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GitHub Developer
Leverage the power of GitHub in your app. Get started with one of our guides, or jump straight into the API documentation. Browse the documentation    
GitHub API v3
Overview. This describes the resources that make up the official GitHub API v3. If you have any problems or requests please contact support. Current Version  
GitHub API
{"current_user_url":"","current_user_authorizations_html_url":"{/client id}","authorizations_url":"","code_search_url":"{query}{&page,per_page ...  
Search | GitHub API
Search. Search repositories; Search code; Search issues; Search users; Text match metadata; About the Search API. The Search API is optimized to help you find the specific item you’re looking for (e.g., a specific user, a specific file in a repository, etc.).  
Git Data | GitHub API
Git Data. The Git Database API gives you access to read and write raw Git objects to your Git database on GitHub and to list and update your references (branch heads and tags).  
GitHub · Build software better, together.
Build software better, together. ... Use at least one lowercase letter, one numeral, and seven characters. Sign up for GitHub    
kohsuke/github-api · GitHub
github-api - Java API for GitHub ... Something went wrong with that request. Please try again.  
aspnet · GitHub
Mvc. Model view controller framework for building dynamic web sites with clean separation of concerns, including the merged MVC, Web API, and Web Pages w/ Razor.    
rails-api/rails-api · GitHub Rails::API. Rails::API is a subset of a normal Rails application, created for applications that don't require all functionality that a complete Rails application provides.  
A curl tutorial using GitHub's API
A curl tutorial using GitHub's API - Gist is a simple way to share snippets of text and code with others.  
API - GitHub Jobs
GET /positions.json Search for jobs by term, location, full time vs part time, or any combination of the three. All parameters are optional.  
API - GitHub System Status
API. If you would like to check GitHub's status from your own applications, we provide a basic JSON API. All API methods support JSONP, making the information easy to consume in browser applications:  
Github v3 API - create a REPO - Stack Overflow
I’m trying to use the Github v3 API - I already implemented the required OAuth flow and it works well. Now I’m trying some of the Repos API endpoints ( So ...  
GitHub Archive
GitHub Archive is a project to record the public GitHub timeline, archive it, and make it easily accessible for further analysis.    
GitHub for Windows
If you want to create a new repository, or clone one from GitHub or GitHub Enterprise, it just takes a second through the repository popover. With GitHub for Windows 2.0, you can get up and running even faster by initializing your project with a Git ignore of your choice.    
git - Github API - create branch? - Stack Overflow
Seems like it's missing from the "Repos" docs for v1, v2, and do I create a branch using the Github API?  
GitHub Security · Bug Bounty Program
Open bounties GitHub API. The GitHub API is used by thousands of developers and applications to programatically interact with GitHub data and services.    
GitHub API for Java
What is this? This library defines an object oriented representation of the GitHub API. By "object oriented" we mean there are classes that correspond to the domain model of GitHub (such as GHUser and GHRepository), operations that act on them as defined as methods (such as GHUser.follow()), and ...    
Code a Simple Github API Webapp using jQuery & Ajax
In this tutorial, Jake Rocheleau demonstrates how we can build a remote Github api webapp using jQuery and Ajax.
... "","followers_url":"","following_url":"{/other_user}","gists_url":"{/gist_id}","starred_url":" ...  
GitHub API Plugin - Jenkins - Jenkins Wiki
This plugin is a library plugin used by other GitHub related plugins to share the same libraries. This plugin does not have any user visible feature by itself.  
Creating an access token for command-line use - User ...
When it comes to dealing with the API, personal access tokens work the same as OAuth tokens, and can easily be generated on access tokens are useful when it's too cumber…  
How to Use Github's API with PHP - SitePoint
Github is one of the best ways to share code and collaborate. In this article, we are going to learn how to consume their API and how we can use it to accomplish some of our daily tasks.
[{"url":"","forks_url":"","commits_url":"https //","id":"c8bc7fbf8a7c1ed371d6","git_pull_url":" ...  
GitHub Help - GitHub Enterprise Documentation
Help documentation for, GitHub Enterprise, GitHub Pages, and GitHub for Mac and Windows    
List GitHub PowerShell repositories using GitHub Search API.
List GitHub PowerShell repositories using GitHub Search API. - Gist is a simple way to share snippets of text and code with others.  
github-api - npm
github-api. A higher-level wrapper around the Github API. Github.js. Github.js provides a minimal higher-level wrapper around git's plumbing commands, exposing an API for manipulating GitHub repositories on the file level.  
github - npm
NodeJS wrapper for the GitHub API ... Note that the authenticate method is synchronous because it only stores the credentials for the next request.
... "","followers_url":"","following_url":"{/other_user}","gists_url":"{/gist_id}","starred_url":" ...  
github_api | | your community gem host
Ruby client that supports all of the GitHub API methods. It's build in a modular way, that is, you can either instantiate the whole api wrapper or use parts of it e.i. if working solely with repositories is your main concern.  
GitHub Pages
Roll vanilla, or generate a site for your project to quickly get started. You get one site per GitHub account and organization, and unlimited project sites.    
GitHub API (@GitHubAPI) | Twitter
414 tweets • 0 photos/videos • 5,698 followers. Check out the latest Tweets from GitHub API (@GitHubAPI)  
Esri GitHub | Open Source and Example Projects from the Esri ...
Esri is on GitHub! We're excited about helping developers build and share software. ... This is a custom DynamicMapServiceLayer for Heatmap.js to work with the ArcGIS Javascript API. 13 27 . solutions-geoprocessing-toolbox Python . Models, ...    
GitHub Search API | ProgrammableWeb
GitHub's Search API allows you to search GitHub for any specific item you're looking for (users, files, unresolved issues). Each search will return up to 1,000 results and the default sort is by best match.  
Tinder API documentation - GitHub Gists
Tinder API Documentation - Gist is a simple way to share snippets of text and code with others.  
Strava API Reference
The Strava V3 API is a publicly available interface allowing developers access to the rich Strava dataset. The interface is stable and currently used by the Strava mobile applications.    
GitHub API | ProgrammableWeb
GitHub is a repository of public open source and private business code. Is is a fast, efficient, distributed version control system ideal for the collaborative development of software. Use it to fork projects, send pull requests, monitor development.  
AppLamp-API's Gists - GitHub
API Byte commands for / Mi Light RGB / RGBW / Dual White Wifi LED bulbs and controllers  
Calling the github API with node.js - totes profesh
3 Responses to “calling the github API with node.js” Joe Says: December 28th, 2011 at 1:09 pm. Thanks for the great post, it’s just what I needed.  
Github API v3 Developer Documentation | APIhub
The GitHub API enables developmental access to the GitHub project database. As the purpose of GitHub is to provide tools for software development and  
Mashery Developer Tools
Introducing API Power Tools. Open Source Awesome for Developers. Interactive documentation, code samples, and more.    
Cloudera Manager API Client
API access to Cloudera Manager Cloudera Manager's REST API lets you work with existing tools, and programmatically manage your Hadoop clusters.    
Interactive Brokers - API Software
The client code for Interactive Brokers TWS API is being moved to GitHub, starting with the Java and Excel clients. GitHub is an Open Source platform which will allow you to not only download the API and build your own programs, but also to contribute to the API itself.  
GitHub Announces Octokit, The Official Way To Build Using The ...
GitHub today announced Octokit , a new lineup of GitHub-maintained client libraries for the GitHub API. Octokit comes in two flavors. It offers a kit for developing Ruby apps and another for Objective-C. The Ruby version is what the site describes as a simple wrapper for the GitHub API.  
FileAPI — a set of javascript tools for working with files.
GitHub repository; jQuery Plugin; Example #1: demo; Example #2: userpic; Example #3: thumbnails; Example #4: watermark    
Octokit is the simple and official way to build amazing experiences using the GitHub API. Choose Your Flavor    
OneDrive Dev Center - The New OneDrive API is here!
OneDrive API works on every platform, so you don't have to. Toggle navigation. Home; Documentation; Console; Samples; App Registration; Read on GitHub; Introducing the new OneDrive API. Higher speed, new features, new scenarios unlocked.    
Component API | React
React.Component # Instances of a React Component are created internally in React when rendering. These instances are reused in subsequent renders, and can be accessed in your component methods as this.  
GitHub Enterprise - The best way to build and ship software
Avoid duplicate efforts by using GitHub Enterprise to share existing software assets to developers across your organization. Leveraging pre-built code saves time and money, and if someone improves on that code, everybody wins! Let's get started.  
API Reference
Introduction. Welcome to the Kittn API! You can use our API to access Kittn API endpoints, which can get information on various cats, kittens, and breeds in our database.    

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