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Curling - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Canadian Curling Association Rules of Curling allows the use of a delivery stick in club play but does not permit it in championships. Terminology . For an extensive glossary of terminology, see Glossary of curling. Terms used to describe the game include:  
Rules of Curling for General Play | Curling Canada
Changed: General Play Rule 5 – Teams & Officiated Play Rule 5 – Teams. Changed: Added clarifying words allowing the re-designation or re-identification of the skip and vice-skip when a substitute enters a game between ends.  
Curling Basics
Anhand von Flash-Animationen werden Curling - Begriffe und Regeln erklrt. Animated examples of curling terms and rules    
Curling Rules: Basic Rules of Curling | How To Curl
Rules of Curling. Teams of four take it in turns to curl two rocks towards the target area with the scores being counted after all 16 rocks have been sent down the ice.  
World Curling Federation - Rules and Regulations Downloads
Please find below relevant documents and information available to download regarding the Rules and Regulation of curling.  
What are the basic rules of Olympic curling -
The basic object of curling is to place your stone closest to the center of the 12 foot circular target area (the House). Each team has four players.  
RULES OF CURLING: CLUB AND BONSPIEL USE These rules are condensed due to space limitations resulting in some variation in numbering and lettering sequences.  
Curling Rules! - For the love of Curling
What Curling Equipment Do I Need to Get Curling? I would like to give the reader an all-round idea of what curling equipment is needed to have a game of curling.    
RULES OF CURLING FOR - Canadian Curling Association
RULES OF CURLING FOR GENERAL PLAY Copies of this handbook may be obtained from your Provincial / Territorial Curling Association, your curling rink, or from the  
Basic Curling Rules -
Like every sport Curling has national and international rules governing game play. Basic rules need not be to complicated or detailed. The following basic rules are available on the Start Curling website.  
The Rules of Curling - YouTube
It's a game of strategy, teamwork and skill. In this video gets a rundown of the rules of Curling.    
The Rules of Curling - Business Insider
Curling is always one of the hottest sports of the Winter Olympics, but a lot of people don't have any idea how it works.  
Curling For Dummies Cheat Sheet - For Dummies
Curling has a rich history with many traditions that continue to this day. Though the origins of curling are unclear, most people regard Scotland as curling’s birthplace.  
The Official Rules Of Curling KIND OF EXPLAINED I Think ...
So you want to watch some Olympic Curling but you just can't figure out what's going on? No problem! I used to have the same problem, until I decided to kiiiind of alllmost begin to vaguely piece together what was happening maybe!    
Rules - Potomac Curling Club
The following links will take you to informative web sites with in depth discussions on the rules of curling: World Curling Federation Rules of Curling, October 2014 (pdf)    
Rules&of&Curlingfor&GeneralPlay& 3" To ensure that all curlers are aware of their responsibilities when playing the game, the Canadian Curling Association has adopted the following Code of Ethics as an official supplement to the Rules of  
Curling Equipment, History and Rules |
Shoes. Special curling shoes are common; shoes should grip the ice well. While shooting, extremely slippery surfaces such as Teflon are used on the sliding foot.  
Rules of Curling for Officiated Play 3 To ensure that all curlers are aware of their responsibilities when playing the game, the Canadian Curling Association has adopted the following Code of Ethics as an official  
Rules | Granite Curling Club of Seattle
Rules . Learn. Curling Basics; History; Glossary; Strategy; Rules; Mixed Doubles; Measuring; Competition Timing ... Curling Basics; History; Glossary; Strategy; Rules; Mixed Doubles; Measuring; Competition Timing; Play. Membership; Leagues; Juniors; Bonspiels; Open Houses; Group Events;  
The Rules of Curling - Gonzaga High School
The Rules of Curling . Teams A team consists of 4 players. The Lead, the Second, the Third or the Vice-Skip and the Skip. Every curler plays 2 stones per End.  
World Curling Federation - History of Curling
Curling has been described as the “Roarin’ Game”, with the “roar” coming from the noise of a granite stone as it travels over the ice. The exact origins of the game, however, are unclear, but curling is widely believed  
Curling | TIME For Kids
Learn about curling at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games.  
Curling Rules: Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics Sport Guide (VIDEO)
Great Britain's women's curlers may have bowed out, but the men's chances of a gold medal are still alive in the second week of the Sochi Winter Olympics. The progress of both Team GB sexes has seen interest in the sport predictably rise in the UK, but the problem is few know how to play it. Each  
Rules of the Game - Royal Caledonian Curling Club
Rules of the Game. Historically, curling has been a game of camaraderie where established rules were written but the “spirit of the game” was the enforcing agent.  
Curling Rules -
Introduction. Curling is a winter sport where two teams (two players in this case) compete on an ice sheet. The winner is the player who has one stone closer to the center of the house.  
The Rules of Curling - Official Rule Book - 2014-2018 Edition
The Rules of Curling - Official Rule Book - contains all rules applicable to General Play as well as those applicable to Officiated Play.  
United States Curling Association - Powered by SportsSignup
The Arena Curling Championship Event Rules can be found on the USA Curling website at within the USCA Rules of Curling and Competition. Registration for FIFTH PLAYERS will open AFTER general registration closes on May 8, 2015.    
SoCal Curling Club | Rules
Curling Rules . LIf you are looking for the "official" rules of Curling or more detailed rules, we suggest you go to one of the following sites:  
Curling rules - an idiot's guide to the sport at Sochi 2014 ...
Sochi 2014: Curling - an idiot's guide It's the sport that has won the hearts and minds of the British public (alright, mainly students and the unemployed).  
Etiquette and Curling Rules - RA Centre
Etiquette and Curling Rules Curling Etiquette. The game of curling has always been known for good sportsmanship and friendly, courteous rivalry.  
How To Play Curling in 45 seconds - YouTube
Learn how to play curling! The basic rules of curling explained in under a minute! Brought to you by Age of Curling - available for PC, MAC or iPhone and iPo...    
Canadian Curling Association – Rules and Regulations ...
By Canadian Curling Association Rules of Curling for General Play (click below to view) rules of curling for general play 2012-14  
Rules - Team USA
The USCA Rules of Curling and Competition are published annually. The 2014 version is available to download here.  
Curling Rules for Beginners - Buzzle
Curling Rules for Beginners While some find it exciting, others don't even consider it to be a real sport. But it is very much a part of the Winter Olympics.  
The Rules of Curling - World News
The Rules of Curling, 2 Minute Guide to the Sport of Curling, How To Play Curling in 45 seconds, Curling, The Rules, Unraveling the Game of Curling, The Rules of Curling - EXPLAINED!, Curling: A Guide To The Points Competition  
Potomac Curling Club: Basics of Curling
Detailed rules are available at the World Curling Federation website. Information on the fundamentals of play are available at the ...  
Sochi 2014: the rules of curling explained - ITV News
Read Sochi 2014: the rules of curling explained latest on ITV News. All the Sport news  
Rules | Grand Masters Curling Association Ontario
Grand Masters Curling Association Rules. This competition will be governed by the CCA Rules of Curling for General Play and the Eligibility and Registration section of the OCA Rules Supplement as applicable.  
Frogtown Curling Club
Curling Clinics; Basic Rules; Etiquette - House Rules; Events. Calendar; Group Rentals; Frogtown Bonspiel; Spiel of the Dead; Two Plus Two Bonspiel; Store Catalog; ... Frogtown Curling Club | 743 Western Avenue North, Saint Paul, MN 55103 ...    
Curling - Sochi 2014 Events, Results, Videos | Winter Olympic ...
Curling Equipment and History. MAGIC MOMENT In the Vancouver 2010 final, Swedish skip Anette Norberg and her team-mates overcame home favourites Canada. More about Anette Norberg.    
The Rules of Curling and Rules of Competition
Page 6 WCF Rules of Curling June 2011 (c) If a stone is broken in play, the teams use the “Spirit of Curling” to decide where the stone(s) should be placed.  
Curling rules? | Yahoo Answers
Could anyone explain me the rules of curling??? They pass it a lot in Eurosport but i dont understand what is really going on. Could you help me?  
What you need to know about Olympic curling at the Sochi ...
CURLING! It's Olympic-level shuffleboard, played by dudes we'd love to have a beer with. It's our favorite Olympic sport, and now let us explain it. Every two years, NBC asks us to pay attention to sports we haven't paid attention to in four years and expects us to watch because some ...  
Curling tradition rules the day at the Scotties -
There is something wonderfully simplistic about the live curling experience. And at the Scotties Tournament of Hearts, tradition rules the day.  
The 5 Rules Of Heat Styling Your Hair | Daily Makeover
Don't touch a curling iron or blow dryer until you read this. Daily Makeover. Makeup; Hair; Health; Skin Care; Celebrity Hairstyles; Makeover; The 5 Rules Of Heat Styling Your Hair. ... as long as you follow these rules. 1. Don’t style hair with heat every day.  
Rules of the Game: Curling - 9News
SOCHI, Russia - Do you make a curling a must-see Olympic event despite failing to, well, totally understand its rules? (You're not alone.) We're here to help. The U.S. men and women open Olympic play Monday at the Ice Cube Curling Center with the first of nine matches in the event's round-robin
Wausau Curling Club Rules. Wausau Curling Club Rules for League Play Club Championship Rules Club Policies Sportsmanship and Etiquette (adopted September 2010)  
Continental Cup of Curling - Rules/Scoring - Article - TSN
Three men’s and three women’s teams for each side will compete in four disciplines: Mixed Doubles, Singles, Team Competitions and Skins. In previous championships a total of 400 points has been on the line with variations in point values depending on matchups. The revised scoring format will see  
Curling Game Scoring Rules - Buzzle
Curling is basically a sport where players slide a stone across an ice sheet in the direction of a target. To understand its scoring system, keep reading ahead...  
World Men's Curling Championship 2014 - Rules of Curling
Home > About Curling > Rules of Curling. Rules of Curling. Please find below relevant documents and information available to download regarding the Rules and Regulation of curling. Downloads WCF Rules of Curling: PDF: 790Kb  

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