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Preference | Define Preference at
Preference definition, the act of preferring. See more.    
Preferences - Google
Google preference settings. Search results, languages, location, help, SafeSearch filters, Google Instant predictions    
Preference - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster ...
noun pref·er·ence \ˈpre-fərn(t)s, ˈpre-f(ə-)rən(t)s\. : a feeling of liking or wanting one person or thing more than another person or thing. : an advantage that is ...    
Preferences | Define Preferences at
But my private preferences cannot control my public actions. Our appliances will pay attention to our preferences. It also plans to release a new version of its app, one that suggests nearby meals based on your preferences.  
Preference - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The term preferences is used in a variety of related, but not identical, ways in the scientific literature. This makes it necessary to make explicit the sense in which ...    
preference - definition of preference by The Free Dictionary
a. The selecting of someone or something over another or others: has a decided preference for travel by train. b. The right or chance to make a choice: The ...    
Preferences - definition of Preferences by The Free Dictionary
My Cabinet Selections were all made before our former interview, but you have supplied a noble instance of patriotism in subordinating your personal preferences to the general good.  
Preferences (Java Platform SE 7 ) - Oracle Documentation
There are two separate trees of preference nodes, one for user preferences and one for system preferences. Each user has a separate user preference tree, and ...    
TRUSTe Preference Manager
Ensure online trust and privacy with TRUSTe's consumer privacy services. Sign up for email safety, email privacy and privacy alerts. Get the TRUSTe online ...    
Preferences (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
1. Preference logic. Although not all philosophical references to preference make use of formal tools, preferences are almost always assumed to have structural properties of a type that is best described in a formalized language.  
Google Ads Preferences Manager Yahoo Search Preferences SafeSearch helps you avoid explicit content in Yahoo Search results. We can't catch everything, but the filter helps keep adult content out.  
Preferences - Mozilla | MDN - Mozilla Developer Network
Jun 10, 2014 ... This article provides examples for extension developers that wish to use the Mozilla preferences system. Information here applies to the Mozilla ...    
The Myers & Briggs Foundation - Preferences
Your results from the MBTI® instrument help you become aware of your personality preferences. A preference is what you like. You may like, or prefer, ...    
How to Change Your Yahoo! Preferences - wikiHow
Edit Article How to Change Your Yahoo! Preferences. Yahoo! Preferences is only for Yahoo! Messenger, and can come in handy when you want to change the language, appearance, archives, ignore list, messages and more.  
Preferences - Join reddit Page | <b> preferences </b> | Wörterbuch Englisch-DeutschÜbersetzung für preferences im Englisch-Deutsch-Wörterbuch    
Preferences · libgdx/libgdx Wiki · GitHub
Aug 2, 2014 ... Preferences are a simple way to store small data for your application, e.g. user settings, small game state saves and so on. Preferences work ...    
Group Policy Preferences Getting Started Guide
Group Policy preferences, new for the Windows Server 2008 operating system, include more than 20 new Group Policy extensions that expand the range of configurable settings within a Group Policy object (GPO).  
Preferences System · adobe/brackets Wiki · GitHub
Dec 16, 2014 ... This is a reference for writing code that uses the preferences APIs (for extension authors, etc.). For how to use preferences as a Brackets end ...    
Preferences Synonyms, Preferences Antonyms |
Synonyms for preferences at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Dictionary and Word of the Day.  
Edit preferences - Amazon Local Dogpile Dogpile - Preferences Use the following options to customize your default search settings. Please note: These settings will be applied to all future searches, except for those done using Advanced Search.  
Mac Basics: Set your preferences - Apple Support
Feb 12, 2015 ... Besides changing the look and feel of your Mac, you can also let your Mac know how you prefer to work by using System Preferences.    
Salem Web Network - Subscription Preferences
Welcome, Please log in with your Salem AllPass account. Your Salem AllPass account allows you to manage your email subscriptions, user profile, and preferences.  
Food Quality and Preference -
The online version of Food Quality and Preference at, the world's leading platform for high quality peer-reviewed full-text journals.    
Preferences - Yahoo
Preferences. The links below go to features that will help you customize your account. My Account: On this page, you can edit information you provided when you registered with Yahoo!.  
Dogpile Dogpile - Preferences
Preferences. Use the following options to customize your default search settings. Please note: These settings will be applied to all future searches, except for ...    
After Effects Help | Preferences
Get an overview of the Preferences menu in After Effects , its options and the various tasks that can be performed using this menu.  
Preferences - Indeed Preferences - Audacity Manual Preferences. You can reset Preferences to factory defaults by initializing the audacity.cfg settings file to its original contents. This can sometimes fix freezes, crashes or unexplained Audacity behavior.  
P3P: The Platform for Privacy Preferences
Platform for Privacy Preferences Project, P3P is a protocol for privacy protection on the Web. The W3C is the governing body issuing the standard.    
Judicial Preference Orders: By way of standing order, the judge has expressed his or her preference for the handling of certain matters. The orders are as follows:  
preference - Dictionary Definition :
If you have a strong liking for something, you have a preference for it. You might have a preference for apples, but there are some days when you're stuck eating ...    
Preferences - Yahoo ! Privacy Centre
Preferences. The links below go to features that will help you customize your account. My Account: On this page, you can edit information you provided when you registered with Yahoo!. - Change your Bible Gateway preferences and ...
You must have cookies enabled for these preferences to work. No personal information is stored in the cookie. If you have javascript enabled you can control ...    
Preferences - MATLAB & Simulink - MathWorks
Set Preferences for MATLAB. MATLAB ® provides a variety of options called preferences for customizing MATLAB. To access and set preferences: On the Home tab, in the Environment section, click Preferences.  
Men's preference for certain body types has evolutionary roots ...
1 day ago ... Prehistoric and evolutionary influences appear to shape men's expressed preference for women with a curvy backside.    
android.preference | Android Developers
Provides classes that manage application preferences and implement the preferences UI. Using these ensures that all the preferences within each application are maintained in the same manner and the user experience is consistent with that of the system and other applications.  
Preferences - BOINC
You can specify preferences that limit when and how BOINC uses your computers. There are two kinds of preferences: General preferences These apply to all projects.  
5sos preferences on Tumblr
Find and follow posts tagged 5sos preferences on Tumblr.    
Preference Center | MyPreferences
MyPreferences® Preference Center drives personalization. Customers and prospects want inbound communications to be personalized to meet their needs and interests.  
Preference Manager - Trash and Manage Preferences for Final Cut ...
Preference Manager allows you to manage preference files for Final Cut Studio, Final Cut Express, Final Cut Pro X, Avid Media Composer, Avid Symphony, ...    
How Windows Stores View Preferences
This article describes how Windows stores View preferences for the desktop and windows that you open. View preferences include icon size, position, layout, and so on. Windows stores up to 28 entries containing View preferences for the desktop and...    
preference - Yahoo奇摩字典 Enterprise preference management | MyPreferences multi-channel communications. MyPreferences ® is an enterprise preference management application that lets you more effectively interact with customers and prospects based on their preferences such as product interest, communication channel or frequency.    
Preferences - Changing Minds
Each of us has preferences in our approaches to the world that shape how we perceive and act. If you can understand how people can perceive, you will have a ...    
preferences [Zotero Documentation]
In addition to the preferences shown in the Zotero preferences window, Zotero has a number of hidden preferences that only can be changed through the about:config page of Firefox or Zotero Standalone.  
How can I view and adjust my ad preferences? | Facebook Help ...
To view and adjust your ad preferences, click the x or v near the top-right corner of any ad on Facebook.    
Capital One Email Preferences Page - Enter your email information
Capital One reserves the right to service your existing account(s) and communicate with you by e-mail about your account(s).  
Veterans' Preference - US Department of Labor
Veterans' Preference Information vets logo ... or in military campaigns are entitled to preference over others in hiring for virtually all federal government jobs.    
Resetting preferences - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Resetting all preferences to program defaults. If you simply want to start over with the default set of Firefox preferences, you can use one of the methods given below.  
Ally Privacy Preferences
Enter your account information. To access your privacy preferences, please provide some information about your account. Why do I have to enter this information ...    
Download Group Policy Preferences Overview from Official ...
This white paper introduces Group Policy preferences, a feature new in Microsoft Windows Server 2008, and describes how you can use Group Policy preferences to better deploy and manage operating system and application settings.® - Preferences
Package options. Set the domestic package option you use the most to be selected when you create your label. Service preference. Edit. I am Shipping Flat Rate.    

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