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What is footer ? - A Word Definition From the Webopedia ...
One or more lines of text that appear at the bottom of every page of a document. Once you specify what text should appear in the footer, the application automatically inserts it.  
Footer | Define Footer at
Back in the day, the first-footer also brought coal for warmth. The navigation bar at the top of the screen and even the site's footer would also remain static.  
HTML footer Tag - W3Schools Online Web Tutorials
Differences Between HTML 4.01 and HTML5. The <footer> tag is new in HTML5.  
Page footer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In typography, a page footer (or simply footer) is text that is separated from the main body of text and appears at the bottom of a printed page It is different from a footnote in that it is typically uniform between pages.  
footer - definition of footer by The Free Dictionary
On John's footer [in England soccer was called football, "footer for short] days she never once forgot his sweater, and she usually carried an umbrella in her mouth in case of rain.  
Footer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Footer may refer to: Colloquialism for football, especially association football (soccer) or rugby Abbreviation for page footer (word processing) The unit of measure of difficulty of a particular song in the video game Dance Dance Revolution. ex. 'Can't Stop Fallin' in Love on Heavy' is a 9 ...    
Footer - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster ...
Full Definition of FOOTER. 1. archaic: pedestrian. 2: information (as a page number) printed at the bottom of each page of a document . See footer defined for English-language learners  
HTML/Elements/footer - W3C Wiki - World Wide Web Consortium
<footer> The <footer> element represents a footer for its nearest ancestor sectioning content or sectioning root element. Point. A footer typically contains information about its section: author  
General information about headers and footers in Word
What Are Headers and Footers? A header or footer is text or graphics that is usually printed at the top or bottom of every page in a document. A header is printed in the top margin; a footer is printed in the bottom margin.    
Footer | Facebook
Footer. 1,762 likes · 44 talking about this. Facebook logo. Email or Phone: Password: Keep me logged in. Forgot your password? Create Page. Recent; 2014; 2013; 2012;  
Footers Auto Sales (319) 372-4937
Footers Auto Sales located in Wever,IA is your Heavy Truck Headquarters!    
Foundation Footer | Ask the Builder The foundation footer is the bottom building block on which your house rests. The purpose of the foundation foot is to spread the weight of the house across a wider contact area. The home foundation supports the full weight of the building and all the contents. Reinforcing ...  
Edit a header or footer
Edit a header or footer. You’ve updated an old document with new information and now you want to update a header or footer. Double-click the header or footer area (near the top or bottom of the page) to open the Header & Footer Tools.  
Footer Definition - The Tech Terms Computer Dictionary
The term "footer" has many uses in the computer world. However, the two most common are 1) a document footer, and 2) a webpage footer. 1. Document Footer  
Footer dictionary definition | footer defined
The definition of a footer is the information that repeats throughout a document at the bottom of the page.  
The Footer Element Update | HTML5 Doctor
This is an update from the previous article since the spec has changed to allow footer to have the same content model as header. Update. When I wrote the previous version of this article a few months ago, I knew, as I’m sure many of you also knew, that this element in particular would be ...  
Header and footer basics
Header and footer basics. Add headers and footers such as page numbers, date, title, and author name to your Word 2007 documents. About this course  
Footer - Genesis Framework - My StudioPress
These code snippets will help you customize the footer on your site using the Genesis Framework.  
HTML 5 <footer> Tag - - Free Web Tutorials
HTML 5 footer tag - the HTML tag for setting the footer of a section.  
Add or Edit a header or footer in Excel — Information ...
In Microsoft Office Excel, you can add or change headers or footers to provide useful information in worksheet printouts.  
footer help - Microsoft Community
When I create my document and add a new footer, it changes the name and other text of the footer from the first file. How can I keep them separate and restart page numbers with each new client?  
How can I change my footer page numbers ??? - Microsoft Community
Hi Eric, In order to have the page numbering that you want in the center of your footers, you must have the following throughout your document:  
WordPress › Header and Footer « WordPress Plugins
With Header and Footer plugin you can just copy the code those services give you in a centralized point to manage them all. manage the head section code; manage the footer code; manage the facebook og:image tag;  
html - Extend footer wrap to width of page - Stack Overflow
I've made a footer wrap outside the content wrap (which everything else is in). I would like to make the footer wrap extend to fill the width of the page and I would like it to be fixed on the bot...  
CSS to make HTML page footer stay at bottom of the page with ...
I had the following page (deadlink: ) that has a footer that I can't make sit at the bottom of the page. The CSS is inherited and befuddles me; I can't see...    
You cannot edit the footer information in the "Header and ...
Consider the following scenario. In Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007, you save a presentation that contains footer information. This presentation was created in Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 or in an earlier version of PowerPoint.    
Footer and Foundation Building : Home Improvement : DIY Network
Footer and Foundation Building. DIY's Home IQ series follows the Oberg family during the decision-making process of building this beautiful new home.  
Concrete Footer Part 1 - YouTube
FREE Quick Start Guide here: Tim Carter describes installing a concrete footer in this multi-...    
Adding a Footer | General Tips and Tricks | Learning Movable Type
#footer li{padding:0 1px 0 0; display:inline; list-style:none} #footer img{border-top:1px solid #cecea5; border-right:1px solid #ffffff; border-bottom:1px solid #ffffff; border-left:1px solid #cecea5; vertical-align:middle} I am sure thats not perfect but its a good start!  
Footer Inspiration - All footers
Here are some example footer styles. It might be helpful to keep this page open in another tab to refer back to as you create your footer. Remember, these are just ideas!    
The Footer Financial Group of Janney Montgomery Scott
The Footer Financial Group is an award-winning team that is rigorously you driven. Whether you are an individual or corporate investor, we aim to establish a close professional relationship with you, as we help you answer some of life's toughest financial questions.    
Word 2013: Headers, Footers, and Page Numbers
Word 2013 is the word processing application in the newest Microsoft Office suite. Learn how to use Word 2013's powerful tools for creating professional and eye-catching documents both for print and online sharing in this tutorial.    
How to insert and delete header, footer, and header picture ...
Insert & delete header and footer in Excel. You can follow these steps to insert and delete header and footer in Microsoft Excel 2007 and Excel 2010 easily.  
Word 2003: Creating Headers and Footers, UWEC
This LTS Online Help document details creating a universal header and footer, a different first page header and footer, odd and even page headers and footers, and inserting AutoText into headers and footers.  
Word 2010: Working with Headers and Footers
Headers and footers can help keep longer documents organized and make them easier to read. Text entered in the header or footer will appear on each page of the document.  
Below is an example of the proper header and footer from an ...
Below is an example of the proper header and footer from an MLA essay. Note that the author's last name and page number are in the upper right corner.  
footer - English-French Dictionary
footer - traduction anglais-français. Forums pour discuter de footer, voir ses formes composées, des exemples et poser vos questions. Gratuit.  
25 Examples of Footers in Web Design | Inspiration
As a user I really like to find a well designed footer in a website. I think it is nice to know that the designer was thinking about everything when putting the layout together, I feel happy to find a beautiful design “from header to footer.”  
The footer element | HTML5 Doctor
Thanks for writing. As the footer-element and the aside-element both contain meta data on their section, I can imagine it’s sometimes hard to choose between the two.  
Exploring Footers · An A List Apart Article
One of the nice things about old-school table layout methods is that they enable you to create liquid page designs very easily. If you want to center content vertically or stick a footer to the bottom of the browser window, all you have to do is include one main table with a height of 100% and ...  
Edit the email footer - Constant Contact Support
The footer is a line of information at the bottom of the email. It identifies the sender along with other information, including the SafeUnsubscribe feature.  
How to Pour Concrete Footers (with Pictures) | eHow
Step 1: Excavate the footer trenches. The standard footer is 1 foot deep and 2 feet wide and it is directly beneath the foundation wall. In addition, footers must be below frost line to prevent foundation shifting that may occur when the soil swells and contracts from temperature changes.  
Footers Design Gallery | Elements of Design
About. Elements of Design is a different type of web design gallery which focuses on individual aspects of web design such as menus, footers, search boxes, login forms, and more.  
25 Creative Website Footers - Design Reviver - Web Design Blog
The Zen Garden created a unique website footer that not only looks good, but offers functionality in the form of a contact section. This footer interacts with the sites viewers and offers valuable information.  
How to Add a Header or Footer to a Word 2010 Document - For ...
You can add headers and footers to Word 2010 documents. A header is text that appears at the top of every page. It's contained in a special, roped-off part of the page ...  
25 Stylish Website Footer Designs - Six Revisions: Web Design ...
This collection aims to showcase just some of the ways talented web designers have decided to utilize website footers to provide that extra bit of improvement in the user's experience.  
Urban Dictionary: Footer
To muck/play about with something aimlessly, just for the sake of it or out of boredom.  
WordPress › Support » Remove or edit info in footer?
Hi drewinator, You are allowed to edit the info in the footer but we would appreciate if you could keep link to us. If you want to change the info then all the information related to footer is located in footer-extensions.php you can create child theme and edit according to your need.  
Header and Footer - Network Solutions
You have the ability to customize your site design by changing the predefined header and footer applied with the template. You may edit the existing graphics or text with the WYSIWYG editor or add your own custom images.  
4.3 Sections — HTML5 - World Wide Web Consortium
Seriously.</p> <p>...</p> <footer> <a itemprop="discussionUrl" href="?comments=1">Show comments...</a> </footer> </article> Here is that same blog post, but showing some of the comments:    

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