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NSF Cloud Workshop | Chameleon Cloud
Dec 11, 2014 ... The NSFCloud solicitation was established in 2013 as a track within the NSF CRI program with the goal to provide an experimental platform ...    
The Domino server log (LOG.NSF)
The Domino server log (LOG.NSF) Every Domino server has a log file (LOG.NSF) that reports all server activity and provides detailed information about databases and users on the server.  
Applying for TAP - New York State Higher Education Services ... Archive <b> Log.nsf </b> automatically - Domino information, news and ..., log.nsf contains 7-14 days activities (setup is in notes.ini). If you want to keep all the activities (after 7-4 days) in the log file, setup the archive agent that runs on the server...  
IBM Lotus Notes/Domino 8.5 Forum (includes Lotus Notes Traveler)
Product Area: Domino Server: Technical Area: Administration: Platform: Windows: Release: 8.5.2: Reproducible: Always: The Domino server's log.nsf is growing too large, it was 1 GByte.  
Re: Log.nsf - IBM developerWorks : IBM Collaboration ...
Because the log.nsf is a live 'system' database that is frequently updated, it is not the best candidate for monstrous sizes (performance impact, log integrity risk increased, etc.)  
Restore of Lotus Domino database log.nsf fail with error ...
Lotus Domino does not allow in-place restore of log.nsf as log.nsf is not accessible to any application or service except Domino itself. The Backup Exec agent for Lotus Domino can not delete the log.nsf even when the Lotus Domino server is down as the Backup Exec Remote Agent uses the ...  
2010 FOIA Log - NSF
2010 2010: 2010‐201 2010‐202: 4/26/2010 4/23/2010: Completed Completed: The FOIA log and all information regarding FOIA 10‐085F to date only, which should include and not  
file log.nsf corrupted - Experts-Exchange
I would recommend shutting down notes, copying log.nsf out of the data directory and starting notes again. A new log.nsf will be created automatically.  
Why does new Domino server keep corrupting my log.nsf file?
I have a brand new Domino server, installed about two weeks ago, running Domino 6.5.4 FP2. I have over 500GB free space and 2GB of RAM, tons more than Domino needs to run efficiently.  
OpenNTF XSnippet: Read Log.nsf BackingBean | JavaBean
Grab the above XSnippets to run through EventList view and perform searches on Events form in the Log.nsf back-end, info that can be used for troubleshooting errors, and so on... See Xpages file in a moment...  
Unable to open log.nsf - The TechTarget Expert Community - IT ...
I was running Notes 5 on an iSeries and need to restart it to restore some files. Can I just delete the log.nsf on the AS/400 or rename it? How do I get past this error? The reason I need to restart it is because I'm trying to copy mail files off the AS/400 that are more than 2gb.  
Searching the log file (LOG.NSF)
Searching the log file (LOG.NSF) The log file (LOG.NSF) contains a wealth of information for the Domino Administrator. However, if you are troubleshooting a problem, searching through all of the information can be time consuming.  
IBM Log.nsf does not obey 'Log=" parameter in notes.ini ...
The Notes Log (Log.nsf) continues to grow and ignores the "log=" parameter in the Notes.ini. You notice, however, that the Log.nsf contains entries older than 7 days and each document in the database is larger than 40,000 bytes.  
Backup lotus notes, and the LOG.NSF | Symantec Connect
Ok this happens for no reason. When I am backup Lotus notes for some reason the Lotus notes policys are locking the LOG.NSF file and not releasing it.  
log.nsf | Syed Jahanzaib Personnel Blog to Share Knowledge !
AFTER DELETION OF LOG.NSF , DOMINO DOES NOT RE-CREATED IT AFTER RESTART. My Domino server LOG.NSF got grow in size crossing 16GB which is quite a huge size for any log file.  
The Domino server log file (LOG.NSF) - IBM
Every Domino® server has a log file (LOG.NSF) that reports all server activity and provides detailed information about databases and users on the server.  
IBM Domino Router notes.ini debug parameters for SMTP ...
However, SMTPDebug and SMTPDebugIO do not write their outfile to the LOG.NSF and need to use the following parameter: ... This is for all messages transferred by the router to other servers (Domino or otherwise) via the SMTP protocol.  
REFRIGERANT USAGE LOG - - National Science Foundation ...
REFRIGERANT USAGE LOG A hardcopy of this form is to be filled out and filed in the FEMC Preventive Maintenance Workshop. DATE REFRIGERANT QUANTITY EQ. NAME W.O. # EQUIP. # BLDG. # REMARKS Initials . Title: Microsoft Word - en-mps-704a.doc Author ...  
IBM How to access Log.nsf Event entries using LotusScript ...
How to access Log.nsf Event entries using LotusScript. Technote (FAQ) Question. You write a LotusScript application to access data from the Log.nsf for a Lotus Domino server or Lotus Notes client and write the data to a text file.  
Lotus Sandbox - Tools to search log.nsf -
Download Time Estimator: 56 KB Modem: 0 hrs <1 mins : 128 KB ISDN: 0 hrs <1 mins : 384 K DSL: 0 hrs <1 mins : 768 K DSL: 0 hrs <1 mins : T1: 0 hrs <1 mins : T3: 0 hrs <1 mins  
OpenNTF XSnippet: Xpage to run LS Agents (Log.NSF)
Copy and paste this XSnippet to your environment, run two LS Agents against Log(applog.nsf) documents, data that can be used for troubleshooting items  
AMgr: Console command ’LOG.NSF’ is unknown agent domino ...
AMgr: Console command ’LOG.NSF’ is unknown Thomas Hampel After upgrading to Domino 9.0.1 the following messages show up at the console.  
c# - fetch user details from log.nsf - Stack Overflow
hi My question is : In log.nsf , there are entries database accessed in last week. I am not able to find where these values resides as i am fetching these values from c# and using the domino.dll as  
Log.nsf - Logging Level - BlackBerry Forums Support Community
Hey Emily, This old RIM KB article may be the one you are looking for... KB02578 - Modify the registry for logging to log.nsf I've not tried myself personally, do let us know if it works  
Domino 6.5.2 – Unable to recover DB “names.nsf”, “log ...
Your server log file log.nsf has grown too big, maybe because you've selected verbose logging for something (this can be corrected in the notes.ini file).  
How to see Lotus Notes database structure? - Stack Overflow
In advance thanks for help. I was searching a lot but didn't find answer. So I have several Lotus Notes .NSF databases and I need to transfer all the documents into DB2 data warehouse using Lotus ...  
Lotus Notes.ini Entry - Log
Parameter: Value logfilename The log database file name, usually LOG.NSF log_option: Logging options to be added together. 1= Log to console.  
IdeaJam - automatic log.nsf roll-over
I have "archived" all my log.nsf files to other special Domino server via replication. Also i've set short time for store log data (2 days), purge option (60 days) and disabled replication of deletions for log.nsf replicas.  
IdeaJam - Turn on the cleanup agent in domlog.nsf by default ...
Although LOG.NSF comes out of the box with an automatic cleanup after "n" days, when you create domlog.nsf from domlog.ntf the agent to do that is disabled by default.  
Log file purge - Experts Exchange - The network for ...
I need to purge a Domino server log file (Log.nsf). What is the best way to do this?  
The Domino server log (LOG.NSF) - IBM
Every IBM ® Lotus ® Domino ® server has a log file (LOG.NSF) that reports all server activity and provides detailed information about databases and users on the server. The log file is created automatically when you start a server for the first time.  
Re: LOG.NSF - backup it up or not?
Bill, We do not back up the log.nsf files either because they are non-critical to the recovery of Lotus Domino. This file is often recreated during maintenance and that file will become either log1.nsf, log2.nsf, etc and placed in the mail2 folder under subfolder logs.  
How do you upgrade the database ODS? - KEY Enterprise ...
The command line would be (run it from the command line to convert names.nsf and log.nsf and other databases the server might be using at the time: [n]compact -c -n -v -daos on . Applies to Notes Versions: 8 8.5. ... Notes/Domino Version; R3; R4; 4.5; 4.6; R5; 6; 6.5; 7; 8;  
Domino Server Availability - IBM Support Portal
Domino Server is in PANIC mode indicates that the last line of the log.nsf file contains the PANIC string, which means that the server is down. Domino Server Availability indication indicates when the Domino Server is unavailable by returning the following result: Server is down.  
AMgr: Console command ’LOG.NSF’ is unknown - Thomas Hampel
Thomas Hampel 13 May 2014 After upgrading to Domino 9.0.1 the following messages show up at the console. It seems the agent manager is trying to send file names as commands to the server's console...  
How do you change how long logs are kept in log.nsf?
How do you change how long logs are kept in log.nsf? There is a LOG= setting in the NOTES.INI. You specify LOG=<logfile name>,<logging enable>, 0,<days to keep documents>,<document size> Do not set document size too large or the server will not be able to compact the log database very well.  
JYR's Space: Tool to search log.nsf (Lotus) database
Tool to search log.nsf (Lotus) database On OpenNtf Link This database will help you to search log.nsf for a specific error message or string for a given period of time and display the result in one document.
Please identify yourself: Username: Password:  
BES Express for LOTUS DOMINO log.nsf messages - BlackBerry ...
Hi, I would like some information about messages that BES Express is writing to the Domino log file (log.nsf). Every 10 minutes, I'm getting t...  
log.nsf Monitoring Tab - CA
log.nsf Monitoring Tab. The fields in the above dialog box are explained below: Active. Determines whether log monitoring is active. Restrict Monitoring to View named  
Log Analyser - Search LOG.NSF for keywords in Miscellaneous ...
Log Analyser 6 v4. This database is a tool for Lotus Domino administrators to detect events in the Domino server log and report on them. This database searches the documents in the Miscellaneous Events and Mail Routing Events views in the LOG.NSF database looking for keywords and upon detection ...  
Notes.ini Entry - Log - Kalechi Design
Parameter: Value: logfilename: The log database file name, usually LOG.NSF: log_option: Log options: 1 = Log to the console 2 = Stop console Logging 3 = Force database fixup when opening the log file  
LotusScript agent to parse log.nsf on an SMTP server | Thom ...
LotusScript agent to parse log.nsf on an SMTP server . Submitted by Thom on March 22, 2013 - 23:32 ...    
Avoiding the Common Pitfalls of Domino Administration
Renaming log.nsf-One method is to have a script that periodically renames the log.nsf to a different file name. When using this approach, the log.nsf database is usually renamed to logmmddyyyy.nsf, where mmddyyyy is the date the log file is renamed.  
This database is currently being used by someone else. In ...
List-id: Lotus Domino on the iSeries / AS400 <> List-post: <> List-subscribe: ... Unable to open log file /Domino/CRPDMHUB01/log.nsf: This database is currently being used by someone else.  
PLANET (Search)
Planet Lotus is an aggregation of Lotus related blogs and news. It acquaints those interested in the Lotus Blogisphere with the best blogs out there.  
BlackBerry Forums Support Community - Log.nsf - Logging Level
Hey Emily, This old RIM KB article may be the one you are looking for... KB02578 - Modify the registry for logging to log.nsf I've not tried myself personally, do let us know if it works ;-)  
Writing to log.nsf via Formula, LotusScript or Java
While debugging @Formula code I was using a lot of @StatusBar command to output values in status bar to debug. But the status bar in Lotus Notes shows only around 20-30 last entries.  
Refrigerant Usage Log Nsf
Refrigerant Usage Log Nsf.pdf DOWNLOAD HERE 1 / 2. Supplier Requirements – Immediate Consumption Equipment. ...  
What to do when Lotus Notes does not start ? - ProProfs Quiz
Do you know what to do when Lotus Notes client does not start? Let's test your technical skills !  

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