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Multi-Parameter Water Quality Sensors: pH, Conductivity, ORP ...
Sensors and probes for multi-parameter water quality monitoring applications, including turbidity, pH, electrical conductivity (salinity), ORP, temperature, level, Chlorophyll a, and many more parameters.  
SQL Server Reporting Services Using Multi-value Parameters
Problem. After working with SQL Server Reporting Services ( SSRS ) for a time, eventually a report user will want to select more than one value for a parameter.    
Passing multiple values for one SQL parameter - Stack Overflow
I have a CheckBoxList where users can select multiple items from the list. I then need to be able to pass these values to my Stored Procedure so they can be used in a WHERE condition like: WHERE I...  
Analysis of Multi-parameter Patient Monitoring Market in Asia ...
Press Release Analysis of Multi-parameter Patient Monitoring Market in Asia-Pacific : Better Technology at Lower Costs Drives Adoption  
Pass multiple optional parameters to a C# function - Stack ...
Is there a way to set up a C# function to accept any number of parameters? For example, could you set up a function such that the following all work - x = AddUp(2, 3) x = AddUp(5, 7, 8, 2) x =  
Multi Parameter Analyzers - Pine - Equipment Rentals, Sales ...
Instruments Division; Products; Environmental Monitoring Ambient Air Monitoring Multi Parameter Analyzers . Many continuous monitoring applications can be costly when using single component specific analyzers.  
Oakton® Meter, Multi-Parameter | Hach USA - Overview ...
Oakton® Meter, Multi-Parameter at Hach USA ... Don't have an account yet? Register now and enjoy these benefits: Check on Order Status  
Multi-parameter monitors - All medical device manufacturers ...
Find all the manufacturers of multi-parameter monitors and contact them directly on MedicalExpo. Discover our recommendations on how to choose from among the 436 products selected by our teams  
Products > By Parameter > Multi-Parameter
Products > By Parameter > Multi-Parameter. One cost-effective and convenient way to measure multiple parameters without the need to purchase many different meters ...  
Multi-Parameter Transmitter M800 - Overview - METTLER TOLEDO
Find our multi-parameter M800 with highest installation flexibility, operational safety and complete control for process applications.  
Working With Multi-Select Parameters for SSRS Reports
Problem. Multi-select parameters give your users control over their reports while reducing the number of reports they have to work with. In this example, I will demonstrate how to create a multi-select parameter list and pass the values to a stored procedure that will then populate the report.  
Managing Multiple Choice Parameters | SQL Server Reporting ...
You can let users choose more than one option in a report's pick list even when the report uses a parameter-driven query. Improvements to the SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) Report Processor make it easy.  
Parameter - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Parameter has more specific interpretations in mathematics, logic, linguistics, environmental science, and other disciplines. Contents. ... Without altering the system, we can take multiple samples, which will have a range of values of k, ...  
Multi-Parameter Patient Monitor | Jet Medical Electronics
Multi-Parameter Patient Monitor. Depending on patient status it may be required that more than one patient physiological parameter needs to be monitored.    
SL-8 SimSlim® Multi-Parameter Patient Simulator | Pronk ...
SL-8 SimSlim® Multi-Parameter Patient Simulator Features: 12-lead ECG: 8 Selectable Heart Rates: 30, 60, 90, 120, 140, 160, 200, 240 bpm; 10 Selectable Arrhythmias: NSR w/ PVCs, VTACH, VFIB, Asys, Bigeminy, Pacer, Trigeminy, ST+, 2nd Deg. Block, Square Wave  
HQ440d Benchtop Dual Input, Multi-Parameter Meter - pH ...
HQ440d Benchtop Dual Input, Multi-Parameter Meter - pH, Conductivity, Optical Dissolved Oxygen, ORP, and ISE at Hach USA  
5-in-1 Multi-Parameter Water Quality Meter
The PHH-128 indicator combines 5 meters into one easy-to-use wall mounting continuous monitor, featuring a large, duallevel, backlit LCD display.    
SSRS Report with Single and Multi Selection Parameter using ...
This article is based on SSRS report with single and multiple selection parameter controlled through MDX query. SSRS report passes parameter. MDX query reads record from cube based on given parameter.  
Passing multi-value parameter in stored procedure (SSRS ...
In SSRS reports we can have multi valued paremeters, which means we can select multiple values for that parameter and based on all those selected values result in the report is shown.  
Lesson 3: Adding Parameters to Select Multiple Values in a ...
In this lesson, you will learn how to change a parameter to accept multiple values. These are known as multivalue parameters. By default, a parameter accepts a single value.  
Passing Multi-Value Parameters to SSRS Sub-Report using ...
When using SSRS Report Action to hyper link to sub-report --> Single vs. Multi-value parameter sy  
Mantech › Multi-Parameter Analysis Systems
Multi-Parameter Analysis Systems. MANTECH is a leading manufacturer of multi-parameter analysis systems. Whether your laboratory requires a simple pH system or a system with eight parameters, MANTECH can deliver.  
InsiteIG MPA48 | Multi-Parameter Analyzer and Sensors
InsiteIG Model MPA48 Multi-Parameter Analyzer DO, SS, pH & ORP. The InsiteIG Model MPA48 multi-channel analyzer is a unique system that combines advanced electronics with solid-state optical sensors.  
Multi valued Parameters using Stored Procedures in SSRS ...
Friends, Here in this post we are gonna discuss about how to pass multiple values to SP(Stored Procedures) to get data for SSRS Reports. If you wish to define parameters using Sql Queries then you can find the sample here. For this demonstration purpose I Created the following Stored procedure ...  
Multi-Parameter Patient Monitors - Schiller Healthcare India
Multi-Parameter Patient Monitors. TRUSCOPE elite - A8. 17" Modular Multi-Para Patient Monitor . ARGUS LCX. 15" Wall Mounted Patient Monitor with Thermal Printer . ARGUS LCM. 10.4" Multi-Para Patient Monitor . TRUSCOPE ...  
Multi-Parameter - Thermo Fisher
Aquaread™ Aquaprobe AP-2000 Portable Multi-Parameter Probe. The Aquaprobe AP-2000 is a user configurable, portable, multi-parameter probe. The AP-2000 offers a choice of 3 parameters that can be selected from a range of standard parameter options.  
Multi-Parameter Patient Monitor|Freescale
A multi-parameter patient monitor measures blood pressure, oxygen saturation, temperature and heart electrical activity. Freescale's MCF5227x MCU provides touch screen control to enable communication with the user.  
Multi-parameter type class - HaskellWiki
pragma. If you think of a single-parameter type class as a set of types, then a multi-parameter type class is a relation between types. Naive use of MPTCs may result in ambiguity, so functional dependencies were developed as a method of resolving that ambiguity, declaring that some subset of the ...  
using a multi-valued parameter in SSRS 2012
using a multi-valued parameter in SSRS 2012: Rate Topic. Display Mode. Topic Options. Author: Message: pietlinden. Posted Thursday, August 8, 2013 11:54 PM: Ten Centuries Group: General Forum Members Last Login: Today @ 4:46 AM Points: 1,109, Visits: 6,762:  
Multi-Parameter - Environmental Quality | Sper Scientific
Multi-Parameter These versatile meters monitor different environmental parameters with the same meter. Our multipurpose meters measure environmental condition such as: Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), Light, Air Volume, Wind Speed, Dew Point, Humidity, BTU, and Barometric Pressure to name a few.  
Working with Multi-Valued Parameters in SSRS
Learn how to create an “All” option in the values dropdown list of a parameter and see how to “wire up” the All option so that, when selected, the report runs for all values.  
Multi-parameter Meters - Global W
Global Water offers the Multi 3400i Multi-parameter Meters for monitoring pH, oxygen, and conductivity.  
Multi Parameter Patient Monitor - Manufacturers, Suppliers ...
Multi Parameter Patient Monitor. These Multi Parameter Patient Monitor are extensively used in operating room, emergency pre and post-operative care, intermediate care/step down units and labor and delivery rooms.  
GF Signet 8900 Multi-Parameter Controller | Process ...
The GF Signet 8900 multi-parameter controller takes the concept of modularity to the extreme. Each GF Signet 8900 multi-parameter controller is field commissioned with the user's specified combination of inputs, outputs, and relays using simple-to-install modular boards into the base unit.  
Multi-Parameter - Water Quality | Sper Scientific
Multi-Parameter Using different probes, these versatile meters monitoring different water quality parameters with the same meter. Three basic styles of multi-parameter meters available for varying applications: Portable Meters, Kits, and Benchtop meters.  
Using Multivalue Parameters | Reporting Documentation
If you want to pass multiple parameter values back to a data source by using a query, the following requirements must be satisfied: The data source must be supported.  
Multi-Value Parameters with SSRS -
I've created a report that uses a multi-value parameter based on a dataset usign a simple select statement. It works fine when a single value is selected, but when multiple values are  
SSRS Cascading Multi-Value Parameters | Mark V SQL
Not too long ago, there was a question posted to #ssrshelp on Twitter regarding having multi-value parameters in SSRS 2005 that ALSO cascade. While I don’t have access to a SQL 2005 instance anymore, I wanted to try it in 2012 since I had an idea how to accomplish it.  
How to Default to ALL in an SSRS Multi-select Parameter » The ...
I found how to set the default to (Select All) with all items checked (re: ) In the Parameter Properties of the Parameter you want set to (Select All) go to the Default Values tab.  
Multi-Parameter Sensors - Weather - Environmental
Multi-parameter sensors can be mounted on land or buoy-based weather stations to monitor true and apparent wind speed and direction, barometric pressure, air temperature, humidity, precipitation and solar radiation.  
Multiparameter water quality meters. Multi-parameter water ...
Multiparameter Water Quality Meter Sensor The Pro Plus multiparameter water quality meter's rugged four port Quatro cable and sensor housing allows you to choose up to three sensors from the eight available, giving you access to recording thirteen different parameter measurements.  
SSRS: Working with Multi-Value Parameters
An SSRS feature that was introduced in Visual Studio 2005 is the ability to add multi-value parameters (MVPs) or basically parameters that allow the user to choose from a set of values and apply them to a report.  
SSRS Passing multi-value Parameter to Drill Down Report ...
I have a report which has two parameters - company and support team the user will select a company and then one or many from the support team drop down.  
Reports in SSRS with Multi Value Parameters and NULL Values
If you are creating a SSRS report in Visual Studio 2008 and would like a parameter to display multiple values including NULL values, you will get a message saying, “A multi-value parameter cannot include null values”.  
Multi-Parameter Controllers | Ryan Herco Flow Solutions
Portable Multi-Parameter Meters; Std Multi-Parameter Controllers; Remote Multi-Parameter Controllers; Portable Meter Parts & Accessories; Multi-Parameter Controller Parts & Access.  
Handling SSRS Multi-Valued Parameters in DAX Queries- SSAS
Last year I blogged about using DAX queries inside SSRS reports but one topic I didn’t touch on was how to handle parameters. Marco wrote a post on using parameters in DAX earlier this year but didn’t cover how to handle multi-valued parameters in SSRS, so I thought I’d write a post to ...  
Multiple-Valued Parameters -
So I was doing some research on which is the best way to pass multiple-valued parameters into a stored procedure or user-defined function when I found some interesting results. I had always used a string-based user-defined function to parse a delimited  
Displaying Single & Multi-Valued Report Parameter Selections ...
Overview: A quick review of how to display Single-Value and Multi-Value parameter selections within an SSRS report heading. Level: Basic familiarity with parameters is assumed.  
Passing Multiple Values to One Parameter » Bacon Bits
This is very cool, Mike. From memory, I think there’s some problem with using parameters with Pivot Tables…are your aware of anything to this end?  
Multi-Parameter Weather Stations - NexSens Technology Inc.
Multi-Parameter Sensor. The Vaisala WXT520 measures wind speed and direction, liquid precipitation, barometric pressure, relative humidity, and air temperature — all in a single, compact instrument with just one interface cable to the data logger.  

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