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Can't search emails in Outlook 2010 - Microsoft Community
Open Outlook click on File > Options > Search > Indexing options > Modify > Uncheck Outlook Click on OK then close and restart Outlook to check if search results fetch correctly. Guruprasad Ra, Microsoft Answers Support Engineer. • We appreciate your participation in MS Forums, Help ...  
Outlook 2010 Mail Indexing Not Working (Windows Search Email ...
Outlook 2010 search not working - apparently because indexing is not working. I'm running Outlook 2010 64bit on Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit. Here's what I've already tried:  
Outlook 2010 Search Indexing - AddictiveTips - Tech tips to ...
Upon click, you will be brought back to the Indexing Options dialog, here you can see that Outlook is excluded from Indexed Locations. For configuring advance indexing options, click Advanced.  
How can I re-index Outlook 2010 ? Solved - Windows 7 Help Forums
I am running Office 2010, and for some reason my search option within Outlook 2010 works, and sometimes not. What can I do to "force" for everything there to be re-indexed?  
How to repair the Outlook 2010 search index
Every Outlook 2010 user relies on search to some extent. When search goes down, you need to know how to diagnose the problem and quickly fix it.  
View Indexing Status (For Searching) In Outlook 2010
Many Outlook 2010 users complain about Outlook 2010 search capability without knowing the fact that indexing all the items is extremely important to get th  
Outlook 2010 Indexing
Running Outlook 2010 on Windows 7 x86. Indexing seems to never complete. Exchange is in cached mode; mailbox Index has completed, but there is an archive file and .pst file (about 5GB each) that have not.  
Enable Outlook 2010 Search And Indexing On Windows 7 | Bruceb ...
SUMMARY: If searches do not work in Outlook 2010 on Windows 7, make sure the Windows Search and Indexing Service features are turned on. The COM addin mssphtb.dll (“Windows Search Email Indexer”) is not required by Outlook 2010 and is intentionally disabled.  
Outlook 2010 Indexing - fails to complete
As an update - search in Outlook 2010 was working fine yesterday - i.e. no message saying indexing incomplete. Turned the PC off last night and today started off saying 20K items to index and most recently has jumped to 200K items.  
Outlook 2010 Windows Search Indexing Not Working
Here is my scenario: Windows XP SP3 up to date. Office 2010 and Windows Search 4 installed. The windows search will work fine if I pick local folders to index, however it will never finish my Outlook data indexing, making it unable to search in Outlook.  
Fixing Instant Search |
There are a couple of levels at which Instant Search in Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2013 can break. You can troubleshoot Instant Search in the mentioned order in this article.  
How to troubleshoot performance issues in Outlook 2010
Describes how to troubleshoot performance issues in Outlook 2010.  
Outlook 2010 instant search not working Solved - Windows 7 ...
The instant search function on my outlook 2010 has stopped working. I have previously had and then repaired this issue after the initial install of office 2010.  
Outlook 2010 indexes never finish - Spiceworks
I have a user with Outlook 2010 with an account on Exchange 2010 who reports that whenever trying to do a search, Outlook reports that it is still indexing messages.  
Outlook. Speeding up indexing in Microsoft outlook
My question is: How to speed up in Indexing in Outlook and how can I make sure that its complete? especially that out look states that I have thousand of items still needing indexing! Report message to a moderator : Re: Speeding up indexing in Microsoft outlook [message #268397]  
Fixing Outlook 2010's notorious 'Disabled Search Indexer' Add ...
I have been impressed with the improvements in search introduced in Outlook 2010. Unfortunately, in the last week search has stopped working for me.    
windows 7 - Outlook 2010 keeps losing the search index for ...
Hoping someone can help here, this is driving me insane. Outlook 2010 keeps losing the search index so when I search for an email it has the yellow bar saying:    
Outlook 2010 Search Not Working or Indexing Fix | Tech Snacks
Your Outlook 2010 not indexing your emails anymore? Oulook Search stopped working? There’s something about Outlook 2010 search that gives you the feeling it’s  
Outlook 2010: What is 'indexing'? - Straight Dope Message Board
Outlook 2010: What is 'indexing'? General Questions ... What is the "shared drive" in your case? Do you just want a .msg file to be copied to a Windows file folder on a drive that is available over the network?  
Solution! Outlook 2010 Search Not Working – Add-in mssphtb ...
Outlook 2010 Search Problem. If you have upgraded from Office 2007 to Office 2010 with Windows 7 OS you may have noticed that your Outlook Email search isn’t working.  
Indexing in Microsoft Outlook 2010 - Email Set up and Support ...
To Know about indexing in Microsoft Outlook 2010, contact iYogi at 1-877-720-7608 and get the best technical support by our certified technicians.  
How to Fix Outlook 2007 and 2010 Search problems | MS Outlook ...
The Search functionality in Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010 is great… unless it is not working. Most of the time rebuilding the search index clears up the problems.  
" outlook is currently indexing your items " I have had this ...
Question - "outlook is currently indexing your items " I have had this - 7. Find the answer to this and other Computer questions on JustAnswer.  
Download Windows Desktop Search: Add-in for Outlook saved ...
Windows Desktop Search: Add-in for Outlook saved mail (.msg file) indexing    
How to stop search indexing in Outlook 2010 - YouTube
How to stop search indexing in Outlook 2010 - YouTube ... TechSupp247    
How to Fix: Indexing Gets Stuck on Microsoft® Outlook
Microsoft Outlook is installed with many interesting features. The indexing feature is one of them. Indexing is useful in searching for items in Microsoft Outlook.  
Index PST files – Windows 7 |
I’m using Win7, with Office 2010.Tried Option 1 no joy.Also tried outlook /resetfolders still no joy.I folewold Option 2 I didn’t have duplicated PSTs, but I removed all of mine regardless.Have to admit that I don’t know if that worked or not because the additional step I took was the ...  
Indexing issue :: Windows 7 / Outlook 2010
Dears, We have an issue in the search function under windows and outlook. We are getting the below error: search results may be incomplete because because items are still being indexed. click here...  
Outlook 2010 Indexing Locations -
Fixing Outlook 2010’s notorious ‘Disabled Search Indexer’ Add … – Remove the Outlook inboxe(es) from the list of Included Locations; Close the Indexing Options window and reopen it; Add the Outlook inbox …  
How to index Outlook and Exchange messages with dtSearch
To index Outlook data using dtSearch, in the Update Index dialog box, ... and 64-bit versions of Outlook 2013 and 2010. Outlook must be installed for Outlook indexing to work because dtSearch uses the Outlook program to access Outlook data. ...    
Exchange 2010 Search Reset Search Index |
Exchange 2010 has a built in search feature which allows you to quickly search for emails in your mailbox using OWA, Exchange ActiveSync, Outlook (in the Online  
indexing outlook 2010 free download - Softonic
indexing outlook 2010 free download - Postbox 3.0.7: A promising alternative to Outlook, and much more programs.  
How to Fix Outlook 2010 Indexing Issues | How to Fix Indexing ...
I am using Outlook 2010 application in my system to manage my official and personal emails. However, few days I have been facing indexing issues in my Outlook application.  
How to rebuild search index in Outlook 2010
Do you have problem in searching outlook emails then you can try and see if rebuilding the index fixes the problem. To rebuild the search index in Outlook  
Outlook 2010 - Rebuild the index file - Kioskea - Online ...
This document entitled « Outlook 2010 - Rebuild the index file » from Kioskea ( is made available under the Creative Commons license.  
Google desktop search does not index emails with Outlook 2010 ...
I just moved to a new computer with Outlook 2010 and Google Desktop appears to have indexed all my files except Outlook. When I go to the "status" screen, it does say it indexed "1" Outlook file.  
Find Emails Easier By Adding More Search Locations in Outlook
If you need to find an email in Outlook the Search feature is valuable, but it can be annoying just searching the current folder. Here we take a look at adding All Folders, and Deleted Items to Search in 2010 and 2007.  
Outlook 2010 Indexing Slow -
Indexing of Outlook is VERY slow (~360 records/hour) and I have over 30,000. Do the math and I’m looking at 2 full weeks to index Outlook. Why is it soooo slow?  
Why is search/indexing not working in Outlook 2010? - Tech ...
Why is search/indexing not working in Outlook 2010? This is a discussion on Why is search/indexing not working in Outlook 2010? within the Microsoft Office support forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category.  
Outlook 2010 Indexing will not index new emails
Hey Guys I've got a weird issue with some of my laptops on a 2008 domain with Exchange 2010 (also running Forefront). In Outlook 2010, they will not index any new emails.  
Outlook 2010 Search not working - Spiceworks
Hi everyone, I have a little problem with an outlook account, the instant search is not working in cached exchange mode, I have checked all the account settings, repaired her PST, made sure windows indexing service is on, rebuilt the index, and it does work a bit for example i search for a ...  
Outlook 2010 re-index issue after Microsoft patches ...
After some recent Microsoft updates, some folks may have noticed that they cannot search their Outlook items anymore.  
Search Indexer add-in disabled (mssphtb.dll) -
The Windows Search Email Indexer add-in (mssphtb.dll) is disabled in Outlook 2010 as Outlook 2010 has native support for indexing now and thus no longer needs this add-in.  
Contacts and Instant Search - Outlook and Exchange Solutions ...
You can also open it from Outlook 2007’s Tools, Options menu or Outlook 2010’s File, Options, Search page. From the Indexing options dialog, choose Advanced, ... Then reboot and Windows will start to index your Outlook files all over again. More Information.  
Outlook 2010 - Windows Search Email Indexer disabled ...
Outlook 2010 File -> Options -> Add-Ins -> Disabled Application Add-ins: Windows Search Email Indexer Having problems enabling this. Windows 7 Control Panel -> Indexing Options -> Cant find outlook anywhere  
How to stop outlook 2010 from indexing Microsoft Outlook Help ...
How To Stop Outlook 2010 From Indexing - I am currently running XP with Outlook 2010 Every time I reboot the computer it starts indexing 70 000 43 items which can take all day While indexing i am not Microsoft Outlook Help  
My outlook 2010 is not included in the indexing options. This
Question - My outlook 2010 is not included in the indexing options. This - OK. Find the answer to this and other Computer questions on JustAnswer.  
Rebuild Search Index for Better Results in Outlook 2010/2007 ...
The Search feature in Outlook 2010 and 2007 is a great tool, almost eliminating the hard task of manually searching through hundreds of folders/subfolders for a particular email you might need at that point in time.  
How to rebuild Outlook 's search index
When instant search doesn't return expected results, you may need to rebuild Outlook's Instant search index.  

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