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How to Reset my iPad | eHow
To reset an iPad, hold the "Sleep/Wake" button for several seconds until the power slider appears on the screen. Drag the slider across the screen to shut the iPad off.  
How to Reset the iPad to Factory Default Settings
If you are planning on selling your iPad, or even giving it to a family member, you will want to reset the iPad to the factory default settings.  
Apple iPad hard reset - Mobile recovery website
Restarting and Resetting iPad. If something isn't working right, try restarting iPad, force quitting an application, or resetting iPad. Restart iPad: Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until the red slider appears.  
Restart or reset your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch - Apple Support
Learn how to turn off and on (restart) and reset your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.  
How to Reset iPad - About
Resetting an iPad is often the best way to solve any number of problems or issues that can plague Apple's tablet.  
How to Wipe an iPad to Factory Settings Without a Passcode ...
Reset an iPad Synced with iTunes: Connect your iPad to the computer with the USB cable that came with your device. Step 2. Launch iTunes if the application doesn't launch when you connect the iPad. Related Reading: How to Put a BlackBerry 8520 Back to Factory Settings.  
How To Restore, Restart, Or Reset Your iPad | TCGeeks
Here is how to restore, restart, or reset your iPad after it has experienced a crash such as apps that crash or the iPad freezes up.  
How to Reset a Frozen iPad - Tips and Tutorials
There might come a time when your apps start wonking out or your iPad simply freezes. In most cases, a "hard reset" fixes most issues.  
How To Hard Reset iPad Air To Factory Settings
Want to reset iPad Air to reboot it or to restore the factory settings? You can hard reset or soft reset iPad Air with these methods if it freezes or hangs or becomes slow.  
How To Wipe An iPad To Factory Settings Without Having The 4 ...
Need to wipe an iPad or iOS device to factory settings, but don't have the 4 digit passcode? Read this step-by-step tutorial to learn how to easily do this.  
How to Reboot or Reset An iPad | Tech Channel - RadioShack
Just like rebooting a computer, rebooting your iPad is often a good way to clear memory or resolve problems with an app that has become unresponsive.  
Resetting a forgotten iPad passcode | iLounge Article
iLounge article about Resetting a forgotten iPad passcode. Find more Ask iLounge articles from leading independent iPod, iPhone, and iPad site.  
Hard reset iPad - The how to..
User-friendly advice on how to hard reset either the newest iPad Air / Retina iPad mini or iPad of older gens i.e. iPad 4 / iPad 3 / iPad 2.  
How to reset a forgotten iPad or iPhone passcode: Restore ...
How to reset a forgotten iPad or iPhone passcode: Restore your device with iTunes Fix and restore an iPad or iPhone when you've forgotten your passcode  
Troubleshooting: How to Reset the iPad
A problem iPad can often be solved by a reset of the iPad, no matter if your problem has to do with the Internet connection, a slow iPad or an iPad that simply doesn't work correctly.  
Reset your password - Apple - My Apple ID
Reset your password You can change or reset the password for your Apple ID account by providing some information.    
How To Restore iPad Mini To Factory Settings [Quicktip]
The newly launched Apple iPad Mini is out to have a beat down with other tablets in the market. If you have jailbroken your iPad Mini and have run into problems, there is probably a need for you to restore your iPad Mini to its original factory settings.  
How to Reset iPad Settings - For Dummies
Life may not have a reset feature, but iPads do. If, for some reason, you want to return your iPad to its default settings, you can reset them.  
iPad 2: How to Hard Reset on iPad 2 - ITJungles
Learn how to hard reset the iPad 2 when it become unresponsive or you have stuff the setting and you now want it to go back to the factory setting.  
Reset Ipad • Tips and Tricks
If you are planning on selling your iPad, or even giving it to a family member, you will want to reset the iPad to the factory default settings.    
Apple iPad mini hard reset - Mobile recovery website
Restarting and Resetting iPad mini. If something isn’t working right, try restarting iPad mini, force quitting an application, or resetting iPad mini.  
How to Reset an iPad Password (with Pictures) | eHow
How to Reset an iPad Password. Passcodes protect your iPad from unauthorized use and should be changed frequently for maximum security. If you haven't forgotten your current passcode but are ready to update it to a new one, you can do so in the Settings app on your iPad. By default ...  
How to reset ipad passcode without restore and no itunes ...
Reset an ipad password without itunes. Ipod toch is disabled, it says connect to itunes. i follow the apple procedure to restore the device in recovery mode, but cant get the device to go i;  
How to restart or reset your iPhone or iPad | iMore
Most of the time you'll want your iPhone or iPad on and ready to go at a click of the sleep/wake or Home button's notice. And most of the time it'll work just fine at that click. But once and while you may want to power off your iPhone or iPad for a period of time, or you may want to restart it ...  
How to factory reset the Apple iPad 2 | The Full Signal
We show you how to hard reset the Apple iPad 2 and restore it to factory settings  
Understanding the Reset Settings on iPhone or iPad
A comprehensive guide to understanding the reset settings on iPhone and iPad. Learn the differences in resets and when to use these options to troubleshoot.  
How to hard reset a new iPad 3 - User guides | Know Your Mobile
We show you to run a quick hard reset to eliminate any minor problems you may encounter on your new iPad  
How to Reset Apple iPad 4
How to Reset Apple iPad 4. To reset your Apple iPad 4: Hold down the Sleep/Wake button on top of iPad for a few seconds until a red slider appears, then hold  
iPhone Passcode Reset | iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone
Are you locked out of your iPhone, iPod, or iPad and don't know or remember the passcode? There is a very easy and simple way to solve this issue without having to spend a dime.  
iPad Problems: How to Force Quit an App, Reset or Restart ...
iPad Academy will help you master the Apple iPad. Get valuable iPad tips and tutorials. Find easy-to-follow instructions for making the most of the iPad, apps and accessories.  
How do i reset an iPad to factory settings with... | Apple ...
We laid off an employee but don't have his passcode to reset the ipad to it's factory settings. Is there anyway I can do this? I tried following the directions I found:  
PC Advisor: How to Factory Reset on an iPhone or iPad
If you're selling or giving away your iPhone or iPad, you'll want to wipe it clean of all your stuff, including email, photos, contacts plus all your apps and passwords for Facebook, eBay and more. We explain how to reset your iOS device to factory settings.  
Lost password how to restore your iPad - YouTube
It happens to us all at one point in time or another and you loose your password. So here are two things to consider. You lost your password to your iPad and...    
How to Reset Your iPhone or iPad to Factory Settings - Quick Tip
New users of iPhone and iPad want to know how you reset your iOS device to factory settings – much like in Android. iOS does allow you to restore to factory settings and in fact, offers more reset features than a simple, blanket reset.  
how to reset ipad to factory settings on ios5? | Apple ...
I was advice to reset my ipad to factory setting. How do I do this? I currently have ios5. Once I reset my ipad, will I have to re-update to ios5?  
How do I reset my ipad to factory settings without a passcode ...
Bought a used ipad and want to rest it to factory settings but don t have old users itunes account password. Pls how do i unlock my disables ipad,coz if i connect it to itunes it will tell me to enter my password from my ipad,and my ipad is disabled?  
Apple - iPad
Discover the world of iPad. Introducing iPad Air 2 and the iPad mini 3. Compare iPad models and find accessories.    
How To Factory Reset Your Apple iPad Air | Know Your Mobile
We show you how to hard reset the Apple iPad and set it back to the way you originally purchased it  
Know how to Restore iPad factory settings without iTunes
Restore your iPad factory settings without iTunes via following the above steps. Try them now on your iPad.    
How to set an iPad back to factory settings where I have ...
I am trying to help my uncle reset his iPad. He has not had it long and has forgotten the restrictions passcode (to manage restrictions in Settings). He is OK with putting it back to the factory  
How to factory reset the Apple iPad | The Full Signal
We show you how to hard reset the Apple iPad and restore it to factory settings  
How to Restore iPad When Disabled Due to Many Wrong Password ...
Step by Step Guide on how to restore, unlock or recover iPad from iPad is Disabled problem when forgot password or someone entered wrong password many a times to access.  
How To Reset iPad « How To Fix iPad provides high-quality and consise information regarding repairs and solutions for all Apple iPad problems, including WiFi, video playback, App problems, and other various issues.    
How to Reset Your iPhone or iPad, Even if it Won’t Boot
You can easily reset your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to factory default settings. If you’re experiencing problems — even if it won’t boot — you can reinstall the entire iOS operating system.  
Perform a factory reset - Apple iPad Air 32GB - Sprint Support
The Civic 50. Sprint is proud to have been named to The Civic 50, an annual survey of America?s most community-minded companies.  
How to Reset a Lost iPad Passcode - Gotta Be Mobile
Losing the passcode to the iPad is not a great thing, but it can be fixed with a few simple steps. Follow this guide to reset a lost iPad passcode.  
'iPad is disabled' fix without resetting using iTunes ...
1. Configurator is useless in reactivating a locked iPad. You will only be able to completely reformat the iPad using Configurator. If that’s ok with you, go for it – otherwise don’t waste your time trying to figure it out.  
Reset iPad – A How To Guide - Powerbook Medic
Reset iPad – A How To Guide. May 6th, 2010 . Frozen iPad? Does your iPad not turn on or not sync to your computer? There are a few ways to perform a soft reset on the iPad to get it up and running again.  
Resetting an iPad to Another iTunes Account |
Step 2. Tap the "Reset" icon and select "Erase All Content and Settings" when prompted to select the type of reset you want to perform. The iTunes account with which you are currently signed in will be reset, and all of the applications and media you previously purchased is removed from the iPad.  
How to Reboot or Reset An iPad | eHow
Despite being an amazing computing device, the Apple iPad can still freeze up or act sluggish at times. If the touch screen features are not working just right, or an app locks up, perform a reset on the iPad to address the problem.  

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