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eholk (Eric Holk) · GitHub
6 days ago ... eholk has 41 repositories written in Rust, Shell, and C. Follow their code on GitHub.    
Eric Holk - Computer Science: Indiana University
Eric Holk.; Blog; Follow @theinedibleholk; I am a Ph.D. candidate at Indiana University. My research interests relate to designing and implementing programming languages that facilitate the production of safer, more reliable, and better performing software.    
eholk/harlan · GitHub
Jan 13, 2015 ... A language for GPU computing. Contribute to harlan ...    
eholk/Boot2Rust · GitHub
Jan 5, 2015 ... eholk/Boot2Rust · Code · Issues 3 · Pull Requests 0.    
Walter Holke - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Walter Holke. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to: navigation, search. Walter Holke; First baseman: Born: December 25, 1892 St. Louis, Missouri: Died: October 12, 1954 (aged 61) St. Louis, Missouri: Batted: Both: Threw: Left: MLB debut ...    
eholk/elegant-weapons · GitHub
elegant-weapons - An R6RS framework for creating compilers that target C.    
Hawke Optics | Home
Hawke Sport Optics, LLC 6015 Highview Drive Suite G Fort Wayne Indiana 46818. T: 877-429-5347 F: 260-918-3443    
eholk/RustGPU · GitHub - GitHub · Build software better ...
eholk authored Jan 19, 2013. Failed to load latest commit information. SciRust @ 293528f: Skeleton for Cholesky. Jan 17, 2013: benchmarks: More benchmarking scripts. Jan 19, 2013: examples: Cholesky theoretically works, although we run out of OpenCL resources ...  
GPU Programming in Rust: Implementing High ... - Indiana University
Email: {eholk,mpathira,achauhan,lums} School of Informatics and Computing, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN 47405. Nicholas D. Matsakis.    
Announcing the release of Harlan - Eric Holk Harlan is a new programming language for GPU computing. Harlan aims to push the expressiveness of languages available for the GPU further than has been done before.  
Try it yourself! GPU programming is ... GPU programming is hard. Although GPUs have enabled huge performance increases for certain problems, their use is largely ...    
Declarative Parallel Programming for GPUs - Indiana University
School of Informatics and Computing, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, USA. {eholk,webyrd,nnmahaja,jewilco,achauhan,lums} Abstract.    
Eric Holk
Lately I’ve been toying around with learning Morse Code, and like any good computer programmer, I decided to write a program to do it for me. …    
A Morse Code generator in Java Script - GitHub Gists
A Morse Code generator in Java Script - Gist is a simple way to share snippets of text and code with others.  
Holke (last name) in the US Identify People Search Database
This page is for the last name Holke in the US Identify people search database. Choose a name from the popular names list below to see information for that name.    
Penguin Parens: stupid NLP tricks: haikubot!
stupid NLP tricks: haikubot! At Indiana, we have an IRC server where many of the CS students hang out. ... < eholk> haikubot: eholk < haikubot> do you have enough / memory to cause that was / stored unless it knew. Alright, how does this work?  
Adopt Me Pet Blog - Bananas
Grooming Posted April 20, 2010 3:21 PM by Bananas: I am a mess. I have not been groomed in weeks. eholk, please come and clean me up.    
<eholk> wilbowma: did you just use your own name in a message? <toddaaro> toddaaro: he did <wilbowma> eholk: lol.. yes i did <wilbowma> I blame tab complete <eholk> eholk: i didn't even know that would work <lkuper> lkuper: this is ridiculous    
<fnar> who is the C expert in here? * lkuper points at eholk_ * lkuper also points at alexr * eholk_ waves <fnar> o_o <fnar> just askin'. <zsparks> you don't even have a C question?    
Indiana University Computer Science Department
Directory Of Sites ... eholk: Student: Homepage of Eric Thomas Holk: elmchris: Student: Homepage of Elisa Meredith Christensen: elyoder: Student: Homepage of Ethan Lee Yoder: emhassan: Student: Homepage of Eman Hassan: enrprez:    
Dubose Trucking | Facebook
Our fleet of trucks includes nitrogen trucks, flatbeds, covered trailers, vans & more ... DuBose Trucking offers flatbed, covered trailer, Nitrous truck, LTL’s, & heavy load deliveries. Like · Comment · Share.  
State Bar of CA :: Brent K. Nakamura
... . org wcerjwnrr@pkekemdt. com seopw@iqj. gov pfamjhd@ashhlct. edu mgkjwmypo@pfpkdus. com jiugj@rpgoyet. edu hjgdwym@umhcyc. edu ekqa@eholk. edu bmcuuj@nci. gov ...  
Indiana University student offers Harlan programming language ...
Indiana University student offers Harlan programming language for GPUs Jul 04, 2013 by Nancy Owano. ... More information:… e-release-of-harlan/ view popular. 4.7 /5 (14 votes) © 2013 Tweet  
Trending Scheme repositories on GitHub today · GitHub
Trending Scheme repositories on GitHub today. All languages; Unknown languages; CSS; Java; JavaScript; PHP; Python; Ruby; Shell; Other: Scheme. ... eholk / elegant-weapons Scheme. An R6RS framework for creating compilers that target C. built by. 21. Star namin / inc Scheme.  
UT theoretical chemistry code forum • View topic - Harlan ... Used for eOn ? @+ *_* Zarck Posts: 5 Joined: Sun Jun 26, 2011 8:07 pm. Top. 1 post • Page 1 of 1. Return to eOn. Jump to: Who is online. Users browsing this forum: Bing [Bot] and 0 guests. Board index; All times are UTC ...  
Eric Holk (theincredibleholk) - Eric Holk Eric's Things; Eric's Flattrs; 1 . eholk/elegant-weapons on GitHub. An R6RS framework for creating compilers that target C. [] 8 . eholk/harlan on GitHub. A language for GPU computing. [] 0 .  
Ray Pete - Google+
Ray Pete - Systems Analyst - The Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard - Sutra, Inc - Boston University - University of Maine  
Summer Announcements - Escambia County School District
NHS Tribal Beat Band is opening up auditions for color guard. If you are interested, please contact Mrs. Holk at (850) 327-6681ext. 266, or email at Try-outs will be Monday June 23.  
Students | Center for Research in Extreme Scale Technologies
eholk(at) . Biography Eric Holk. Graduate Student. Educational Background. Ph.D., Expected May 2014, Computer Science, Indiana University; B.S., 2006, Computer Science and Mathematics, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology; A.A., 2003, Florida College;  
User Eric Holk - Stack Overflow
Q&A for professional and enthusiast programmers ... Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site  
Students | Center for Research in Extreme Scale Technologies
Master's Student Research Assistant. adorwat(at) More....  
EPSON PRODUCT SUPPORT BULLETIN Date: 05/02/2002 PSB No.: 2002.05.001 Reference: N/A Originator: RR Authorization: Affected Product(s): EPSON Stylus Photo 2000P, Stylus Pro 7500 and Stylus Pro 9500  
William E. Byrd
William E. Byrd, Daniel P. Friedman, Ramana Kumar, and Joseph P. Near. A Shallow Scheme Embedding of ?-Avoiding Streams. ... (in collaboration with Eric Holk, Claire Alvis, Jeremiah Willcock, Nilesh Mahajan, Ryan Newton,    
‫لاجينواز رولي بطريقة ساهلة - هدى ... -----­----- قوموا باشتراك بقناتنا بالضغط على اشتراك ليصلكم كل ما هو جديد في الوصفات هدى اليداري او اضغطوا على subscribe.  
Trending Rust repositories on GitHub today · GitHub
eholk / Boot2Rust Rust. EFI applications in Rust. built by. 10. Star tav / ampify Rust. Ampify is a decentralised application platform intended as a replacement for the Web. See the README for more info and join in! built by. 11. Star brson / rust-sdl Rust.  
Thomas Bohne - Google+
Thomas Bohne's +1's are the things they like, agree with, or want to recommend. Konrad Lex gewinnt Zugspitz-Trailrun-Challenge ... I recently got to participate in a psychological experiment for programmers. A friend of mine, ...  
Robert L. ~en~eholk (Member) ?' Waf 07 Date 7 &cL 2-7 Date P 12 M~PL 8 7 Date . AFIT/GE/ENP/07-01 Abstract Since 2004, AFIT has been developing a trend-analysis tool to assess large com-mercial aircraft infrared (LCAIR) signatures.  
Contact us
E-mail: Kirsten Zeuthen University of Southern Denmark J. B. Winsløws Vej 19, 3. 5000 Odense C - Denmark Phone: +45 6550 3234 E-mail: Questions regarding admission and practical information including accomodation, please contact:  
MiniKanren – An embedded DSL for logic programming | Hacker ...
A very impressive use of cKanren is in Harlan ( - it is doing the region inference there.-----michaelsbradley 105 days ago | link. My first introduction to miniKanren was Dan Friedman and Will Byrd's joint presentation at Strange Loop 2012 – what a blast! Hackersome Top Projects
eholk/Boot2Rust. 145. Love It. eholk / Boot2Rust. 0 0. Rust. EFI applications in Rust. READ ME. Contributors. Watchers. Stargazers. Related Projects ...  
Investigations into regional infrastructure equipments: First ...
... between dispatch and receipt of goods at goods stations of central places22 10 BEVDI Density of population 11 EHOLK Number of inhabitants of central places 12 EZOEK Proportion of number of inhabitants in cent. A ...  
Mourinho - Zelig Circus 2013 - YouTube
Zelig Circus. Tutte le altre trasmissioni hanno "Zero Tituli" SEGUICI SU FACEBOOK: SU TWITTER: E SUL NOSTRO SITO:
Neil Trevett Vice President Mobile Ecosystem at NVIDIA ...
Harlan Harlan: A Scheme-Based GPU Programming Language HOpenCL Haskell OpenCL Wrapper API libCL C++ Generic parallel algorithms library  
Using an LED as a Light Sensor | You Wouldn't Like Me When I ...
It turns out that many electronic components can run backwards and forwards. For example, it’s possible to use headphones as a microphone. Here’s a simple Arduino-based circuit that shows how to use an LED as a light sensor.  
eholk - Blogilista
Mobiili Blogilista. Nyt voit seurata omia suosikkiblogeja myös mobiilisti! Surffaa puhelimen selaimella osoitteeseen ja kirjaudu sisään.    
Harlan is a high level language for general purpose GPU computing Used for Astro ? @+ *_* Do you really think the project would rewrite their current apps because a new language came out?  
VINARIJA ERDEVIK - Turn Your PDFs into Online Publications ...
vinarija erdevik novo u metro-u: kupovinom 6 i viŠe boca bilo kog vina ostvarujete popust 10%. jaka puna crvena vina treba ... 2nr qrv qhsfd rydm uhgrvohg ghjxvwludqmd vh wdnrÓh sulphqmxmh l nrg podglk eholk l ur]h ylqd 2ql nrml ] ...  
Rust CI
eholk/rust-papi: Adjusting travis files. eholk/SciRust: Updating to latest master. fractalide/fractalide: build status: franckverrot/ers: Add basic CI config: Heather/Mirana: HildarTheDorf/rustmu: Fixed build and added some message handling logic in the main task:    
Masquerade: Anime HotShots DVD 3 (D) Adult
Gen has enough problems getting through college without turning into a slavering were-beast whenever sexy ladies get close. But when the college nurse gives him some tender loving care for his condition, they both get more than they bargained for, especially when a sexy coed catches them in the ...  

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