharedMedia ...  
Adding "In Game" sounds to SharedMedia? - CurseForge Forums
Adding "In Game" sounds to SharedMedia? AddOn HELP!  
[Fixed] Alert sounds gone - Archived Reports - Elitist Jerks
Or other addons overriding sharedmedia sounds with bad ones. For example had to fix both omen and clclinfo so they didn't break dbm sounds. Because mods loaded after DBM, they'd reregister sounds dbm does (replacing them) with incorrect .wav path ones.  
SharedMedia-Blizzard - World of Warcraft AddOns
SharedMedia-Blizzard exists to give you a wider choice of game textures/sounds, ... SharedMedia-Blizzard is not SharedMedia, and SM-Blizzard does not include any fonts. Anyway, fonts should not just be disappearing when you log off from the game.  
NPCScan Custom Alert Sounds - Forums - World of Warcraft
Reading the curse page they say "New sounds can be added to the alert sound dropdown menu by installing SharedMedia-type addons." ... Change path\to\sound\file\filename.ogg to the actual path of the sound you wish to use for the alert.  
Custom sounds in SharedMedia ? - WowAce Forums
Custom sounds in SharedMedia ? AddOn HELP! ... I want to use some custom sounds for the triggers in Parrot, but can't figure out how to add them so the mod can see them.  
[HD] Machinelf's Guide to Adding Custom Audio Files to ...
Please read to the bottom Remember to click HD button! This video explains how to install Shared Media and add custom audio files to it, which are used to a wide variety of addons including Weakauras. For Windows, all the custom .ogg sound files will be located in C:\Program Files ...    
Rawr (Official) Images - CurseForge <img src="" /><br /><p>In the Rawr addon config panel you can select which sounds to play for each type of upgrade.  
Mik's Scrolling Battle Text Help. - MMO-Champion
--[=[ INSTRUCTIONS for MyMedia - using SharedMedia with your own stuff ===== By doing this step, you may register your own textures, fonts, sounds, etc. with LibSharedMedia-3.0 to choose from in-game, without fear of your edits being overwritten ...  
Hunter UI-mod with Quake sounds v1.0 - YouTube
Download @ My hunter UI with modded gun sounds (guess where the replacement gunshot sound came from ;), and yes - it's legal to replace the standard sounds. Every aspect of the UI - apart from the kgPanels border-layouts - has been set up from ...    
SharedMedia-1.0 - WowAce Wiki
From WowAce Wiki. Jump to: navigation, search. Summary Lib: SharedMedia-1.0 Shared handling of media data (fonts, sounds, textures, ...) between addons.  
BigWigs (AddOn) - WoWWiki - Your guide to the World of Warcraft
BigWigs is a boss encounter AddOn, ... Sound: Plays various sounds on different events (SharedMedia compatible). LibDataBroker/Minimap: Button for easy access to the configuration menu, resetting running modules, and seeing what modules are active.    
[How To] Add font / sound / texture to ElvUI « Tukui
Here is a step by step on how to add fonts, sounds and textures to your ElvUI. 1.: Place your font, sound or texture in the correct location. ... If you are in doubt then look at some of the already existing lines of code in sharedmedia.lua. 3.:  
[WoW] [Addon] Jamba - An assistant for multiboxers. Version 5 ...
Jamba Version: 5.2.2 WoW Game Version: 5.2.0 Release Date: 17th March 2013 Modules: AdvancedLoot, Core, Display-Team, Follow, FTL, ItemUse, Macro, Proc, Purchase, Quest, Sell, Talk, Target, Taxi, Toon, Trade Core: Message Display * Update Jamba-Message to optionally play a sound when a ...  
Objective Announcer - WoW AddOns - CurseForge
SharedMedia Sounds. Objective Announcer can play sounds on various questing events. If you have other people in your party using Objective Announcer, you can choose to hear a sound when they send an announcement.  
sharedmedia Live Events ORANGE v2 14A Market Street, Kidsgrove, Newcastle Under Lyme, ... Sound Lighting Video equipment Projection and plasma screens LED video walls Staging. We can supply on an equipment only basis, or with partial or full technical support. Whatever the size or complex ...  
Blog - : where please to be asked to film an interview with premiership manager Phil Brown at the Reebok stadium, which you can watch the full interview below, along with the excerpts we created for EWM to share as awareness on social media.    
Reminder: Special Warning Sound Config - Elitist Jerks
Reminder: Special Warning Sound Config - posted in DBM News: *Doing a repost of an earlier page that didnt get enough views since DBM didnt have a news feed yet. ... Make sure SharedMedia is loaded and a valid sound is selected in your special warning.  
SharedMedia Sounds für Parrot - Foren - World of Warcraft
Hallo miteinander. Ich habe nach längerer Pause nun wieder mit WoW angefangen und bin gerade dabei, mein Interface neu aufzubauen. Damals habe ich Parrot (für Scrolling Combat Text) benutzt, um bestimmte Sounds bei bestimmten Ereignissen zu spielen.  
Rawr - [Rawr.Addon] Sounds - need suggestions
New in version 0.60 of Rawr.Addon will be the ability to notice if an item is looted or linked in chat that is in your direct upgrades list. If the addon spots an upgrade it will display a message and play a sound.  
[WoW] JAMBA-PROC - How to active the sounds?
I would guess that JAMBA is compatible with SharedMedia, so you can probably install that and, assuming you are using other add-ons which have their own sounds, it will pull the sounds from other existing add-ons.  
mp3 for MSBT - The Warlocks Den - WoW Warlock Discussions
Try installing SharedMedia. The library contained in the package allows programs to use sounds from other mods, like Bigwigs or Powerauras. SharedMedia - Addons - Curse    
MyMedia.lua - spartan2 - user interface - Google Project Hosting
-- | SharedMedia:Register("sound", "my sound's name", [[Interface\Addons\SharedMedia-2.0\MyMedia files\mysound.mp3]])-- | Statusbar  
Sound Slot on a putter - Putters - GolfWRX
Sound Slot on a putter - posted in Putters: ... [sharedmedia=core:attachments:889361] A cut in the sole of the putter. Back ... A sound slot will affect the sound of the putt, typically making more audible *click*, a loud *tink*, ...  
HELP! Can't remove BugSack's "Fatality" -
Disable the addon "Sharedmedia" for 5 minutes and after watch if the sounds list gets shorter.  
Curse Deadly Boss Mods World of - Encounters Warcraft Addons
Special effects like the screen flash effect, huge warning messages and sounds will draw your attention to critical events ... Support for SharedMedia, so you can use any texture for your bars Option to create custom timers, ...  
[Mac] Need Help with MyMedia.bat - UI & Macros - Wowhead Forums
In this case I'm trying to add a costume sound of Fate/Zero Saber crying Excalibru to my Weakauras 2, ... Ps. If I could ninja a question in, is it possible to add way or details on how to add the sound from SharedMedia to Weakauras 2? Post Reply. You are not logged in.  
World of Warcraft BigWigs Bossmods Addon
World of Warcraft BigWigs Bossmods pve, and, bosses Addon Mod is the best and new and latest. ... •Sound: Plays various sounds on different events (SharedMedia compatible). •LibDataBroker/Minimap: Button for easy access to the configuration menu, ...  
Page 1 of 11 - LOUDEST EXHAUST! - posted in Engine: I know lots of members like the quiet or sleeper type exhaust, NOT ME! 1st of all I want to apologize to my neighbors in advanced ! Now that the apologies are out of the way lol, WHAT WOULD BE THE LOUDEST EXHAUST COMBINATION YOU GUYS CAN THINK OF?  
Font Mods - Vranx
Create copies of the font file of your choice, ... SharedMedia. Inserts media(fonts, bars, borders, etc) into LibSharedMedia's storage. They can then be selected by any addon that supports LibSharedMedia, ... Sound; Tooltip; TradeSkill; UnitFrames;    
Sound of Chewing - The Watercooler - Forums and Community
Sound of Chewing - posted in The Watercooler: Am I weird or is anybody else easily annoyed by chewing? The very sound of it causes me to leave the dinner table.  

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