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PHP: DateTime::diff - Manual
(PHP 5 >= 5.3.0). DateTime::diff -- DateTimeImmutable::diff -- DateTimeInterface::diff -- date_diff — Returns the difference between two DateTime objects ...    
PHP: date_diff - Manual
<?php /* * A mathematical decimal difference between two informed dates * * Author: Sergio Abreu * Website: * * Features: * Automatic ...    
PHP: array_diff - Manual
There is more fast implementation of array_diff, but with some limitations. If you need compare two arrays of integers or strings you can use such function:  
Make unified diff of two strings - PHP
Makes an unified diff containing differences between old_data string and new_data string and returns it. The resulting diff is human-readable. An optional ...    
A diff implementation for PHP - Code by Stephen Morley
Diff is the name of a file comparison program released for the Unix operating system in 1974. The word diff is now used more generally to refer both to a function that compares strings or files, and to the output of that function.  
Text_Diff - PEAR - PHP Extension and Application Repository
This package provides a text-based diff engine and renderers for multiple diff output formats. » Maintainers » More Information; Paul Jones (lead, inactive) ... Dependencies for Text_Diff. PHP 4.2.0 ; PEAR Installer 1.4.0b1 ; xdiff extension (Optional)    
chrisboulton/php-diff · GitHub
Oct 22, 2013 ... php-diff - A comprehensive library for generating differences between two strings in multiple formats (unified, side by side HTML etc). Based on ...    
Php Docbook Online Editor
Php Docbook Online Editor Loading styles and images...  
Highlight the difference between two strings in PHP - Stack Overflow
What is the easiest way to highlight the difference between two strings ... You can use the PHP Inline-Diff package. It suits your needs, and is quite ...    
Home and Professional - Ritlabs
Options: Home Professional Comments: Commercial use: The Bat! Home Edition cannot be used for commercial purposes. The Bat! Voyager: Portable email client The Bat!  
PHP date_diff() Function - W3Schools
Mar 15, 2013 ... NET PHP SQL tutorials, references, web building examples. ... The date_diff() function returns the difference between two DateTime objects.    
TF2B Schema Updatelog
TF2 Portal 2 Dota 2 Dota 2 Test CS:GO Return Team Fortress 2 schema update dated 18/03/2015 @ 10:43PM UTC [LATEST] Previous Update: 12/03/2015 @ 9:40PM UTC    
PHP Fine Diff - Raymond Hill
This page demonstrate the FineDiff class (as in “fine granularity diff”) I wrote – starting from scratch – to generate a lossless (won't eat your line breaks), compact ...    
array_diff : Difference between two arrays - PHP HTML MySQL ...
Difference between two arrays We can find out difference of two arrays by using array_diff function. This function takes two arrays as input and then returns the result array.  
Calculate text diffs in PHP - Stack Overflow
This question already has an answer here: Highlight the difference ... What sort of diffs? File diffs? There is array_diff() which acts on arrays.    
PHP: DateTime::diff - Manual
DateTime::diff DateTimeImmutable::diff DateTimeInterface::diff date_diff (PHP 5 >= 5.3.0) DateTime::diff-- DateTimeImmutable::diff-- DateTimeInterface::diff-- date_diff — Returns the difference between two DateTime objects.  
Paul Butler – A Simple Diff Algorithm in PHP
May 15, 2007 ... A diff algorithm in its most basic form takes two strings, and returns the changes needed to make the old string into the new one. They are useful ...    
Difference in two Dates in PHP - Plus2net
PHP Date Difference calculation using mktime function In PHP to calculate the difference in two dates we have to use mktime function and then find out the difference in seconds.  
phpspec/php-diff - Packagist
phpspec/php-diff. Overall: 970 446 installs 30 days: 196 252 installs. Today: 6 525 installs. A comprehensive library for generating differences between two ...    
Differentiated Instruction - SRA Reading Laboratory
Differentiated Instruction The SRA Reading Lab is a valuable resource for teachers in providing differentiated instruction during reading/language arts.  
PHP Text Diff Highlight class: Find and view the difference between ...
This class can find and view the difference between text strings. It takes two text strings and uses the diff algorithm to find the differences between them and ...    
R diff Function Examples -- EndMemo
R diff Function. diff() function returns suitably lagged and iterated differences. diff(x, ...) diff(x, lag = 1, differences = 1, ...) x: a numeric vector or matrix containing the values to be differenced  
SourceGear | DiffMerge
Download DiffMerge 4.2.0. Visually compare and merge files on Windows, OS X, and Linux. Windows Installer (64bit) Windows Installer (32bit) Windows zip ...    
Create DIFF Patch - Allegro
Allegro DIFF Patch Creator. This will create a patch (against the SVN version of Allegro) that can be submitted to the mailing list. After downloading the patch, you should validate that it was successfully created by viewing it with a UNIX friendly editor (ie, not Windows Notepad).  
PHP DateDiff Function - Web Development in Brighton - Added Bytes
With this in mind, the PHP DateDiff function below is intended to allow you to very ... The first determines what you want to measure the date difference in - years, ...    
Welcome to CareUnited - Medical Center
Effective Safe Weight Loss for You and Your Family Our program differs from traditional weight loss programs as it was developed by Dr. Warren Willey, DO. Dr. Willey has been helping people obtain optimal health and fitness through elite nutritional programs and exercise programs for over 20 years.  
Function Reference/human time diff « WordPress Codex
The difference is returned in a human readable format such as "1 hour", "5 mins", "2 days" ... To print an entry's time ("2 days ago"): <?php echo human_time_diff( ...    
php-mysql-diff - PHP library to compare two (or more) MySQL ...
PHP library to compare two (or more) MySQL databases or tables. Using MySQL-diff, developers can compare two or more MySQL databases or tables, like a diff. The differences can then be displayed as html, returned as a PHP array for further usage or generated as SQL.    
Pretty Diff - The difference tool
Pretty Diff tool can minify, beautify (pretty-print), or diff between minified and beautified code. ... @documentation - English    
Date.diff.PHP - Scripts
Date.diff.PHP is multi-platform compatible. This is a simple script to calculate the difference between two dates and express it in years, months and days.  
image diff / Stoyan's
Nov 15, 2008 ... Was having fun today with idiff.php - a PHP shell script to tell you if two ... files, also a third GD image with black background to store the diff.    
date-diff.php | HotScripts Date & Time
date-diff.php. HotScripts Date & Time from Hot Scripts. This is a simple script to calculate the difference between two dates and express it in years, months and days. Use as in: "my daughter is 4 years, 2  
Calculate Date/Time Difference - Epoch Converter
Calculate Date/Time Difference. Show the difference between 2 dates. Use this calculator to find the ... Epoch in PHP · Epoch in VBScript/ASP/JavaScript.    
wp-diff.php - wordpress-ja - WordPress ... - Google Developers
WordPress 日本語版 "非公式" リポジトリ. Project Home Wiki Issues Source. Checkout Browse Changes Source path: svn/ tags / latest / wp-includes / wp-diff.php ‹r84; r91: r102› ...  
DiffNow - Compare files online. Powered by ExamDiff Pro.
Jul 10, 2011 ... DiffNow lets you compare text files, documents, binary files, and archives up to 2048KB in size. You can either upload the files you wish to ...    
TF2B Schema Updatelog
TF2 Portal 2 Dota 2 Dota 2 Test CS:GO Return Dota 2 Test schema update dated 20/11/2014 @ 10:02PM UTC [LATEST] Previous Update: 20/11/2014 @ 6:30PM UTC  
DirDiff.vim - A plugin to diff and merge two directories recursively ...
This is a utility that performs a recursive diff on two directories and generate a diff "window". Based on that window you can perform various diff operations such ...    
Precision Solar Controls Inc.
ABOUT US. Recognized as the industry leader in the design and manufacture of quality solar powered traffic safety equipment, Precision Solar Controls was formed in 1988.  
Visual Diff - MediaWiki
Dec 16, 2013 ... Visual Diff was a Google Summer of Code 2008 project by guyvdb and mentored by Brion. It can be enabled by setting $wgEnableHtmlDiff to ...    
Class 'Horde_String' not found in \pear\Horde\Text\Diff.php ...
I am trying to set up a class for tracking changes in the content by different authors. I did RnD and found text_Diff is the pear package which is responsible for the same. Later, text_diff is main...  
Migrations - Propel, The Blazing Fast Open-Source PHP 5.4 ORM
[propel-sql-diff] Comparing models... [propel-sql-diff] Structure of database was modified: 1 added table [propel-sql-diff] "PropelMigration_1286483354.php" file ... - All Synthetics are NOT Created Equal
All Synthetics Are NOT Created Equal. In the past, it was always believed that purchasing a synthetic oil meant just that, you were buying an oil that was man made rather than a petroleum that was pumped out of the ground.  
Basilic 1.5.14 diff.php Arbitrary Command Execution | Rapid7
This module abuses a metacharacter injection vulnerability in the diff.php script. This flaw allows an unauthenticated attacker to execute arbitrary commands as ...    
How WCAG 2.0 Differs from WCAG 1.0 - World Wide Web ...
This page describes how WCAG 2.0 is different from WCAG 1.0. For background, an introduction to WCAG, and links to additional information, see Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) Overview.  
Attack: Basilic diff.php RCE: Attack Signature - Symantec Corp.
Basilic is a PHP-based automated bibliography server. ... because it fails to sanitize user supplied input to the 'file' parameter of the 'basilic/Config/diff.php' script.    
Key Leadership, Plasma Power
Plasma Power has taken a different approach to service the renewable energy market. Unlike many others, we have a thermal plasma lab and test what we offer for sale.  
Index of /downloads/ - PHP-FPM
... sparc/ 30-Jun-2009 16:04 - php-4.4.7-fpm-0.1.diff.gz 19-Jun-2007 05:59 128724 ... 20-Jun-2007 19:29 130324 php-4.4.7-fpm-0.4.4.diff.gz 14-Jul-2007 07:38 ...    
Building a D413 Diff :: Tips & Tricks ::
How to build a D413 Diff. A tip from professional RC racer Ty Tessmann.  
PHP SQLDIFF, a.k.a. SQLDiff. If you manage your database tables like I do, you also make copious copies of the tables. When I go to make any serious change ...    
FSU Computer Science
Differences between the BS and BA in computer science. The BS in Computer Science (BS in CS) is considered the science track and the BA in Computer Science (BA in CS) is considered the humanities track.  

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