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Digit ratio - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The digit ratio is the ratio of the lengths of different digits or fingers typically measured from the midpoint of bottom crease where the finger joins the hand to the tip of the finger. It has been suggested by some scientists that the ratio of two digits in particular, the 2nd (index finger ...    
Finger Length Predicts Health and Behavior |
Finger Length Predicts Health and Behavior. Like science-backed palm reading, new studies use digit ratio to predict aggressive behavior and risk of disease.  
What your finger length tells about you - Viewzone Magazine ...
Your finger length can predict how you will do on various tests in school. They can also tell if you are likely to be homosexual or straight, if you will likely get certain cancers, be a musician, writer or a scientist, or if you will have an aggresssive or passive personality.The two fingers ...  
Penis Size: It May Be Written in the Length of His Fingers ...
The ratio of the length of a man’s index finger to that of his ring finger may seem like a strange thing to measure, but new research suggests that it’s linked with penis size.  
Penis Size Study: Finger Length Ratio Indicator Of Penis Size
Researchers in South Korea think they've finally been able to crack the code that indicates the size of a man's penis, and it comes down to a ratio of finger length on the right hand.  
What Your Index Finger Length Says About You - Mercola
The length of your index finger relative to your ring finger may reveal some interesting clues about your health and personality. Your 2D:4D digit ratio refers to the ratio of the length of your index finger (digit 2) and ring finger (digit 4).  
Penis Size Linked to Finger Length - ABC News
The longer a man's ring finger when compared with his index finger, the longer the length of his penis, according to Korean researchers. The research team, led by urologist Dr. Tae Beom Kim from Gachon University in Incheon, Korea, measured the fingers and penises -- both stretched ...  
Why Most Men's Ring Fingers Are So Long - National Geographic
Is your ring finger longer or shorter than your index finger? The reason for the difference is in our hormones, a new study in mice shows for the first time. Before birth, the sex hormones estrogen and testosterone control genes that in turn dictate finger length, the study found ...  
Women's Finger Length Reveals a Secret - Netscape What's New
Women's Finger Length Reveals a Secret. The length of a woman's ring finger in relation to her index finger reveals her ability to do well--or not--at sports.  
Finger Length Linked to Penis Size | Digit Ratio & Penis ...
The ratio between the lengths of the second and fourth fingers is linked to penis size in men, pointing to the role of male hormones in development.  
Different length ring and index fingers could make you more ...
How hands could predict infidelity: People whose ring and index fingers are same length are more likely to be faithful. Exposure to high levels of hormone in womb has effect on finger length  
How to Read Your Fingers: 7 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow
Measure the overall length. The overall length of your fingers is measured relative to the size of your palm. On average, the longest finger is about seven-eighths the size of your palm.  
Finger Length Not Affected By Fetal Testosterone
Overall, the men averaged index fingers that were 95% the size of ring fingers, on both hands. The researchers sampled the study volunteer's androgen receptor genes, finger lengths and their current testosterone levels, looking to repeat the 2003 results.  
Index finger - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The index finger, (also referred to as forefinger, pointer finger, trigger finger, digitus secundus, digitus II, and many other terms), is the first finger and the second digit of a human hand. It is located between the first and third digits, between the thumb and the middle finger. It is ...  
5 Things a Man's Finger Length Says About Him
Men, take a look at your right hand. Is your index finger shorter than your ring finger? The ratio of these digits' lengths could hint at everything from personality to intellect to physiology, a number of studies suggest. Men with short index fingers and long ring fingers tend to be nicer toward  
Finger Length - Science Updates - Science NetLinks
In women, the index and ring finger are roughly equal in length. ... Overall, Hurd says that finger-length ratio (and, therefore, fetal testosterone exposure) can predict only about 10 percent of the variation in aggression across individuals.  
Sex hormones determine finger length - Futurity
U. FLORIDA (US) — Sex hormones present in early embryonic development determine finger length, a finding that scientists say may offer clues to the origin of behavior and disease. Men’s ring fingers are generally longer than their index fingers and the opposite is true for women. The discovery  
How To Tell If A Woman Is Going To Be Successful In Business ...
... the scholars capturing an image to measure the length of their ring fingers relative to their index fingers. As strange as it may ... or even think about entrepreneurs. Ultimately, the sex of a person turns out to be a distraction -- mere noise. Finger-length tells you ...  
Penis Size Linked to Length of Fingers - WebMD - Better ...
The ratio between the length of the index finger and the ring finger of men's hands is associated with penis length, a study shows.  
What the length of your index finger says about you | Daily ...
So what is going on? Can finger length really determine your behaviour and vulnerability to certain ­diseases? The truth is that it is not finger-length per se that is having all these profound and dramatic effects.  
SNPWatch: A tale of two fingers - The 23andMe Blog ...
Genetic factors are associated with finger length ratio, which is defined as dividing the index finger by the ring finger.  
Average Finger Length (index finger)? |
Measure your index finger by bending at the 3rd knuckle (right angles to your palm) and measure it end to end. I've seen a number of threads (e.g. about OFPF technique) where finger length is discussed but I've never seen anyone states what "average" might be.  
Very Strange Meaning of Finger Length - Netscape What's New
Are your index and ring fingers the same length or is the ring finger longer? Index and ring fingers are the same length. Ring finger is longer than index finger.  
Sexuality: Your Telltale Fingertips | Psychology Today
How your hands are a marker for behavior. Relative finger length—or digit ratio—is a marker for brain differences molded by hormones.  
Women - length of your ring finger? | Yahoo Answers
I first heard about this theory on The L Word and then looked it up online and there's actually quite a lot of information about it! Supposedly if your ring finger is longer than your index finger you're a lesbian.  
Homosexuality And Finger Length - Gay, Explained
The lengths of index and ring fingers of gay men and lesbians vary in the direction of the other sex, signs of prenatal origin to homosexuality.  
Health test: How finger lengths may point to disease ...
Test yourself: Keep in mind that the link between finger length and prenatal hormone stimulation isn't strong enough to predict with certainty how life is going to turn out for a particular individual.  
finger length? | Yahoo Answers
why is my ring finger longer than my index finger on my left hand and on my right hand my index and ring finger are the same length??  
Judging penis size by comparing index, ring fingers
Penis length cannot be determined by how big his hands or feet are -- those and other supposed indicators have been widely discredited for years. But now a team of Korean researchers has produced what may be a more reliable guide: the ratio of the length of his index finger to that of ...  
Do you have normal finger length? [locked]
The picture above presents an opportunity to assess you finger length by detail in the perspective of normal finger length variations (versus abnormal finger l  
What Your Finger Length Says About Your Health
Finger length says a lot about your risk for certain diseases, your sexuality, intelligence, risk for depression and overall health, according to medical research. Learn what having a short index finger, long ring finger or other finger lengths mean.  
BBC News - Index finger length prostate cancer clue
The length of a man's fingers can provide clues to his risk of prostate cancer, according to new research. A British Journal of Cancer study found men whose index finger was longer than their ring finger were significantly less likely to develop the disease.    
Finger length a 'pointer' to Osteoarthritis
(Medical Xpress)—Our fingers could be more important than we think. New research has revealed that the length of a person's finger could become a 'pointer' to their risk factor in developing osteoarthritis later in life. The ratio of index finger to ring finger (2D:4D) has been correlated with  
Finger length & DIGIT RATIO hand news! | The 2D:4D DIGIT ...
Earlier this month Peter Hill from Melton claimed that his finger length became a clue for the diagnosis of his prostate cancer – after he read a newspaper article which explained that a man whose index finger is shorter than his ring finger (resulting in a low 2D:4D digit ratio) has a higher ...  
What your fingers say about you | Science | The Guardian
Did you know the length of your ring finger could indicate whether or not you are fertile, prone to prostate cancer or, if you are a women, likely to be a lesbian?  
What your finger length tells about you - Viewzone Magazine ...
Completely heterosexual. my left hand's ring finger is longer than my index finger, but my right hand's index and ringer finger are the same length. I am right handed. I'm good at almost anything physical and very good at math and science and reading.  
Does a Short Index Finger Make You Gay? - Slate Magazine
What about guys? According to the press release, men had a more "complicated pattern." For them, there is "no direct relationship between finger length and sexual orientation."  
Finger length can predict math, reading skills, researchers claim
Parents may be able to predict how well children will do in math and reading by measuring their fingers, British scientists claim. The hormones in the womb that create good math skills also make a child's ring finger longer than the index, or pointing finger, say University of Bath ...  
Your Index Finger Length Reveals WHAT? - Netscape News
Your Index Finger Length Reveals WHAT? Hold your hand out. Are your index and ring fingers the same length or is the ring finger longer? For most men, the ring finger is slightly longer, and in most women, the two fingers are the same length.  
For Men, Finger Size Really Does Matter – AARP
Men, you might want to check the size of the index and ring fingers on your right hand. If your index finger is shorter than your ring finger, you not only are more likely to have a long penis, but your finger size may also provide your doctor with a hint about your risk for ...  
Finger Length Linked to Penis Size - Technology & science ...
A smaller ratio between the second and fourth fingers is linked to a longer stretched penis size, ... One small 2002 study published in the journal Urology found a correlation between the length of the index finger and genital size in healthy men under 40 ...  
Myths of Human Genetics: Finger Length - Welcome to the ...
The reality Finger length as a character. It is difficult to measure finger length accurately. Placing the hand palm-down and seeing which finger extends further is a problem, because a slight shift in the angle of the fingers dramatically changes the relative position of the fingertips.  
Why men's ring fingers are longer than their index fingers ...
Why men's ring fingers are longer than their index fingers: Male-female ring finger proportions tied to sex hormones in embryo  
Can Finger Length Predict Who Is Aggressive?
A new study shows that the shorter his index finger is relative to his ring finger, the more likely he is to be physically aggressive.  
Testosterone and finger length - Male Enhancement Information
Men's Health > Testosterone > Testosterone and fingerlength Testosterone levels and length. The length of a man's fingers can reveal how physically aggressive he is, Canadian scientists have said.  
Finger Length Linked to Penis Size - Yahoo News
A smaller ratio between the second and fourth fingers is linked to a longer stretched penis size, researchers report today (July 4) in the Asian Journal of Andrology.  
Finger length may predict financial success - ABC News
The length of a man's ring finger may predict his success as a financial trader. Researchers at the University of Cambridge in England report that men with longer ring fingers, compared to their index fingers, tended to be more successful in the frantic high-frequency trading in the London ...  
sexuality - Correlation between ring finger length and sexual ...
Is there any truth to the claim that people who have ring fingers that are longer than their index fingers are attracted to the opposite sex? In other words, in the picture below, the hand on the left belongs to a heterosexual person, while the hand on the right belongs to a homosexual person  
index finger | Hand Facts: News about hands!
Earlier this month, British researchers published new research presenting a link between the relative length of the index finger and the risk of developing prostate cancer.  
Ring Finger Length Linked to ALS, Study Suggests - Health ...
Ring Finger Length Linked to ALS, Study Suggests. May 9, 2011 By Steven Reinberg HealthDay Reporter. ... The investigators then looked at the ratio of the length of each person’s index finger to ring finger — called the 2D:4D ratio.  

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