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How to choose and optimize oracle indexes? - Stack Overflow
I would like to know if there are general rules for creating an index or ... The Oracle documentation has an excellent set of considerations for ...    
Managing Indexes - Oracle Help Center
See Also: Oracle Database Concepts for conceptual information about indexes and indexing, including descriptions of the various indexing schemes offered by Oracle  
ORACLE-BASE - Oracle Partitioned Tables And Indexes
Maintenance of large tables and indexes can become very time and resource consuming. At the same time, data access performance can reduce drastically for ...    
Creating Indexes - Oracle Help Center
Creating Indexes. This section describes how to create indexes. To create an index in your own schema, at least one of the following conditions must be true:  
Oracle Indexing - What, Where, When? —
Apr 10, 2008 ... If you are new to databases, or perhaps new to Oracle, you may find the discussion on indexes and indexing strategy complicated. Don't fret.    
Oracle/PLSQL: Indexes -
This Oracle tutorial explains how to create, rename and drop indexes in Oracle with syntax and examples. An index is a performance-tuning method of allowing faster retrieval of records.  
The Oracle PL/SQL INDEX Function -
In Oracle, an INDEX is a database object intended to improve the performance of SELECT queries. Indexes are created on table colum.    
Understanding Indexes | Oracle FAQ - Welcome to The Oracle ...
Hi Ross, This is absolutely fantastic demonstration of the working of indexes in oracle. It is very simple to understand.. full credit to your way of detailing.    
Richard Foote's Oracle Blog | Focusing Specifically On Oracle ...
Nov 24, 2014 ... Focusing Specifically On Oracle Indexes, Database Administration and Some Great Music (by Richard Foote)    
Oracle performance tuning with indexes
Function-based indexes One of the most important advances in Oracle indexing is the introduction of function-based indexing.  
B*Tree Index Fundamentals(Indexes in Oracle-1) - YouTube
Nov 23, 2013 ... Part -1 : Introduction to Indexes, B*Tree Indexes, Index scan methods. Part -2 : B*Tree Index Types(different types of B*Tree indexes) Part -3: ...    
ORACLE-BASE - Oracle Function Based Indexes
Oracle Function Based Indexes. Traditionally, performing a function on an indexed column in the where clause of a query guaranteed an index would not be used.  
Understanding Oracle Bitmap Join Indexes
The bitmap join index in Oracle is like building a single index across two tables. You must build a primary key or unique constraint on one of the tables.    
oracle10g - Types of Index in oracle? - Stack Overflow
What are the type of indexes in oracle? How to identify the index need to create?    
Creating an Index : Create Index « Index « Oracle PL/SQL Tutorial
When a row is added to the table, additional time is required to update the index for the new row. Oracle database automatically creates an index for the primary ...    
Oracle Concepts - Find indexes for a table
See the indexes for a table. It is not unusual to wonder what indexes a specific table might have, and what columns in the table are assigned to those indexes.  
Oracle Function Based Indexes - Akadia
This is the first of many articles on new Oracle8i release 8.1 database features. I will be discussing in some depth many of the 150+ new features contained in ...    
Oracle PL/SQL: INDEXES: View table indexes - Examples of ...
INDEXES: View table indexes - Examples of viewing the indexes on an Oracle table. Replace the example table names with the actual  
Expert Indexing in Oracle Database 11g: Maximum Performance for ...
Expert Indexing in Oracle Database 11g is about the one database structure at the heart of almost all performance concerns: the index. Database system ...    
Indexes, tables, and databases can easily be deleted/removed with the ... DROP INDEX index_name ON table_name ... DROP INDEX Syntax for DB2/Oracle:.    
Database index - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
3 Column order; 4 Applications and limitations; 5 Types of indexes .... TABLE; Jump up ^ Overview of Clusters Oracle® Database Concepts 10g Release 1 (10.1) ...    
Link for Good Article on Bitmap indexes (By Oracle )
Bitmap Index vs. B-tree Index: Which and When? by Vivek Sharma Understanding the proper application of each index can have a big impact on performance.  
Indexing NULL With the Oracle Database - Use The Index, Luke!
Apr 16, 2012 ... Indexing NULL in the Oracle Database. Improve SQL performance for "where ... IS NULL" queries.    
Oracle Indexes Examples - Programmer Interview
Provide some examples of the different types of indexes available in Oracle. Also, what are some of the best practices with indexes in Oracle?  
Oracle System Queries for Getting Tables, Schemas, Views, Indexes ...
The following contains information on how to retrieve database information for Oracle objects such as tables, views, indexes, packages, procedures, functions, ...    
ORACLE-BASE - Invisible Indexes in Oracle Database 11g Release 1
Invisible Indexes in Oracle Database 11g Release 1. Oracle 11g allows indexes to be marked as invisible. Invisible indexes are maintained like any other index, but they are ignored by the optimizer unless the OPTIMIZER_USE_INVISIBLE_INDEXES parameter is set to TRUE at the instance or session level.  
List Unusable Indexes for a Specified Schema - Oracle Database
List unusable indexes for a specified schema. (All schemas if 'ALL' is specified. -- SELECT owner, index_name FROM dba_indexes WHERE owner ...    
show indexes for a given table - Oracle DBA Forums
The index works when you access that schema's tables for which the index is created. If all the users have access to that schema's table, it should work.  
Show indexes in Oracle | MacLochlainns Weblog
Jun 22, 2010 ... One of my students asked how you could show index from table_name; in Oracle. They were chagrined when I told them there wasn't an ...    
Indexes in Oracle - Oracle Forums Community
UNIQUE and BITMAP must be specified only for unique and bitmap indexes. By default, Oracle creates B-Tree indexes for normal indexes. Examples  
Privilege Escalation via Oracle Indexes - David Litchfield
Jan 21, 2015 ... Oracle, in order to be able to create an index on a table, the user must ... have the INDEX object privilege on the table, or have the CREATE ...    
Ask Tom "Cluster Index" - Oracle
In Sybase, "There are clustered and nonclustered indexes. A clustered index is a special type of index that reorders the way records in the table are physically stored.  
Drop Index | Oracle |
DROP INDEX. Drop an index. Syntax: DROP INDEX [schema.]index [FORCE]. FORCE can be used to drop domain indexes that are marked as IN_PROGRESS ...    
Oracle B-Tree Index: From the concept to Internals ... - Toad World
Jan 14, 2015 ... However I have seen that just few people understand the concept of an Index in Oracle, even B-tree indexes that is the commonest index used ...    
How to disable the index in oracle | Oracle Community
You can not disable the Index.You can - if it is a function based index: SQL> create index emp_idx on emp (upper(ename)) / Index created. SQL> alter index emp_idx disable / Index altered.  
When to rebuild index ? (Oracle Database: Lets explore it)
Index is one of intersting objects in database, which always attract DBAs and Developers to fine tune their queries. Because index is just like salt in food.  
Ask Tom "Rebuilding Indexes" - Oracle
Hi Tom, Would rebuilding indexes not help in case you want to re-balance the b*tree? Particularly in case of indexes deriving their values from a monotonically increasing sequence (as I trust most of the unique/foreign keys are)?  
Invisible Indexes in Oracle 11g -
Understand Oracle 11g new feature, Invisible Index. Here is a tutorial on Invisible Index in Oracle  
Oracle SQL & PL/SQL: Clustered & Non-Clustered indexes
Clustered indexes & Non-Clustered indexes - All You Need to Know Clustered indexes sort and store the data rows in the table based on their key values.  
Index usage with LIKE operator in Oracle & Domain Indexes
In-depth tutorial to understand how index usage in LIKE operator query and Introduction to Oracle Domain Indexes  
Indexes in Oracle: Related Documents
Indexes in Oracle. Search for Information and Other Solutions to Define Your Tender, In Relation To Indexes in Oracle.  
How do indexes work internally in Oracle?
There are several types of index available for use in Oracle databases, the most common ones (in our experience) are B-tree (balanced tree) indexes, function-based indexes and bitmap indexes.  
Explain how to list all indexes in your schema
<<Previous Next>> Oracle - Explain how to list all indexes in your schema - April 10, 2009 at 11:00 AM Explain how to list all indexes in your schema.  
Oracle indexes : The easy way to high performance .
Oracle indexes : Adding database performance Oracle indexes : Proper database indexing is a crucial factor for your database performance. Most Oracle databases have hundreds or even thousands of indexes.  
How many different types of indexes we have in oracle?
nimisha : Answer # 4: There are four reguler types of Indexes in oracle 1.Normal index 2.Bitmap indexs 3.Function based indexs 4.Domain indexes. The custom and recommended types are of 2 types  
Oracle :: Tables/Indexes - Babu's... :: Welcome
I've worked in Oracle and related software for more than 6 years. As a developer, DBA, master data manipulator in HP-UX for fixing SQL*Loader files!  
CREATE INDEX - Examples - Oracle - Oracle - Toad World
This topic contains the following examples: parallel; COMPRESS; NOLOGGING; Cluster Index; NULL; Function-Based Index; Function-based Index on Type Method; COMPUTE STATISTICS  
Function-Based Indexes - Oracle to SQL Server Migration - SQLines
In Oracle, you can create a function-based index that stores precomputed results of a function or expression applied to the table columns. Function-based indexes are used to increase the performance of queries that use functions in the WHERE clause.  
view columns used in an index in sqlplus - Oracle DBA Forums
I'm in 10g, but don't have access to the graphical EM. I need to use SQL*Plus to find out what columns an index is indexing on. I know how to show the indexes for a table by using:  
Virtual Indexes in Oracle —
Virtual Indexes are another undocumented feature used by Oracle. Virtual indexes, as the name suggests are pseudo-indexes that will not behave the same way that normal indexes behave, and are meant for a very specific purpose.  

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