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What are permissions? - Windows Help
Permissions are rules associated with objects on a computer or network, such as files and folders. Permissions determine whether you can access an object and what you can do with it.  
How to set, view, change, or remove special permissions for ...
Describes how to configure special permissions for files and folders in Windows XP.    
File system permissions - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Most file systems have methods to assign permissions or access rights to specific users and groups of users. These systems control the ability of the users to view or make changes to the contents of the filesystem. Contents 1 Operating system variations 2 Traditional Unix permissions 2.1 Classes ...  
datengu | Recent Entries
INBOX ・ HMD ・ PROFILE ・ PERMISSIONS ・ CR CHART ・ THREAD TRACKER. Link; Reply; history Mar. 21st, 2015 04:08 am. Kurama was born as the only son of the Soujoubou (the King) of the karasu tengu (crow demons) on Mt. Kurama.    
cornerstones | PERMISSIONS
BASICS. NAME & ID CODE: Iwaizumi, Hajime. M02-B25-179 CANON: Haikyuu!!, end of chapter 71. AGE: 17 CURRENT TEAM & STATUS: Blue, coping with world destruction like a competent adult (read: having a mental crisis over it)  
PermissionsBukkit - Bukkit
PermissionsBukkit - the Official Default Groups Plugin Current Version: v2.3 (beta v2.4) Find PermissionsBukkit on the forums! It's been a long time coming, but with the accomplishment of build 1000 Bukkit has finally accomplished a built-in Permissions system (codenamed Superperms).  
File Permissions - chmod |
Linux has inherited from UNIX the concept of ownerships and permissions for files. This is basically because it was conceived as a networked system where different people would be using a variety of programs, files, etc. Obviously, there's a need to keep things organized and secure.  
System Permissions | Android Developers
Android is a privilege-separated operating system, in which each application runs with a distinct system identity (Linux user ID and group ID).  
Permissions · Multiverse/Multiverse-Portals Wiki · GitHub
Permissions. NOTE: Are you looking for the List of all MV Portals Permissions? •Multiverse Portals Permissions. Multiverse-Portals allows you to control who can use portals via permissions!  
MyPermissions - Please upgrade your browser version
MyPermissions Cleaner protects your personal information online. In order to get the best privacy & security experience, you may want to upgrade your browser to the latest version:    
Permissions - Random House
Random House LLC also Distributes Books for Various Publishers Permission to reprint from these books, however, must be obtained from the actual publisher, rather than from Random House.  
Changing File Permissions « WordPress Codex
Permission Scheme for WordPress. Permissions will be different from host to host, so this guide only details general principles. It cannot cover all cases.  
Understanding UNIX permissions and chmod - Perlfect Solutions
Understanding UNIX permissions and chmod Introduction This is a topic that has been beaten to death both in books and on-line. For some reason, it seems that it is one of the most common misunderstandings that people have to face when learning how to write and/or configure their first cgi ...  
Permissions - Allow or Deny Users and Groups - Windows 7 Help ...
This will show you how to allow or deny users and groups access permissions and add or remove inheritable permissions to either a file, folder, drive, or registry key objects in Windows 7 or Vista.  
Command Reference/Perm - Essentials - Main Page - Essentials
Essentials is made up of multiple components, you must place each jar that you intend to use in your Minecraft/Bukkit plugins folder. You will generally not need/want all components, ignore the commands & permissions from the modules you haven't installed.  
NTFS Permissions Overview - Data Recovery Software ...
NTFS Permissions. In any Windows network, you can set sharing permissions for drives and folders. On that network, each user can choose to share entire drives or individual folders with the network.  
Permissions for Pearson Education
Learn how to request permission to use Pearson Education's copyrighted content. All requests must be in writing and submitted to the proper company contact.  
How to reset all user permissions to default? - Microsoft ...
Hi Picoroco, Welcome to Microsoft Answers! You will need to run ‘Subinacl Tool’ to reset the permission to normal. To reset system permissions, follow the steps:  
Understanding Windows NTFS Permissions - Network Security ...
Understanding Windows NTFS Permissions. Even though Windows permissions have been around for a long time, I still run into seasoned network administrators that aren’t aware of the new changes that came with Windows 2000 so long ago.  
Why Does This Android App Need So Many Permissions?
Dear Lifehacker, I read your article about Chrome permissions last week, but I want to know about Android app permissions. It seems like every app developer wants access to so much on my phone! Do they really need all those permissions, or are they just harvesting my data?    
WorldGuard/Permissions - Wiki
Permissions in WorldGuard support WEPIF, which supports a few built-in permission systems, and has support for external permissions systems that are compatible with the Permissions plugin.  
WorldEdit/Permissions - Wiki
Permissions depends on what you are using WorldEdit in: Bukkit permissions; hMod permissions; Permissions list . For all permissions, use worldedit.*.  
Permissions — Columbia Copyright Advisory Office
Introduction to resources on copyright permissions. ... If you are seeking to use a copyrighted work, you may have to obtain permission from the copyright owner.  
Group Manager - Essentials - Main Page - Essentials
Group Manager is an implementation of permissions. It allows you to set up permissions for groups, and add users to these groups. The result is you can have multiple tiers which have access to specified commands.    
Permissions with Facebook Login
Permissions with Facebook Login Overview. When a person logs into your app via Facebook Login you can access a subset of that person's data stored on Facebook.  
How to Change File Permissions on Windows 7: 7 Steps
Edit Article How to Change File Permissions on Windows 7. Have you ever wondered why the user you always logged on to was never able to change a folder or even delete it ?  
IBM Bluemix Docs
IBM Bluemix Docs    
Permissions - Allow or Deny Access to Users and Groups in ...
How to Allow or Deny Access Permissions to Users and Groups in Windows 8 and 8.1 Information This will show you how to add, remove, allow  
UNIX permissions help - ZZEE: Easy to use software for ...
1. What are file permissions. Every file or folder in UNIX has access permissions. There are three types of permissions (what allowed to do with a file):  
File and Folder Basic NTFS Permissions - Data ...
File and Folder Basic NTFS Permissions. Permissions are grouped in order to make it easier to assign complimentary permissions to users. These groups are called "basic" permissions.  
permission - Permissions | Define Permissions at
noun 1. authorization granted to do something; formal consent: to ask permission to leave the room. 2. the act of permitting.  
Noob's Guide to Bukkit permissions [Inc example files ...
The Minecraft Noob's Guide to Bukkit permissions Blog was contributed by ZaphodX. These days I play Supreme Commander, which is probably the  
How App Permissions Work & Why You Should Care [Android]
Understanding how Android app permissions work is important to managing the apps on your phone, and in preventing rogue Android apps from causing problems.  
permissions · Multiverse/Multiverse-Core Wiki · GitHub
NOTE: Are you looking for the List of all MV Permissions? •Multiverse Permissions Plugin Support. Multiverse supports any plugin that adheres to the SuperPerms Bukkit Permissions API.  
What some of those scary application permissions mean ...
Knowing when to be concerned over application permissions — and when not to be — is tricky and important We've all heard about bad apps that steal your valuable data and ship it off overseas, and those discussions always end with one thing -- someone says you need to read an app's ...  
Learning the shell - Lesson 7: Permissions
Permissions. The Unix operating system (and likewise, Linux) differs from other computing environments in that it is not only a multitasking system but it is also a multi-user system as well.    
Rights and Permissions Information - NPR : National Public ...
All NPR content (audio, text, photographs, graphics) is protected by copyright in the U.S. and other countries. NPR does not license audio, photographs, or graphics for personal use. The following contains information on how to request permission to reuse content. Corporate Photocopy ...  
Permissions - MinecraftTLA Wiki
Below are all of the permissions used in this plugin. Pay attention to the "Default" column on each of the tables. Anything that is a default permission will work for everyone, without you having to do anything.  
How to configure Web server permissions for Web content in IIS
This step-by-step article describes how to grant Web server permissions for Web content using Internet Information Services (IIS) 5.0. You can grant Web server permissions for specific Web sites, folders, and files on your server. Unlike the NTFS file...  
Microsoft Windows XP - Permissions
Each type of object is controlled by an object manager. There is a different object manager for each type of object.  
Permissions [MagicSpells] - Musings and Madness » An ...
The ability for players to learn and cast spells can be fully configured using the available permission nodes, listed below. You can use any permissions management plugin that supports Bukkit's built-in system.  
How to Understand Those Confusing Windows 7 File/Share ...
Have you ever tried to figure out all of the permissions in Windows? There’s share permissions, NTFS permissions, access control lists, and more. Here’s how they all work together.    
Permissions :: San Francisco Public Library
For commercial and non-profit use of images from the San Francisco Public Library for use in books, journals, magazines/newspapers, documentaries, exhibitions, Internet, and all other uses, a Permission to Publish form will be used.    
Permissions - Associated Press
To serve you better, please tell us about your organization and interests Company: Company Type:  
Permissions - Mobile Security | Lookout, Inc.
Quick Guide: Lookout Permissions for Android. At Lookout, we are committed to building products and services that we are proud to share with our family, friends, and people throughout the world.  
Permissions in the JDK - Oracle Help Center
The following tables describe the built-in JDK permission types and discuss the risks of granting each permission. AllPermission. The is a permission that implies all other permissions.  
Understanding Unix and Linux Permissions
Note: these are classic Unix permissions. However, many modern Unixes support extended attributes that go beyond this. We'll look at one example of that later in the article.    
Rights & Permissions - Cengage Learning
Cengage Learning delivers highly-customized learning solutions for universities, instructors, students, libraries, government agencies, corporations, and professionals worldwide.    
Microsoft Windows XP - Special permissions for files and folders
Folder permissions include Full Control, Modify, Read & Execute, List Folder Contents, Read, and Write. Each of these permissions consists of a logical group of special permissions which are listed and defined below.  
SharePoint Permissions Worst Practices - Upload, Share, and ...
Dug yourself into a SharePoint permissions hole? See how you can unearth yourself and avoid common mistakes from real life scenarios.  

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