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    Web Results is Down Right Now? See Real-Time Availability ...
Cannot access or having problem with website today. Run a real-time check to see whether is up running or down for everyone or just for you right now. And see what other are reporting about the issue.  
VA7ST - NCCC SPRINT LADDER - APR 13 - contest submitted score ...
down 895 pts from best-ever outing two weeks ago. Mults up by 1, Qs down by 6. Had a handful of muff-ups: some operator and some software glitches. (N1MM doesn't yet support NS. As a result, if the station had been worked on another band, the  
5A1AL - callsign lookup - dxwatch - dx cluster
QSL: Please read the details down. Abubaker Alzway . Login is required for additional detail. Please log in or register if you are a new visitor. show latest cluster spots for 5A1AL. show latest RBN spots for 5A1AL. search google for 5A1AL. Accepts QSL via: LoTW: NO e-qsl: NO    
Author Topic: down? (Read 547 times),78352.0.html
Is it just me or has DXWatch and Reverse Beacon Network been having server problems the past few days. I tested both using a remote service to test websites and both were reported down at different times.  
- dxwatch - dx cluster
For this reason, K1N will limit "most bands to a specific mode, so that we can work the pileups down to the last little pistol". See for further information on the project and details on how to contribute to the fundraising. information from: http://www ...  
PB5X - callsign lookup - dxwatch - dx cluster
callsign lookup: callsign lookup. PB5X. QSL: VIA DIRECT 2$ + SAE OR BUREAU. Roberto "BOB" ... FOR STATION INFO & FOTO'S SCROLL DOWN THE PAGE This is my live VIDEO & AUDIO stream, if your browser does NOT work click on the link below:    
OX3XR - callsign lookup - dxwatch - dx cluster
callsign lookup: callsign lookup. OX3XR. QSL: SCROLL DOWN FOR QSL INFORMATION. PETER THULESEN . Login is required for additional detail. Please log in or register if you are a new visitor. show latest cluster spots for OX3XR. show latest RBN spots for OX3XR.    
Welcome! - Reverse Beacon Network
Welcome to the reverse beacon network! The Reverse Beacon Network is a revolutionary new idea. Instead of beacons actively transmitting signals, the RBN is a network of stations listening to the bands and reporting what stations they hear, when and how well. . Dxwatch - Dxwatch
If the website is down or offline, then the internet service provider should be contacted for some reasons of unavailability of website. If is online for you, then copy paste the link and paste in browser to visit that link directly.  
Download DxWatch.ocx - How To Fix DxWatch.ocx Errors
The application failed to initialize because the Windows station is shutting down How to Fix DxWatch.ocx errors? 1.Remove and reinstall the program which causes the Error  
Dxwatch Definition. Crossword Dictionary. Dxwatch. Definition of Dxwatch. Crossword Answers, Crossword Help.  
Ham radio and Repeaters when Power is down - When SHTF
Ham radio and Repeaters when Power is down ... is a site where people log long distance communications for fun. That can give you an idea of the distances you could cover on each band. 06-18-2011, 08:32 AM #7.  
DX cluster - | SEOCert
IP address of is : The domain was created on 2004-12-05 and it is 10 years, 117 days old. It will expire on 2016-12-05 which is 1 year, 247 days from today.  
NH2KY - callsign lookup - dxwatch - dx cluster
W3JH/KH2 - Guam : May 4-6, 2011 JR3QFB/1 - Kouhoku-ku, Yokohama : July 2-3, 2011 (Jul.2-3: JARL 6m and down) JR3QFB/JD1 - Chichijima, Ogasawara : August 1-8, 2011 (Aug.6-7: JARL Field Day)  
M6JDB Radio: What a let down.
What a let down. Well it has been ... I keep checking and every evening 40 and 80 meters is wide open to Europe and as far down as Australia and New Zealand! How i would love a 5 and 9 from one of those places on a cold winter night !  
Problem bringing up
A friend of mine who is a ham all of a sudden cannot bring up on his new laptop. It does not have to do with the website being down as I have no problems and for him, this has been going on for several days now. He can go everywhere else with no problems. He is running WinXP. Is ...  
Despite Up and Down Propagation, WPX SSB Turnout Strong ...
The rollercoaster that has been propagation in ham radio contesting was once again up and down in the 2012 CQ WPX SSB Contest, but that didn't stop another big turnout and maybe a new Single Operator record and new marks in the Multi-Op section.  
S506SLG - callsign lookup - dxwatch - dx cluster
Check the list of PMC MULTs QTHs, maybe you or somebody you know is the citizen of one of down mentioned Peace Messenger Cities and that mean that YOU ARE MULTIPLIER in PMC CONTEST. Check also the WW PMC CONTEST RULES. ...  
HamLinks Ham Radio Toolbar for Firefox and Internet Explorer
HamLinks is a web browser toolbar that allows quick access to ham radio ... product and see if there are any for sale). Of course, you can also find ham radio products at eBay as well further down the menu. Links to ... or DXWatch or FindU (APRS)... Pretty cool huh? If you're a ham ...    
YF1AR yankee foxtrot one alpha romeo: Inverted Dipole
The inverted dipole is a very popular antenna. It's also known as a Inverted "V" antenna. The inverted antenna is a horizontal dipole with the ends tilted down to the ground.  
W0GJ - callsign lookup - dxwatch - dx cluster
From the EIDXA January 2014 Newsletter (Eastern Iowa DX Association) Member s Spotlight Glenn Johnson, WØGJ Glenn grew up near Marshalltown, Iowa.  
DxWatch.ocx Info - Fix DxWatch.ocx Errors
What is DxWatch.ocx. As is well known, Windows operating system consists of a huge number of files and folders. DxWatch.ocx is an ordinary process used by the system to launch and run it.  
My DXWatch stopped working
I use DXWatch on my PC's and laptop For some reason, on my main PC (Win7), DXWatch suddenly stopped listing the calls. The page comes up, but no calls.  
YBDXC yb land dx club: HEX BEAM, Step 3: The Center post
Step 3: The Center post ... Add a 1/2 inch to each driver half wire in Step 4.The feed line will also be connect to the top terminal and looped down the side of the post to the bottom of the hex beam. ... DXWATCH Spot. dx code. Flag Counter. Free counters is Down Right Now? See Real-Time Availability ...
Run a real-time check to see whether is up running or down for everyone or just for you right now. And see what other are reporting about the issue. CHECK. Facebook; Twitter; Google + HOME; ... . 3 minutes ago. . 3 minutes ago. . 3 minutes ago.  
Off-Center Fed Dipole / Windom Antenna - YF1AR
Off-Center Fed Dipole / Windom Antenna This antenna has become quite popular, as the performance is exceptional. It's a dipole, fed 14% off center with a 4:1 balun.  
How to DX-Guidelines - Activity Stream - QRZ Forums
How to DX-Guidelines ... Some good spot sites are, or DX summit. ... Cheers, and 73 - look forward to seeing you post again down the road. Robert AK3Q 06-26-2011, 12:40 AM #4. KP4CG. View Profile View Forum Posts  
SV5DKL Amateur Radio Blog: ZK3N and ZS8Z in the log ... 2 all ...
Before settling down from my effort with ZK3N, ... ZK3N and ZS8Z in the log ... 2 all-time new ones a... SV5DKL Contest Log Statistics Analysis Web Page; ... Latest Spots. Solar Activity. The Ham Radio Blog  
Voice of Russia to close down shortwave | Radioaficion Ham Radio
Voice of Russia to close down shortwave Wednesday, 21 August 2013 17:22 NEWS Tweet. Share. MOSCOW, August 21 (RIA Novosti) – The Russian government’s international radio broadcasting service Golos Rossii (Voice of Russia) will stop its shortwave broadcasts from January 1 next year, the ... - - LA DX Group Norway
Total: 543 Choose link from "Titles, links and description words view": Or switch to "Titles and links view".  
The View from Mt. Tirzah: No more drink til you die calculator.
In any case, they've taken the calculator down, so I have as well. Too bad, it was good to find out that it would have taken 50 Bloody Marys to kill me. Posted by Bubba Warbucks at 12:41 PM. Newer Post Older Post Home. ... DXWATCH.COM DX spots.  
North Fulton Amateur Radio League | Fulton County, Georgia
North Fulton Amateur Radio League. Home; About Us . About Us; Web Site Overview; Activities ... ( 1.8 MHz / 160m: 3.5 MHz / 80m: 5 MHz / 60m: 7 MHz ... ARES is organized to serve the public interest in furnishing emergency communications when other systems are down due to ...    
Scroll down to insert spots DX Summit HF Spots. Select items from the above menu or post your own DX-spot filling the form below. - Cluster 2.0 - give a try to rewrite spot ...
... since the begin of his digital life, ask for mandatory authentication of the spotter. The other big player, ... that you local telco police sit down and hear you because someone morph your call and you want to prosecute him because you have his (fake ??)  
Congratulations to All PVRCers for a Great 2007-2008 Contest ... See the spots pour in at Felipe, PY1NB has also activated a pretty ... today, all up and down the East Coast. A couple of notes for prospective participants:    
Reverse Beacon Network (RBN) -
An Introduction to the Reverse Beacon Network(RBN)Dave Duskin – NE5S. Background. ... RBN is hosted by (PY1NB) CW Skimmer was developed by . Alex Shovkoplyas, ... use +++/--- or >/< to speed up/slow down • Call CQ or TEST and send your call twice – CQ N6TV N6TV    
Sri Lanka to close Ekala transmitter site | Radioaficion Ham ...
Sri Lanka to close Ekala transmitter site Wednesday, 27 February 2013 08:54 NEWS Tweet. Share. Sri ... Ekala is on prime land close to the city and it is quite logical to close it down taking the state of the station. ... DXCluster dxwatch; DXCluster EA8BRW; DX Cluster CB-27MHz; OFF Zone; PMR ...  
Israel's status on ham radio? - AR15.Com Archive
I've seem them on ... I'm there. Jot this one down. Holyland DX Contest sponsored by the Israel Amateur Radio Club. All modes, all bands except WARC of course from 0000-2359 21 April 2012. Exchange for us will be RS(T)+serial.  
N1MM Free Contest Logger is no longer supported, please ...
We are no longer supporting this version. Please go to http:/ and download N1MM Logger+  
That radio dude | The K7RA Solar update.
The K7RA Solar update has just been published over at the ARRL web site or on the DXWATCH site. ... According to the website: “Solar activity quieted this week, with the average daily sunspot numbers down nearly 37 points to 58.4 and the average daily solar flux declining 27 points to 116.9 ...    
The K7RA Solar Update - American Radio Relay League
Using the pull-down menu, select the center point nearest to your station. When Ken is home, he uses Phoenix (even though he’s actually in California). ... The moral of the story is that it pays to listen, or at least check! ...  
i1-21171's blog: February 2009
Friday, February 27, 2009. Apollo 9 40th Anniversary. Apollo 9 launched 40 years ago on March 3, 1969. ... Another feature in the 425 toolbar is the antenna heading/distance calculator, powered by Click the drop down menu at the Earth icon ; ...  
DJ60DXMB - callsign lookup - dxwatch - dx cluster
(English Version below - please scroll down) Das DX-Mitteilungsblatt =DXMB (oder eng. DX-Newsletter =DXNL) wird 2014 sechzig Jahre alt. Aus diesem Anlass gibt das Referat für DX & HF-Funksport des DARC e. V. ein Sonderdiplom heraus. In ...  
SV5DKL Amateur Radio Blog: R.I.P. Panos ...
One down, tw... 2013 CQ WW RTTY contest next weekend ... contest s... R.I.P. Panos ... 3rd GTC CW Cup Rules are announced; 2013 CQ WPX SSB Results published; ... Latest Spots. Solar Activity. The Ham Radio Blog  
Ham Radio Toolbar for IE and Firefox - N0HR
DXwatch (spot searches from the toolbar) QSL Manager (lookup dx callsigns from the toolbar) ... Of course, you can also find ham radio products at eBay as well further down the menu. Links to popular ham radio websites. Access to the DXpedition Map.  
Activity Report | WA2HOM
... Activity Report A strange way to make ... who lives just down the road in Ypsilanti, was only S9. We chatted for nearly an hour as I ... and thought I’d see what was on 15 m. Tuning around, I found a small pileup on 21.017. I called up DXWatch and determined that the pileup was for T32C ...  
But without power Hamradio is still alive. And the Internet is down. Feature to use with hamdradio we all know. – Cluster – Online log – Webcam – Livelog – Website ... Dxwatch; Ham radio amature. PA0CWR, Cinus; PA1JIM, Jim; PA1K, Bert; PA3EGH, Jan; PA7ML, Michel; PD1RP, Peter; PD2RSW ...  
SA7AUW welcome!
Further down i have collected some of my received QSL cards . Ham Radio Sweden DX-radio F5LEN Webcluster DXWATCH Brugtgrej AC6V Links SSA HRD Log Find your QTH locator My Ham Shack FRO QRZ.COM SK7OA Flex Radio System -Webhosting    
VP9KF - Propagation
RBN DXWatch DXForMe: PSK DXMaps DXHeat: REAL TIME IONOSPHERE: SuperDARN radar measurements: JPLTEC map total ... Divide the number shown here by 100 to calculate the number of MHz that MUF is up or down compared to the last 60 days at the current time. Raw data can be found here for Wallops ...    
Fractal's DAS Works™ Makes 'Custom-Easy'
FCC cracks down on cramming 1. FCC cutbacks 1. FCC decision on Net Neutrality 1. FCC digital TV fact sheet 1. FCC ... Information from NG3K, and 425DXnews. 2015 Mar05 2015 Jun05 Surinam PZ5LP [spots] eQSL DXW.Net 20150127 By PA1LP fm Nieuw Nickerie; 80-10m; SSB + digital 2015 Mar17 ...  

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