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Ex officio member - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
An ex officio member is a member of a body (a board, committee, council, etc.) who is part of it by virtue of holding another office. The term is Latin, meaning ...    
What does it mean to be an “ex-officio” member? | MSU Extension
Dec 4, 2013 ... A little clarity to what appears to be a common misunderstanding of the role of board members with the title “ex-officio.”    
Nonprofit Law Jargon Buster – What is an Ex Officio Director ...
Oct 7, 2010 ... Ex officio members of a board are serving on the board “by reason of their office,” rather than by being elected or appointed to the position.    
What Is an Ex Officio Board Member? | eHow
An ex officio board member is one who becomes a member of a board not through the regular election process but by virtue of another position that she holds.  
Ex officio - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster ...
Definition of ex officio from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio ... having the same status as a department, if any, as ex officio committee members.    
Frequently Asked Questions about RONR - Roberts Rules of ...
Can ex-officio members vote, and are they counted in determining whether a quorum is present? Answer: “Ex officio” is a Latin term meaning “by virtue of office or position.”    
Ex-Officio Members of Boards and Committees -
Frequently boards and committees contain some members who are members by virtue of their office, and, therefore, are termed ex-officio members. When such ...    
What is ex officio? definition and meaning
Holding a position or membership due to the power or influence of one's office, and not by election or appointment. A chairperson, for example, can be an ex-officio member of all board appointed committees.  
ex officio - Dictionary Definition :
Use ex officio to describe a position someone automatically gains because of ... “the head of the department serves as an ex officio member of the board”.    
Ex officio - Definition and More from the Free Merriam ...
Full Definition of EX OFFICIO: by virtue or because of an office <the Vice President serves ex officio as president of the Senate> See ex officio defined for English-language learners  
Robert's Rules of Order Online - Committees and Boards
Ex-Officio Members of Boards and Committees; 52. Committees, Special and Standing; 53. Reception of Reports; 54. Adoption or Acceptance of Reports; 55.    
ex officio - Dictionary Definition :
Use ex officio to describe a position someone automatically gains because of another job or position she already holds. For example, the United States Vice President is the ex officio President of the Senate.  
Ex officio Members | THE CLUB OF ROME (
Ex-Officio Members. Dr. Nevenko Bilic, senior scientist (retired Jan 2013) at Rudjer Boskovic Institute (RBI), Croatia, member of the Scientific Council of Croatia, President of the Croatian Association of the Club of Rome from 25 May more    
Non-voting Ex Officio Board Members Prohibited - CalNonprofits
Jan 1, 2015 ... New Law as of January 1, 2015: Non-voting Ex Officio Board Members Prohibited. A little-noticed change in the California Nonprofit ...    
Ex-Officio Members - Texas A&M University at Galveston
Ex-Officio Members Mr. Billy Greer. Board Position: Ex-Officio Member Maritime Administration Supervisory Marine Surveyor, Division of Gulf Operations ...  
When serving ex-officio on a committee, what does that really ...
Best Answer: Without exception, ex-officio members of boards and committees have exactly the same rights and privileges as do all other members, including the right to vote.  
Can an ex-officio member vote -
An ex-officio member can vote. The word ex-officio simply means that the person is a member of a committe or board because of their position, i.e., president but has nothing to do with that person's right to vote on the committee (for which they are rightfully a member).  
Ex-officio Members - A Great Meeting
hyphenated and non-hyphenated terms interchangeably, so we may assume either is correct. RONR recognizes two types of ex-officio members: those who are ...    
ex officio legal definition of ex officio
Ex Officio [Latin, From office.] By virtue of the characteristics inherent in the holding of a particular office without the need of specific authorization or appointment.  
What is an ex-officio board member's role? |
Ex-officio board members must attend board meetings and make an active contribution. While there, they can debate, make motions and vote on board...    
Ex-Officio Members | Staff Senate
Ex-Officio Members; Committees. Executive; Standing; University; Ad Hoc; Resources. Staff Senate Resources; University Resources; Non-University Resources; Next Session; About Us. Accomplishments; Mission and Vision; Regulations; Senators & Staff. Officers; Senators; Office Staff; Ex-Officio ...  
ExOfficio Committee Membership - University of Idaho
The primary role of an ex officio member of university standing committee is to be a source of communication between the committee and the administrative ...    
Ex Officio Members
Arizona House of Representatives Speaker David M. Gowen Sr. T he Speaker of the Arizona House of Representatives, serving as a non-voting ex officio member of the Authority  
ex officio - definition of ex officio by The Free Dictionary
Information about ex officio in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. ... "the head of the department serves as an ex officio member of the board".    
Rights of Ex Officio Non-voting Members - RONR Forum
Rights of Ex Officio Non-voting Members - posted in Advanced Discussion: This subject seems to come up in the forum every 2-3 months. It begins when someone posts a question similar to: “Our bylaws say the executive director is a member of the board of directors without vote. Can he make motions?  
Board of Directors | United States Institute of Peace
The board is composed of twelve members from outside federal service ... of the United States and confirmed by the Senate, and four ex-officio members: the ...    
Legal Latin - Ex officio
Ex officio is a Latin terms meaning “by right of office” or “by virtue of one’s office or position”. Ex officio members of boards and committees are person  
Apr 17, 2002 ... You asked whether an ex-officio member can vote at a meeting of a committee that operates under Robert's Rules of Order. The Office of ...    
ex officio - definition of ex officio by The Free Dictionary
Definition of ex officio in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of ex officio. ... "the head of the department serves as an ex officio member of the board" ... ex officio; ex parte; Ex parte application; Ex parte council; Ex parte hearing;  
342.809bbb Election of officers -- Quorum -- Compensation -- Ex ...
342.809bbbElection of officers -- Quorum -- Compensation -- Ex officio members of board. (1) The board shall elect a chair and other officers it deems necessary ...    
What is ex officio -
Or perhaps the Mayor is ex officio the member of some committee. This membership is not "honorary", as is sometimes mistakenly assumed. ... Ibanez EX Series Ibanez's EX series of guitars lineup was produced by Hoshino Gakki in 1988.  
Trustees' Biographies - Dartmouth College
Dec 1, 2014 ... ... the Governor of New Hampshire (ex officio), and twenty-four other ... all the Trustees are the same, and all elected members serve four-year ...    
What Is the Role of an Ex Officio Board Member ? | eHow
Ex officio board members are not elected to a board of directors but are given this position because of another position they hold, perhaps in the company, government or academia.  
Advisors/Ex-Officio Members | UNC GA
Name. Phone. Email. Title/Function. William Fleming. 919-962-4651. VP for Human Resources. Alana Sanders. 919-962-4233.    
Ex-officio - General Discussion - RONR Forum
Ex-officio - posted in General Discussion: Can a president who steps down at the end of his term and becomes ex officio (A member of the board of directors for one year) can he run for the position of secretary and give up the position of ex officio  
Penn State University - Board of Trustees
Penn State's 38-member Board of Trustees is composed of the following: Five trustees serve in an ex officio capacity by virtue of their position within the ...    
New Rules for Ex Officio Board Members ... - Association Law Blog
This blog focuses on legal issues of interest to association leaders, including executives, volunteers and members. It is NOT intended to provide legal advice, but rather to share my informal thoughts on legal issues commonly faced by trade and professional associations, as well as foundations ...  
Board of Directors/Ex Officio Members - Lincoln University
EX OFFICIO MEMBERS. Cheri Landers, Office Manager. Sue Alberti, Treasurer. Carol Ellinger, Curriculum Chair. DeLinda Fitch, Membership & Marketing Chair.    
Ex officio - Definition for English-Language Learners from ...
Definition of ex officio written for English Language Learners from the Merriam-Webster Learner's Dictionary with audio pronunciations, usage examples, and count/noncount noun labels.  
Dispute Resolution Commission Ex-Officio Members
A number of non-voting, ex-officio members also attend Commission meetings and share their expertise with the larger group. Counted among the ...    
Ashley Lee Served as an Ex-Officio Member at CCS Board
Student Government Association leaders Ashley Lee from Reid Ross Classical School and Jonas Vanaman from Alger B. Wilkins High School served as the ex-officio members of the Cumberland County Board of Education.  
Ending the Epidemic Task Force Ex-Officio Members
Ex-Officio members will be present (as available) at the Task Force meetings to share pertinent information that will assist in the development and prioritization of ...    
Ex- Officio Members - WIRC
CA. Prafulla Chhajed. Address : Office No.3, 2nd Floor, B Wing, Vimal Udyog Bhavan, Opp. Star City, Tilakwadi Road, Matunga West, Mumbai - 400 016  
Ex Officio Girl Board Member - Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas
GO Team Regional areas are currently seeking Girl Scouts (14-18 years old) to serve as Ex Officio Girl Board Members. Each GO Team will select two girls to ...    
List of Latin phrases (E) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Often used when someone holds one position by virtue of holding another: for example, the President of France is an ex officio Co-Prince of Andorra. A common misconception is that all ex officio members of a committee or congress may not vote – this may be the case, ...  
List of NSABB Ex-Officio Members | Office of Science Policy
List of NSABB Ex-Officio Members. List of Ex-Officio Members of the NSABB in PDF format. List of NSABB Ex-Officio Members ...    
can an ex-officio member vote? | Yahoo Answers
Best Answer:: okay read this : Without exception, ex-officio members of boards and committees have exactly the same rights and privileges as do all other members, including, of course, the right to vote. There are, however, two instances in which ex-officio members are not counted in ...  
board rule 1.17: president's duties and powers; ex officio membership
Board Rule 1.17 Page 1 of 2. Board Rule 1.17. President's Duties and Powers: Ex officio Membership. History Revised 09-29-99, 06-26-2001. Previous Coding.    
Ex-Officio Directors | CharityLawyer
Many boards include directors who are serving “ex officio.” There is widespread misunderstanding regarding the meaning of the term. Ex officio members of a board are serving on the board “by reason of their office,” rather than by being elected or appointed to the position.…  
PCCW Ex Officio Members | Alumni | Cornell University
Presidential Councillors and Trustees. Female Presidential Councillors and Trustees are ex officio members of PCCW. Update your contact information. Explore ...    

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