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Orientation Lock - OS X Daily
Yes, you can still lock the screen orientation in iOS 8 and iOS 7 to prevent the display from rotating itself when an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch has been physically turned onto its side.  
How to Lock the Screen Orientation on a Microsoft Surface ...
One of my biggest gripes with the Surface is its neurotic tendency to change screen orientation with just the smallest shift in how I hold it.  
iPhone iOS4: Lock Orientation. (But where is the Horizontal ...
One of my favorite features of my iPad is the ability to lock the orientation in one direction. With iOS4 for the iPhone, locking the orientation vertically in portrait orientation is now available.  
About the iPad Side Switch - Apple Support
Learn about the two functions of the Side Switch on iPad: Orientation Lock and Mute.  
Locked screen orientation is changed after a fast startup in ...
Fixes a problem in which the saved screen orientation is lost if the fast startup setting is enabled on a Windows 8-based device.    
How to Lock and Unlock iPhone 5, 4S, 4 in Portrait Orientation
In iPhones, a sensor is provided to rotate the screen from portrait to landscape mode when the phone is rotated. This, in most applications, is useful.  
How To Enable Orientation Lock On Your iOS Devices [iOS Tip ...
Sometimes the simplest tips are the most helpful ones, and that’s certainly the case with today’s, which will show you how to enable orientation lock on your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.  
The Screen Orientation API - World Wide Web Consortium
Abstract. The Screen Orientation API provides the ability to read the screen orientation type and angle, to be informed when the screen orientation state changes, and be able to lock the screen orientation to a specific state.  
Surface with Windows RT: Rotation Lock | Windows 8 content ...
If you’re familiar with Windows 8 tablets, you know that many come with a hardware rotation lock, which allows you to prevent the screen from rotating when you physical turn the device.  
Orientation Lock/Unlock - Android Apps on Google Play
Change your screen orientation lock easily! Tired of laying on your side and having the phone go to landscape or having to navigate through menus to lock or unlock your Screen Auto-Rotate?  
How to unlock screen orientation on the iPhone OS
How to unlock screen orientation on the iPhone OS. One of the features of the new iPhone OS is screen orientation lock. Like the iPad this prevents the iPhone moving into landscape or portrait mode when the lock is on.  
How to Use the iPhone Screen Orientation Lock - About
Want to change how you're holding your iPhone without the screen rotating? You need to learn how to use the iOS screen orientation lock feature.  
How to Lock Portrait Orientation in iOS 7 on the iPhone 5 ...
Locking the Portrait Orientation on Your iPhone 5 in iOS 7. Note that you can only lock your phone in the portrait orientation. There are many locations and apps on your phone that cannot be displayed in landscape orientation at all, so would therefore be impossible to lock in that manner.  
Lock/Unlock Screen Portrait Orientation ... - Verizon Wireless
If the screen/display on your device doesn t flip or rotate, this shows how to fix it. If you re having other issues with your phone or device, visit our Troubleshooting Assistant. These walk you through solutions for issues you may have with your device.  
Summer Orientation - Lock Haven University Home
Summer Orientation Welcome to the Lock Haven University! We are glad that you have chosen to be a part The Haven family.  
Windows Phone 8: Lock Screen Orientation to Portrait or ...
By default in Windows Phone, the screen orientation will be switched automatically depending on the way you hold your phone. While this feature is convenient, it can also cause much frustration when you want to use a particular orientation only, especially when you use your phone in bed.  
Orientation Lock | Apple Support Communities
When I try to lock the Orientation to Landscape mode, it automatically changes it to Horizontal mode and locks. Any ideas?  
Lock screen orientation (Android) - Stack Overflow
Possible Duplicate: How to disable orientation change in Android? I'm writing an android application that uses tabs with different contents (activities). In one of these activities, I wo...    
iPhone OS 4: orientation lock, iPod controls in fast app ...
Today's iPhone OS 4 beta 3 update has brought with it some interesting new features, including a soft-version of the iPad's orientation lock and iPod controls added into the fast app switcher (multitasking) UI. When you double click the home button to bring up the fast app switcher, you can now ...  
Lock/Unlock the orientation change in iOS - Stack Overflow
I am developing a application in iOS. I need to lock or unlock the orientation with a button click. I have checked this link also. I need to lock the screen on single click button, if click again  
Orientation lock – Dev Feedback on Windows Platform Development
Having an orientation lock is a must have for the next update. Something so simple. Why it was not included when WP launched is beyond me. The phone is frustrating to use in bed or on laying on the lounge.  
Locking Orientation (Android) - Xamarin Forums
Hi I'm new to Xamarin I'm having a issue with screen rotation I would like to lock the rotation into portrait mode. I have in my AndroidManifest.xml file Customer Discussions: Lock the screen orientation
Good morning Jo. The Kindle Fire has had the ability to lock the screen orientation since it shipped. On the top of the screen is the Status Bar.  
orientation locked - Microsoft Community
According to the User Manual orientation is not locked if the switch is slid to the right (red dot not visible). With the switch in that position it should rotate automatically. According to the review in the following link "You'll want rotation lock turned on, and you should leave it there ...  
Locking Portrait Orientation on iOS 6 | GTM Mobiles Reviews
Many people have had difficulties in finding how to lock your iPhone screen on the iOS 6 so that it does not automatically turn landscape mode.  
Surface orientation lock button (software) issue - Microsoft ...
Hello mk_23, There is more than one place where orientation can be locked or unlocked. I wonder if anything happens to the Unlock button if you go to Screen Resolution and check and/or uncheck Allow the screen to auto-rotate (then Apply) ?  
How do I lock rotation in iOS? | The iPhone FAQ
In iOS 8 and iOS 7, iPhone rotation locking has been moved to the Control Center. To enable rotation lock and prevent the screen from automatically changing orientation when the iPhone is turned:    
How To Lock / Unlock Screen Orientation On iPhone
You can view many of your iPhone apps in either portrait or landscape orientation. When your rotate your iPhone the display rotates too, adjusting to fit the new orientation.  
Screen.lockOrientation() - Web API Interfaces | MDN
Syntax lockedAllowed = window.screen.lockOrientation(orientation); Parameters orientation The orientation into which to lock the screen. This is either a string or an array of strings.  
How do I lock rotation with iOS 7? | The iPhone FAQ
Locking rotation on iOS prevents apps from responding to sensors which detect device orientation. This is useful when reading, for example. With the release of iOS 7, the rotation lock toggle has been moved to Control Center.    
orientation lock | Windows Central
orientation lock. 122 DIY: Shortcut Tile for screen rotation toggle in Update 3 for Windows Phone. Windows Phone Apps; By Daniel Rubino, Tuesday, Oct 15, 2013 at 6:09 pm EDT  
Windows 8 How to lock screen orientation on tablet and ...
Lock the orientation of tablet devices on windows 8.    
What exactly is "Orientation Lock" on iOS4? | Yahoo Answers
well i updated my iphone 3g to iOS4 , then jailbroke it :) and now i have a feature in multitasking called "portrait orientation lock" .. what exactly does it do? THANKS xo  
Kindle Fire Screen orientation lock - Online ...
Is their a way to lock the screen orientation on the Fire? Did not see it in the manual and may have overlooked it here on the discussion boards.  
Tip: How to Lock and Unlock the iPhone’s Screen Orientation
Unlike previous versions of the iPhone, iOS 4 allows you to lock the screen orientation while using the iPhone. This is very helpful when reading emails, text messages, and using other applications that auto rotate when the iPhone’s orientation changes.  
Screen Orientation - Change in Windows 8 - Eight Forums
How to Change Screen Orientation in Windows 8 and 8.1 Information This tutorial will show you how to change the orientation of a screen t  
Orientation lock button > sound on/off butto... | Apple ...
Please, Apple, give us an Settings option to restore the orientation button setting! I need to lock/unlock orientation many times a day, and this change has just made my iPad about 20% less delightful!  
Lumia orientation lock - Mobile Community - Home - Microsoft ...
Please nokia add an orientation lock to the Lumia range. If Microsoft is too short sighted to add it then develop it yourself and make it Lumia exclusive.  
Screen Orientation Lock and Screenshot App - Mobile Community
Hi Nokia, Could you guys consider releasing a Screen Orientation Lock and Screenshot App? These are basic features that Microsoft forgot to implement because they were all busy with the Smartglass App that just came out and everyone was just super excited!!!  
How to lock the iPhone/iPod touch screen in portrait orientation
Touch the leftmost screen lock button. A padlock will appear inside they button and the message “Portrait Orientation Locked” should appear briefly.  
How to Lock Portrait Orientation in iPhone 4/4s
I am one of these people that enjoy reading from my iPhone in horizontal orientation as well. Many web sites, especially forums, are often better viewed in this position.  
What does ‘portrait orientation locked’ mean on the iPhone ...
12) Orientation Lock – Awesome new feature that will keep your screen from rotating when you move your iPhone. Especially useful for reading while lying down.  
Orientation Lock - Windows Central Forums
Orientation lock may not be a 'key' feature, but it qualifies as a 'feature' none-the-less. And 'features' are what separate any phone from the common voice brick. Never been much of a workaround person myself. Carryon <hits snooze button> Share.  
What does the portrait orientation lock do? (iPod touch ...
Best Answer:: It locks the screen so that even when you turn your iPod,the screen doesn't rotate ... Not got an iPod touch but I would guess that it won't automatically rotate the screen when you turn the iPod touch. It will keep it in 'Portrait' view.  
Orientation Lock/Unlock for Android for Android - Free ...
With Orientation Lock/Unlock for Android you can now long press the Search button on your phone or the application's icon from the home screen or launcher to change your screen auto-rotate setting at any time and in any app  
Orientation Lock for Windows Phone 7 [Homebrew] - YouTube
Homebrew application developed by Windows Phone Hacker (us) that allows toggling the accelerometer, giving the user the option to lock to orientation of the ...    
Samsung Galaxy Tab: Enable/Disable Screen Orientation Lock
The Samsung Galaxy Tab flips the screen orientation to landscape or portrait based on how you are holding the device. If you’re moving around a lot and don’t want the screen orientation to change, you can enable this setting.  
How to Remove the Orientation Lock From an iPad |
The orientation lock enables you to fix your iPad in portrait or landscape mode. Sean Gallup/Getty Images News/Getty Images  
lock screen orientation in portrait or landscape? | Android ...
Is there a screen orientation lock feature? I haven't seen it mentioned. In fact a search only turned up mention of it as a hardware button on the iPad.  
How to lock screen orientation - Nokia Developer
I want to lock screen orientation in portrait mode. I used setAttribute(Qt::WA_LockPortraitOrientation) method in form, main but I couldn't lock screen orientation.  

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