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Database index - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A database index is a data structure that improves the speed of data retrieval operations on a database table at the cost of additional writes and storage space to maintain the index data structure. Indexes are used to quickly locate data without having to search every row in a database table ...  
How does database indexing work? - Stack Overflow
Given that indexing is so important as your dataset increases in size, can someone explain how indexing works at a database agnostic level? For information on queries to index a field, check out    
Using Indexes in Database Applications - Oracle
Create a New Temporary Table Space Before Creating Indexes. When you create an index on a table that already has data, Oracle Database must use sort space to create the index.  
Introduction to Database Indexes | Web Design Articles and ...
Put simply, database indexes help speed up retrieval of data. The other great benefit of indexes is that your server doesn’t have to work as hard to get the data.  
How do database indexes work? - Programmer and Software ...
How do database indexes work? And, how do indexes help? Provide a tutorial on database indexes. Let’s start out our tutorial and explanation of why you would need a database index by going through a very simple example.  
An Introduction to Database Indexing - Business Databases ...
An Introduction to Database Indexing Databases are excellent data storage and retrieval tools, ranging from simplistic tables of information to complex, intricate collections of multiple linked databases.  
indexing - What is a database index? - Stack Overflow
I've heard them talked about since I started working in tech about 18 months ago. I know that they potentially improve performance, and they seem to be column specific -- ("We index the User table...  
What are Database Indexes? | Hacked By ReFLeX
The database index is defined as a database structure whose primary function is to make the operations on a database table faster. Creating a database index requires one or a number of columns on a table for faster accessing of records in a database.  
Indexing - DBMS - EazyNotes - EazyNotes - Find Notes the Easy Way
This webpage describes the concepts of Indexing in Database Management System.  
SQL Indexing Tutorial | Use The Index, Luke!
SQL indexing and tuning tutorial for developers. No unnecessary database details—just what developers need to know. Covers all major SQL databases.    
Should I index my database table(s), and if so, how? - Databases
An index is like a set of pointers to specific rows in a table. These pointers are ordered in terms of the column(s) defined by the index, which makes SQL's scans much more efficient - they just look up the pointers to the rows with the relevant data (based on a WHERE or other clause), and jump ...  
Changing the Location of the Indexing Database ...
The indexing database in Windows hosts contains a mapping of all of the files within the operating systems reach and where they are located on disk so that they may be searched and accessed faster.  
What is index (database) ? - SQL Server Comparison Expert
We can use index to access the specific information quickly in database table. In database, index is a data structure, which orders data of one or more columns in database table.  
Expert Indexing in Oracle Database 11g - Apress
Expert Indexing in Oracle Database 11g is a practical guide to indices and their uses, helping you master the most fundamental performance optimization structure in Oracle Database.    
Database Indexing Techniques | TeamGrowth
Indexes are database objects associated with database tables and created to speed up access to data within the tables. Indexes are part of constraint mechanism.  
The Dos and Don'ts of Database
The creation of database indexes is the last thing developers and database designers think about--almost an afterthought. Greg Larsen shows you some of the dos and don'ts of indexing to help you pick reasonable indexes at design time.  
what is the purpose of index in database ? | Yahoo Answers
A database is a collection of records. They may, or may not, be in any type of order. Now, if you decide you want to look up someone by last name you could sort the entire database on the last name.  
Expert Indexing in Oracle Database 11g: Maximum Performance ...
Expert Indexing in Oracle Database 11g is about the one database structure at the heart of almost all performance concerns: the index. Database system performance is one of the top concerns in information technology today.  
About Indexing an Access Database - Microsoft: Access Tables ...
An index helps Microsoft Access find and sort records faster. Microsoft Access uses indexes in a table as you use an index in a book: to find data, it looks up the location of the data in the index.    
Understanding Full-Text Indexing in SQL Server
If you’re using the AdventureWorks sample database in SQL Server 2005, simply change the name of the database in the USE statement. To implement full-text indexing in SQL Server, you should take the following steps:  
Microsoft Indexing Service How-To - CodeProject
This article describes how to provide full text search using Microsoft Indexing Service in .NET applications.; Author: Ilya Verbitskiy; Updated: 10 Jul 2007; Section: Database; Chapter: Database; Updated: 10 Jul 2007  
Database performance optimization part 1 (Indexing strategies ...
In this first part of series of articles about database performance optimization I will discuss about indexing strategies and index maintenance.  
SQL Server script to rebuild all indexes for all tables and ...
Problem. One of the main functions of a DBA is to maintain database indexes. There have been several tips written about different commands to use for both index rebuilds and index defrags as well as the differences between index maintenance with SQL Server.    
"Content index state" remains stuck in "crawling" in an ...
Describes an issue in which Exchange Server 2010 database "Content index state" counter never progresses beyond "crawling." In this situation, event IDs 102 and 5617 are logged in the Application log.    
What is meant by "indexing" a database field? - Quora
In many databases, there is a performance optimizing feature called an "index". It is a per-table feature, there can be more than one per table, and may apply to more than one column (but usually a single one).  
Optimizing MySQL: Queries and Indexes - Database Journal ...
Featured Database Articles. MySQL. Posted Nov 26, 2001 Optimizing MySQL: Queries and Indexes. By Ian Gilfillan. ... A MySQL index is a separate file that is sorted, and contains only the field/s you're interested in sorting on.  
Indexing in an Hypertext Database - VLDB Endowment Inc.
Indexing in a Hypertext Database+ Chris Clifton’ and Hector Garcia-Molina Department of Computer Science, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ 08544 USA    
What is Index (IDX)? - Definition from Techopedia
Index IDX Definition - In database systems, an index (IDX) is a data structure defined on columns in a database table to significantly speed up data ...  
Bitmap index - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A bitmap index is a special kind of database index that uses bitmaps. Bitmap indexes have traditionally been considered to work well for low-cardinality columns, which have a modest number of distinct values, either absolutely, or relative to the number of records that contain the data.  
Exchange 2010 Database copy on server has content index ...
Exchange 2010 Database copy on server has content index catalog files in the following state: Failed  
Cannot Activate Database Copy: Content Index Files in Failed ...
When activating a database copy in an Exchange 2010 DAG it may fail with an error message that catalog index files are in a failed state.  
KB: Database Errors, Indexing Errors - CommitCRM-Wiki,_Indexing_Errors
Sometimes the database indexes that govern search results from the database can be corrupted for several reasons, ... This process is considered safe to run in order to correct suspected database indexing errors.  
Advanced Database Indexing (Advances in Database Systems ...
Advanced Database Indexing begins by introducing basic material on storage media, including magnetic disks, RAID systems and tertiary storage such as optical disk and tapes.  
Indexes, tables, and databases can easily be deleted/removed with the DROP statement. The DROP INDEX Statement. The DROP INDEX statement is used to delete an index in a table. DROP INDEX Syntax for MS Access:    
Indexing for Sort Performance | Database Performance Tuning ...
The right index can dramatically improve SQL Server's sort performance. Defining a clustered index on a sort column, for example, forces the database to store data in sorted order, letting you retrieve data without additional sorting.  
Advantages of using indexes in database -
Advantages of an index over no index If no index exists on a table, a table scan must be performed for each table referenced in a database query.  
The Balanced Search Tree (B-Tree) in SQL Databases | SQL ...
SQL Databases use B-Trees for indexes. That are, balanced search trees, not binary trees. The structure of the tree is always balanced.  
Poor database indexing - a SQL query performance killer ...
This article explains what poor indexing is, and gives general recommendations for table indexing, and selecting the right columns to create indexes on  
Using bitmap indexes in databases « kellabyte
Types of data. Bitmap indexes do well at indexing categorial data with well defined values like countries, dates and ages as a few examples. Bitmap indexes don’t do well with numerical data with continuous values like prices or kilometres per hour that you may want to sum or average.  
The Importance of Database Indexing | End Your If
The Importance of Database Indexing. Published on Feb 27, 2009 by Jamie Munro. If you are not familiar with database indexes or even if you are, but not sure when to use them, this article will be perfect for you.  
Rebuild an Index on Exchange 2013 for Specific Databases ...
TechNet Blogs » EXCHANGE SEARCH AND CONTENT INDEXING » Rebuild an Index on Exchange 2013 for Specific Databases  
When To Use Indexes In MySQL - Howtoforge Linux Tutorials.
When To Use Indexes In MySQL. This comes up in discussions almost every new project I work on, because it's a very important thing to consider when designing a database.  
Content Index status of all or most of the mailbox databases ...
Symptom 1 The state of Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 content indexes is displayed as "Failed" by Get-MailboxDatabaseCopyStatus , and the associated error message indicates an internal error that occurs with the database or its index (Refer the...  
Troubleshooting Mailbox Database Indexing - Email management ...
Troubleshooting Mailbox Database Indexing - Email management, storage and security for business email admins  
SQL SERVER – 2008 – 2005 – Rebuild Every Index of All ...
SQL SERVER – 2008 – 2005 – Rebuild Every Index of All Tables of Database – Rebuild Index with FillFactor  
A MySQL database table index | MySQL table index tutorial ...
MySQL FAQ: How do I create a MySQL database table index? Here's an example of how to create an index on a MySQL database table. In this particular example my table uses the MySQL InnoDB database engine, but that doesn't matter too much -- it just happens to be a MySQL database engine that ...  
WordPress › Support » Indexing the database?
Indexing is adding an index key to the tables so that the database can search faster. MichaelH Member Posted 7 years ago # Who is your host? Did they say what database table specifically they recommend indexing?  
More on Database Mirroring performance and index maintenance ...
There’s been some discussion over on the SQL Server Central forums about database mirroring performance, and one question in particular on how to do index rebuilds on mirrored VLDBs.  
Database - Explain the types of indexes - ...
<<Previous Next>> Database - types of indexes - Dec 14, 2008, 18:50 pm by Nishant Kumar. Explain the types of indexes.  
Jewish Records Indexing - Poland : Search the Database
Records available via search above do not include records less than 100 years old. Surviving records less than 100 years old are normally held in the Civil Records Offices (Urzad Stanu Cywilnego) of each town.    

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