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Cheltenham High School Class of 1965 50th Reunion
Updated 2/25/15. One of the major challenges of planning a reunion is to develop an accurate list of contact information.  
San Marino High School - Class of 1972 - 40th Reunion ...
The following is a list of the missing members of San Marino High School's Class of 1972. If you have contact information (e-mail preferred) for any of the following, please e-mail us at  
Missing Classmates - Dixie Hollins 1964 - Dixie 1964
We have far to many missing classmates, we need your help to locate some of these people. Pick the name of one of these people who was your friend in school and do all you can to locate that person.  
Missing Classmates - Reunion Information
Fox, Ryan. Fulford, Jim. Fulton, Michael. George, Debbie Juhl. Gress, Deborah. Hamilton, Bill. Harney, Arlene. Hazlett, Steve. Hendrickson, Pete. Henniger, Carmie Brevic  
Missing Classmates - Elyria High School, Class of 1968
If you recognize any of our Missing Classmates and have any of their contact information, please let John know - Thanks  
Nutley High School Class of 1965
This Website is for Alumni of Nutley High School's Class of 1965.  
MissingClassmates - Homestead
Listed by last (or maiden) name. Last-known married name in bold print.  
Mary Ann Hudacko. Audry Huen. John Locke, Jr. Walter Gaylord Stiffler, Jr. John Thomas. Edward Zebrak. Returning Servicemen Graduating with this class. Andy Andros Michael Lichiga. John Blazetic John Lloyd. Richard Buzzard Robert ...  
OHS Class of 1965 - Missing Classmates
We would like to thank Carol Brockmeier Avery (Ben Lomond Class of 1965) for her unending efforts to locate our missing classmates. As of November 2014, she has found 143 classmates that we had "lost," and we are down to the 11 shown below.  
Missing Classmates - Welcome to the Iowa City West High Class ...
As the years have rolled on, we have lost touch with some of our classmates. The following list has the names of the people for whom we had no address information in the 1993 Class Directory.  
Saugus High School Class of 1963: Missing Classmates
This blog will serve as a main source of information regarding Saugus High School's Class of 1963 Classmates.  
Missing Classmates
We've tried, but are unable to locate the following 1965 graduates. If you have any information on their whereabouts, please let us know by going to the Contact area above and sending an email.  
Missing classmates
Classmates we can not contact. Please help us find them! Allen Pamyla J. C urrie. Aschbrenner Sylvia. Barnett D. Belcher T. Bon MaryAnn  
Missing Classmates
We have 475 classmates that wish to identify with our class. Below are classmates that we do not have addresses for. RICHARD THOMAS AITKEN (previously Montgomery, AL)  
Missing Classmates - Ramona Class of '63
Please let us know if you: Have contact information for anyone on the list Know that anyone on the list passed away Believe that someone on the list was not a ’63 classmate  
Missing Classmates - Brainerd High Class of 1954
Missing Classmates. Update: February 6, 2015 “Sometimes only one person is missing and the whole world seems depopulated.” Alphonse de Lamartine  
Missing Classmates - Home Of The ACHS Eagles
Click here if your name is on the list. Click here if you know where any of the missing are located. DON'T MAKE US COME LOOKING FOR YOU.  
Missing Classmates - 1965 South Mountain High Rebels
Below is a list of fellow classmates that the committee has not been able to locate. If you are aware of their current location, please email or call Ronda (Davis) Jones 623-536-5546  
Missing-Classmates - Bellflower Bucaneers Class of 59 | ,
These are members of the class that we have recently lost their address and phone numbers. If you know where to find any of them please let me know.  
Missing Classmates - glenbard1961
Welcome to the 50th Reunion Website for the Glenbard West HS Class of 1961. Missing + Lost Classmates  
Roxbury High School Class of 1965
Roxbury High School Class of 1965 One of the greatest classes ever to come out of RHS !!!  
Walla Walla High School Class of 1973: Missing Classmates
Walla Walla Hight School Class of 1973. Also known as Wa-Hi 73. Informaton inculding class reunions, pictures, trivia, memorials, and stories.  
Missing Classmates - RHS class of 1964
Dwight Alston Valerie Andrieu Beardsley Patricia Armstrong Joanne Balfour Morgan Theodore Barks Robert Beardsley Susan Becker Sherry Bennett Arthur Bloete  
PLHS66: Missing Classmates -
Greetings! Do you know where these classmates are? If so, I need to contact them. Email me at if you know how I can get in touch with them.  
Classmates that are missing. Maybe you know where we can find them? Email Phyllis or Ellen with information _____  
BLHS Class of 1964 - Missing Classmates
We want all of our classmates to know about the reunion and other class activities. If they are not able to attend the activities, they may enjoy the photos of the 50th reunion on our web site.    
Missing Classmates - |
If anyone has information to the whereabouts of any of the people listed below, please email us at:  
Walla Walla High School Class of 1972: Missing Classmates
These classmates, depsite Facebook, and People Finders, have been able to elude detection! If you know of their whereabouts, or if you are one of them, please contact us and let us know where you are!  
Missing Classmates - Millville High School, Millville NJ ...
If you or someone you know is on this list, please use the "Update Contact Info" link to send us current contact info. Even if you are connected with us on Facebook, please take a minute to update your info here.  
Missing Classmates - Reunions, Social Events - Ocean View ...
We're looking to connect with the following Seahawks. Although some of us may be "friends" on Facebook or follow each other on Twitter ... we know that not everyone uses their social media profiles on a regular basis!
The following 225 classmates are listed below because we either don't have ANY information on them or we are missing correct "mailing" or "email" information.  
Missing Classmates - Upland High School Class of 1964
We do not have updated mailing addresses for the following classmates as of 8 Aug 2013:
Milford, CT 06460. 203-878-6647. . Should Milford High alumni change its Indian mascot? With the Washington Redskins name under the hottest national spotlight, sports teams with Native American names in general are coming under more scrutiny than ever, which brings up the ...    
Missing Classmates - Chuck Klein, Author
Missing Classmate List. If you have contact information for any of the below classmates (or know they are deceased), please advise: Webmaster, Chuck Klein.  
Missing Classmates
If you know the where abouts of one or more of the following missing ClassMateS PLEASE CONTACT US AT  
Panama City Beach Condo Rentals by Randy and Joy Carlisle
Splash, Tidewater, Ocean Villa, Sunrise Beach, Palazzo. Free Beach Service March thru October. Randy and Joy 770-337-6302 or 770-337-6301  
MissingClassmates - Official Website of the BHS Class of 1963
If you have any information on missing classmates listed to the right of this paragraph please send Dave an email by clicking the icon below:  
MissingClassmates - AHHSClassOf67HomePage
If you see a fellow classmate on the list that you have contact information for, please send us their info by email in case they haven't found our site yet.  
Missing Classmates
To help defray some of the cost of the reunion we hope to do most of our communication via email. We do not have an email address for the following classmates.  
Missing Classmates - ribaultclassof63
UNABLE TO LOCATE: First: Maiden: Last: First : Last: Helen: Adams: Manning: David Fredrick: Aycock: Cheryl Marie: Baker: Thomas H. Barnes: Barbara : Brown: Michael E: Baxter: Connie  
THE "MISSING" CLASSMATES - WHS Class of 1964 50th Reunion
this is our latest (as of 5/1/2014) list of the "missing". if you have any information that would help us locate a viable e-mail or snail-mail address for these classmates, please forward it to: if you prefer not to send the classmates' information, please do let them know ...  
Missing Classmates :: La Crosse Central Class of 86
Central High School, La Crosse, Wi, Missing Classmates, Class of 1986  
P-4; Missing Classmates - eahs64
10/15/2014: These classmates are still missing. If you know how to contact them please let us know via e-mail @  
Missing Classmates - Har-Brack 64
Listed below are the names of classmates that we have been unable to locate. If you have an address for anyone listed, or if you know of someone who may be able to help us locate them, please e-mail me using the e-mail link below .  
Missing Classmates - LaFollette High School Class of 1969 ...
Missing Classmates---We can not find an email address or snail mail address for these classmates. Please help us!! Thanks to all of you that have sent in information.  
Missing Classmates - Hiram Johnson Class of 1970
MISSING CLASSMATES. Janice Adams. Pamela Adams. William Alexander. Anthony Alexandrowicz. Colista Alvis. Beverly Anson. David Anthony. Patricia Antonio. Gary Applegate  
Deerfield High School Class of 72 Missing_classmates
Missing Classmates. If you are one of them or know where our classmates are please contact us.  
Missing Classmates - Wilson High School Class of 1965
Missing Classmates. We lack any contact information for the following classmates. If you know of their whereabouts, please let us know, or have them contact us.    
"Missing" Classmates - Myers Park - Class of '61 - 50th Reunion
"Missing" Classmates Here is a list of classmates that we have been unable to locate . It is important that we contact them as soon as possible!  
Missing Classmates
If you have any information that may help us contact the classmates on the following list, please send us a message on the contact form. We have limited information on these people, and would like to update our contacts for the next reunion.  

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