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HTML select tag - W3Schools
Definition and Usage. The <select> element is used to create a drop-down list. The <option> tags inside the <select> element define the available options in the list.  
SELECT element - Mozilla Developer Network
The HTML select (select) element represents a control that presents a menu of options. The options within the menu are represented by option elements, which can be grouped by optgroup elements. Options can be pre-selected for the user.  
HTML Tutorial - Select
HTML - Select Fields. HTML select fields provide essentially the same functionality as HTML Checkbox Fields. They allow the user to select one or more values from a pre-determined series of options.    
HTML SELECT - HTML Code Tutorial
Forms: Creates a pull-down menu on the web page.  
select (HTML element) - SitePoint
Description. The select form control is a container for a series of option elements that display in the browser as a pull-down menu (that is, a drop-down list).  
HTML select tag
Description. The HTML select element inserts a drop-down list of options in a document or form. This type of control presents a set of options (HTML option element), that can be arranged in groups (HTML optgroup element).  
select - HTML selected="selected" not working - Stack Overflow
Hi can somebody tell me what is the wrong in the below code? Selected="selected" not working for me. <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN"> <select id="tstsel...  
ZYTO Select
Learn how the Select provides you with an expanded range of biosurvey and scan options. The Select includes Advanced Scan biosurveys.    
HTML Tag: select - HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Tutorials ...
HTML Tag: select. A drop-down list form element. option elements within the select element define each list item.  
<select> HTML element with height - Stack Overflow
Single-Select HTML List Box Height. 2229 Why does HTML think “chucknorris” is a color? 2 Why don't HTML elements always obey CSS height attribute? 1 vertically aligning text in HTML select element cross browsers. 3 ...  
ONCHANGE attribute for SELECT elements
ONCHANGE attribute for SELECT elements. On this page: Test 1 | References | About these tests. Nearby: More HTML 4.01 Tests | UAAG 1.0 Test Suite  
SELECT - Option Selector - HTML Help
The SELECT element defines a form control for the selection of options. While SELECT is most useful within a FORM, HTML 4 allows SELECT in any block-level or inline element other than BUTTON.  
Handling select box (drop-down list) in a PHP form
This tutorial will show you how to add select boxes and multi-select boxes to a form, how to retrieve the input data from them, how to validate the data, and how to take different actions depending on the input.  
PostgreSQL: Documentation: 9.3: SELECT
Description. SELECT retrieves rows from zero or more tables. The general processing of SELECT is as follows: All queries in the WITH list are computed.  
Select Your Primary Reason For Using LinkedIn Below: Job Seeker. I am a Job Seeker or Looking to Advance my Career  
16.1. select — Waiting for I/O completion — Python 2.7.10b0 ..., wlist, xlist [, timeout])¶ This is a straightforward interface to the Unix select() system call. The first three arguments are sequences of ‘waitable objects’: either integers representing file descriptors or objects with a parameterless method named fileno() returning ...  
MySQL :: MySQL 5.0 Reference Manual :: 13.2.8 SELECT Syntax
SELECT can also be used to retrieve rows computed without reference to any table. For example: mysql> SELECT 1 + 1;-> 2 You are permitted to specify DUAL as a dummy table name in situations where no tables are referenced:  
Excel Find & Select - Easy Excel Tutorial
You can use Excel's Find and Replace feature to quickly find specific text and replace it with other text. You can use Excel's Go To Special feature to quickly select all cells with formulas, comments, conditional formatting, constants, data validation, etc.  
DuPont™ Select Line - ForeverLawn
DuPont™ ForeverLawn® Select Synthetic Grass features a tan thatch to enhance the natural grass appearance. Contact us for more information on our artificial turf products.    
SQLCourse - Lesson 3: Selecting Data
Lesson 3: Selecting Data; basic use of the SELECT FROM statement and WHERE clause. From an interactive online training course for SQL beginners.  
select - Apache Struts
Dynamic Attributes Allowed: true Name Required Default Evaluated Type Description; accesskey: false: false: String: Set the html accesskey attribute on rendered html element  
SELECT - Firebird
with dept_year_budget as ( select fiscal_year, dept_no, sum(projected_budget) as budget from proj_dept_budget group by fiscal_year, dept_no ) select d.dept_no ...  
Select Filing Year and Type of Filing -
Select the filing year and your filing status. Filing Year. A taxpayer filing on a calendar year basis must file a return by April 15 of the following year.  
SELECT Statement - Cloudera
The SELECT statement performs queries, retrieving data from one or more tables and producing result sets consisting of rows and columns. The Impala INSERT statement also typically ends with a SELECT statement, to define data to copy from one table to another.  
De'Longhi Product Registration
Please select your product model  
Navy Lodge Hotels for Leisure, TDY and PCS Lodging - Navy Lodge
Navy Lodge helps take away the stress that comes with military travel or a PCS move. Our oversized rooms are clean and spacious plus our room rates are 45% less on average than civilian hotels. Navy Lodge
Copyright © 2005-2006 SAKAI HEAVY INDUSTRIES, LTD. All Rights Reserved. INSERT ... SELECT Syntax - Oracle Help Center
However, you cannot insert into a table and select from the same table in a subquery. When selecting from and inserting into a table at the same time, MySQL creates a temporary table to ...  
Select test - Remy Sharp
Select test - Remy Sharp  
Welcome to RBC
Select your country to visit RBC, a leading provider of financial products and services to clients in Canada, the United States and internationally.    
FOSECA - Food Service & Catering
FOSECA - Food Service & Catering    
virtuaLit: Select a Poem - Bedford-St. Martin's
Start looking in depth at “My Papa’s Waltz” by Theodore Roethke. Hear the poem read aloud, learn about the poet, and start writing about the poem in your virtual notebook.  
Individual column searching (select inputs) - DataTables
This example is almost identical to text based individual column example and provides the same functionality, but in this case using select input controls.  
MySQL :: MySQL 5.1 Reference Manual :: INSERT ...
Using INSERT INTO ... SELECT you can copy data from one database to another. You need the correct privileges for both. Enter the source database, database1:  
2.6. Select By Color - GIMP Documentation
The Select by Color tool is designed to select areas of an image based on color similarity. It works a lot like the Fuzzy Select tool (“ Magic Wand”  
select - - Official documentation for the Perl programming language  
13.2.8 SELECT Syntax - Oracle
SELECT can also be used to retrieve rows computed without reference to any table. For example: mysql> SELECT 1 + 1;-> 2 You are permitted to specify DUAL as a dummy table name in situations where no tables are referenced:  
KSTATESPORTS.COM - The Official Athletic Site of Kansas State ...
The Kansas State Official Athletic Site, partner of College Network. The most comprehensive coverage of Kansas State Athletics on the web.  
Use select for high-speed networking | JavaWorld
Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE) 1.4 introduced the New Input/Output (NIO) libraries designed to allow extremely high-speed I/O within Java applications. NIO uses an I/O model that differs significantly from the one used in the original I/O libraries. This article guides you step by step ...  
select – option-selection form control - HTML5
Additional constraints and admonitions # The interactive element select must not appear as a descendant of the a element. The interactive element select must not appear as a descendant of the button element.  
SELECT - Firebird
Firebird 1.5 and up allow the use of aggregate functions from different contexts inside a single expression. Example:  
USA state list HTML select snippet -
USA State List - HTML select/dropdown snippet. Included in this page is the HTML select/dropdown code snippets to generate a list of states for the United States.  
SQL - INSERT INTO SELECT Statement | 1Keydata
SQL > SQL Commands > Insert Into Select Statement. In the previous section, we learned about how to insert individual values into a table, one row at a time.  
How to set background color of < select - Object mix
More HTML than Javascript I guess: is there a way to set the background color of the lines ( s) in a field? In IE I can  
PW Select - BookLife
PW Select promotes your book in the print pages of Publishers Weekly and on and  
SQLite Query Language: SELECT
SQL As Understood By SQLite. SELECT. select-stmt: hide. common-table-expression: show. compound-operator: show. expr: show. literal-value: show. raise-function: show  
Select : Action Bar Mods : World of Warcraft AddOns
This addon adds the /select macro command you can use instead of /use or /cast to use an item or spell among a list. Right-clicking your macro from the bars will pop out a menu where you can change the item or spell to use.  
Definition of Select, possibly with links to more information and implementations.  
Mooring Hooks & Boat Docking Systems for Sale | Frog Hooks
Make Frog Hooks in West Palm Beach, FL your choice for mooring hooks and boat docking systems for sale. Click here now to learn more about our products!  
SELECT - Selection list - HTML Help
The SELECT tag is used inside forms to generate a list of items from which the user can select one or more. Each item is listed in an OPTION tag.  

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