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Open Flash Chart - Home - teethgrinder
Powerful open source charts. Includes documentation, tutorials, source code, examples and helper classes.    
Open Flash Chart - Home - teethgrinder
Hello, this is the Open Flash Chart project. Note: "Open Flash Chart 2" is LGPL. OK, Open Flash Chart 1.x was great and it works like a dream. But I made some little mistakes which over time grew and anyoyed me and made the source code weird.  
テレクラ無料つーしょっとチャットダイヤル ...
通常のセックスとテレクラ、どちらがより興奮することができるのでしょうか?それは人それぞれに好みといっ ものもありますから一概には言えることではないかもしれませんし、通常のセックスにもテレクラのなか ...    
Open Flash Chart |
Download Open Flash Chart. Tutorials: Libraries: Ruby .Net Perl Java Python Coldfusion GWT Smalltalk P  
Open Flash Chart - Browse /open-flash-chart at
Download (5.0 MB) Home / open-flash-chart. Name Modified Size Downloads / Week Status; Parent folder; Totals: 15 Items : Version 2 Lug Wyrm Charmer: 2009-07-27: 164: Version 2 Kvasir: 2009-06-15: 2: Version 2 J ...  
OpenFlashChart - A radar chart example with VB.NET - CodeProject
How to implement a radar chart with OpenFlashChart inside an ASP.NET VB.NET project.; Author: motaweb51; Updated: 28 May 2009; Section: Charts, Graphs and Images; Chapter: Web Development; Updated: 28 May 2009  
Open Flash Chart - tooltip #x_label# not showing - Stack Overflow
I'm currently playing with a bar chart implemented through Open Flash Charts (I believe version 1, might be version 2...) with PHP. Unfortunately, we're having real trouble with the tooltip not sho...  
pullmonkey/open_flash_chart · GitHub
open_flash_chart - The ruby on rails plugin for teethgrinder's Open Flash Chart (version 2)  
PullMonkey Projects: Open Flash Chart Plugin for Ruby on ...
Note: Version 2 of Open Flash Chart is available. Examples for version 2 are here. I ported the php code for open flash chart to ruby and so far it has worked quite well with Rails. Just ported the latest 1.9.7 version - see the many graph examples below.  
ofcgwt - Open Flash Chart for GWT - Google Project Hosting
Open Flash Chart for GWT. Overview The OFCGWT project provides a simple to use chart widget for GWT based on Open Flash Chart 2. The library includes the needed flash insertion, update and manipulation methods for the chart widget. It also includes a POJO model for the chart    
jofc2 - Java API for Open Flash Chart 2 - Google Project Hosting
Java API for Open Flash Chart 2. JOFC2 - Java API for Open Flash Chart 2 This project provides a Java library for utilizing Open Flash Chart 2 ( It is a fork of ofcj ( because the project seemed to be free    
open flash chart - installing python module openFlashChart ...
How to install python module openFlashChart? I am really having trouble installing it. If you have installed it before kindly post how. The error was module openFlashChart not found. I actually cant  
Advisory: OpenFlashChart attacks | CiviCRM
CiviCRM is a powerful and flexible tool for providing relationship data management and insight. Equally useful is the active user community that not only encourages contribution, but empowers it as well.  
Yii Playground
Yii Playground. Home; Ajax / jQuery . Ajax request; Interface . Zii dialog; Zii datePicker; Zii autocomplete; Zii progressBar; Zii draggable; Zii droppable; Zii sortable; Zii tabs; Tables and pagination. CGridView; CGridView CSS Styling; Basic pager; Other. Menu; Breadcrumbs; Star Rating;    
Open Flash Chart Lib - Home
A .NET library for OpenFlashChart control ... Most Helpful Reviews It works quite well. Need to simplify axis labelling. :: Create impressive charts with Open Flash Chart
The chart pulls other settings and the chart data from the file specified in the open_flash_chart_object part (in this case, it's chart-data.php, stored in the openflashchart directory). So the next step is to create that file and populate it with data and configuration options.    
Open Flash Chart Component of use |
Open Flash Chart Component of use Open Flash Chart Component of use About Official: Download: OpenFlashChart is an open source reporting production component that can automatically generate a good-lo  
Open Flash Chart - Download
Download Open Flash Chart 1.9.7. Generate dynamic graphs for websites in Flash format. Open Flash Chart is a tool for web developers with which    
Open Flash Chart - PerlMonks
"Go up to the next female stranger you see and tell her that her "body is a wonderland." My hypothesis is that she’ll be too busy laughing at you to even bother slapping you." ...    
Organisations, ikoyi,,lagos,,nigeria/component/users ...
Addresses, reviews and contact information of Organisations in ikoyi,,lagos,,nigeria/component/users/components/com_jnews/includes/openflashchart/wp-login.php
ISSUE: Domestic violence in your neighborhood OUR VIEW: This issue should concern everyone. A multi-part series detailing the horrors of domestic violence concludes today.  
Free Flash Chart Library: Open Flash Chart
Göktürk Yurtyapan October 16th, 2008 at 2:09 am. You can take a look at suXess. It is a complete Business Intelligence Platform with pivot tables, charts, news tickers and much more.  
Security vulnerability in OpenFlashChart - CiviCRM Community ...,22826.15.html
If the logs show that the attacker uploaded a new file ('q.php') in the OpenFlashChart directory but never requested it, then you might be ok. (If the attacker replaced a file in another directory, then more analysis would be required.) Logged Chris Burgess.  
PullMonkey Blog » Blog Archive » Open Flash Chart II Plugin ...
@graph = open_flash_chart_object(600,300,"/static_page/graph_code") else @page = StaticPage.find(params[:id]) end end. def graph_code title ="MY TITLE") bar = bar.set_values([1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9]) chart =  
Frontpage Features Archive | Leopold Center for Sustainable ...
This page was found at on 03/02/2015 ...  
Open Flash Chart – Freecode
Open Flash Chart. Open Flash Chart is a program for creating charts in Flash to display in Web pages. You can create bar, line, area, and pie charts. It also includes server side classes to help generate the data file used as input.  
yiiopenflashchart | Extension | Yii PHP Framework
Yii Open Flash Chart 2 Extension ... With this extension you can easy generate beauty charts on pages of your Yii application.  
OpenflashChart - Pentaho Community Forums
Hi, Can we controle Y-axis values in Openflash chart ? my y-axis data is like 0.2,0.3,0.6 etc. But the chart is taking the Y-axis values as 11, 22,33,etc.. as a result my linegraph is lying on X-axis ? one more thing is does "domainLabelRotation" works in OpenflashChart ? Can we control ...  
WordPress › open-flash-chart-core « WordPress Plugins
It also helps minimize potential conflicts between Open Flash Chart powered plugins. More details at Development. The development of the Plugin happens over at github.  
Security vulnerability in OpenFlashChart - CiviCRM Community ...,22826.0.html
This vulnerability appears in OpenFlashChart, which is packaged in both the Drupal and Joomla versions of CiviCRM. Hackers were able to compromise one of my sites using this vulnerability. I have also contacted OpenFlashChart to alert them to the vulnerability.  
openflashchart2widget | Extension | Yii PHP Framework
Resources ¶ OpenFlashChart2Widget demo site; Download v1.0.1; Repository (svn) Comments, suggestions and bug reports; Change Log ¶ November 2, 2011. Configured anonymous read access for the repository containing the widget and the demo  
vanntastic/open_flash_chart · GitHub
README.textile OpenFlashChart. This is a fork of pullmonkey’s open flash chart plugin, it’s a great plugin that deserves a readme that is useful (to me).  
Flash Chart (Open Flash Chart) - BI Platform - Pentaho Wiki
The Open Flash Chart Component, available in platform version 3.0 and higher, currently employs Open Flash Charts as its charting engine. Component Name: OpenFlashChartComponent  
News | The Chronicle Herald
OTTAWA — A number of changes are in the works for military brass, including the retirement of the head of the air force and the promotion of the first women to run the personnel branch.  
open-flash-chart - Download - 4shared
open-flash-chartdownload from 4shared ... Checked by McAfee. No virus detected. 0 comments Add new comment  
Python Open Flash Chart (pyOFC2) — Many Lines
Data used to generate the chart — manylines.json. Chart Demos Area Charts; Area Hollow Chart; Area Line Chart; Bar Charts; Bar Chart  
Open Flash Chart Demo (HTML5/Jangaroo)
This is an Open Flash Chart demo, running in HTML5/Jangaroo. To see the original Flash version of the same charts, click here. Load chart: ...  
Help me create webpart use Openflashchart?
Help me create webpart use Openflashchart? SharePoint > SharePoint Legacy Versions - Using SharePoint Designer, InfoPath and Other Customizations.  
Graphing data with Open Flash Chart from the Course Drupal 6 ...
Graphing data with Open Flash Chart provides you with in-depth training on Web. Taught by Tom Geller as part of the Drupal 6: Online Presentation of Data  
rss... | The Buffalo News
- The Buffalo News ... Collins shows House Republicans what it means to govern responsibly Good for Chris Collins.  
Wiki - Open Flash Chart Plugin
Socialize. Discuss on the Mailing List; Grails on Twitter; Events and conferences; Source code on GitHub; Report issues in Jira; Stack Overflow questions - Openflashchart - Overview | Open Flash Chart web analytics and stats , last updated on 2012-11-03  
Open Flash Chart | Jaspersoft Community
I really like the idea of integrating Jasper with Open Flash Chart 2 (OFC). In particular this user feature -- when the user mouses over a data point, the  
Open Flash Chart 2 API |
***** ATTENTION: ***** This module is now merged with Open Flash Chart API according to the following discussions [1], [2]. The code has been migrated to Open Flash Chart API version 6.x-3.x so I recommend using that module instead of this one because no new features will be implemented here.  
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м, м, , м, administrator/components/com_civicrm/civicrm/packages/OpenFlashChart/tmp-upload-images/index.old.php, administrator/components/com_civicrm/civicrm/packages/OpenFlashChart/tmp-upload-images/assets/snippets/phpthumb/phpThumb.php, ...    
Open Flash Chart Reviews | G2 Crowd
Read Open Flash Chart reviews. See pros/cons, pricing, integrations and feature ratings. Compare Open Flash Chart with other Data Visualization products.  
10 Minute Reviews: Open Flash Chart — Juice Analytics
We frequently get requests to review and write about analytics-related solutions. I’ve put off most of these requests because it sounded like a lot of work. Then I had an 4-hour-work-week-style epiphany: most new users only give a new product or service a few minutes before they make up ... Overview | Open Flash Chart
The total number of people who shared the openflashchart homepage on Delicious. The total number of people who shared the openflashchart homepage on StumbleUpon.  
Jnews Pro Administrator Components Com Jnews Includes ...
jnews pro administrator components com jnews includes openflashchart tmp upload images default.php – shared files results  
Download Open Flash Chart 2 for Linux - Softpedia
Open Flash Chart 2 - Open Flash Chart software creates Flash-based charts for Web pages.  

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