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CKFinder.config - CKFinder 2 JavaScript API Documentation
If this configuration is set to true, CKFinder will work in read-only mode, so the user will be able to browse the files but will not be able to introduce any changes.  
CKFinder |
CKFinder Web File Manager - Powerful & easy to use Ajax file manager for web browsers    
CKFinder - Get Free Trial |
Download of CKFinder with all features included. Try it for a limited period of time and buy it when you are ready.  
CKFinder 2.x/Developers Guide/ASP.NET/Configuration ...
For the list of all available configuration options refer to the CKFinder API documentation. Example . Below you can find a sample config.js file.  
CKeditor with a CKFinder custom config file - Stack Overflow
I know it is possible to load a custom config file for CKFinder CKFinder.config.customConfig = baseUrl + '/js/ckfinder_config.js'; However, when I load CKFinder within the CKEditor I don't know ...  
Ckeditor and ckfinder installation |
I found that lot`s of people out there finding difficulty with the installation of CKEDITOR and CKFINDER. Nobody taught me how to install it properly but I spent time with it and read all the manuals came with CKEDITOR and CKFINDER, that`s it everything goes well. But I know that most of the ...    
Set up ckFinder config.php |
Set up ckFinder config.php Top. Tue, 12/21/2010 - 19:48 #2. lee989. Joined: 21/12/2010 . Posts: 4 . Re: Set up ckFinder config.php. Top. 629 668 Registered devs 141 166 Lines of code 9 761 687 ...  
php - maxSize in ckfinder config file doesn't work - Stack ...
I use ckfinder version 2.0. The problem is that maxSize attribute doesn't work! Here is my resource type configuration. $config['ResourceType'][] = Array( 'name' => 'Files', //  
CKEditor & & CKFinder configuration
CKEditor & & CKFinder configuration. ... CKFinder is used to upload pictures . Created in the same directory with CKEditor and CKFinderuploadsFolder; Modificationconfig.phpFile Function of the twenty-first row. 1 function CheckAuthentication() 2 { 3 // WARNING : DO NOT ...  
CKFinder + ColdFusion: same config, new server, no joy ...
I've had FCKEditor (native in ColdFusion) + CKFinder working on my servers for quite a long time... without checking, I'd say close to two years. Recently we had our Web host move our three Web servers from dedicated machines to a virtualized setup, and that appears to have borked the connection ...  
Error ckeditor/ckfinder/config.php file doesn't exists ...
I'm running Drupal 7.12, ckeditor.module 7.x-1.6, and ckeditor 3.6.2. My site's status report is complaining that "CKFinder is not installed correctly: sites/all/modules/ckeditor/ckfinder/config.php not found. Make sure that you uploaded all files and did not accidentally remove the ...    
The CKEditor+CKFinder+jsp configuration
Ckeditor+ckfinder uses recent projects to do, because of the rich text editor, foreign open source tools, English too much food, cannot read the document, the final check a lot of blogs and data barely get, make a record.  
config.js var finder = new CKFinder(); finder.popup ...
Text below is selected. Please press Ctrl+C to copy to your clipboard. (⌘+C on Mac)    
config.php - bakeme - Customized cakephp bake templates ...
Customized cakephp bake templates & application skeleton. Project Home Downloads Wiki Issues Source. Checkout Browse Changes  
Configuration - CKEditor + WordPress
Configure CKFinder or enable the old built-in file browser fom FCKeditor 2.x. File editor. CKEditor have lots of configuration options, you can use this editor to change some files used by CKEditor instead of changing them via FTP ...    
config.php on Ticket #5092 – Attachment – CKEditor
Line 1 <?php 2 /* 3 * ### CKFinder : Configuration File - Basic Instructions 4 * 5 * In a generic usage case, the following tasks must be done to configure  
Could not load type 'CKFinder.Connector.Connector'. | The ASP ...
Unknown server tag 'CKFinder:Config'. the dll is in the website's bin directory. What could be wrong? help me plz :(thanks. Reply; Chunyan Yu -... Contributor. 6515 Points. 604 Posts. Re: Could not load type 'CKFinder.Connector.Connector'.  
CKFinder Error. The file browser is disabled for security ...
Please contact your system administrator and check the CKFinder configuration file. ayande,, joomla, ckfinder Home; Helps. SMTP Relay Hosts Sweden; About. About Us; Help ... CKFinder Error. The file browser is disabled for security reasons. Written by Ayande. font size decrease font ...  
Enable image upload for CKEditor | The ASP.NET Forums
should I change anything at ckfinder/config.ascx file for basepath and other things? Reply; somy_j. Member. 1 Points. 26 Posts. Re: Enable image upload for CKEditor. ... my pages was at admin folder and I was put ckeditor and ckfinder folder at root of my website.  
CKfinder XML Parsing Error with D6 conf · Issue #141 ...
That's an unsecure config. I've checked the repo at d.o and there's a PHP script. You need to add a location for it:  
config.php - Redmine
1 <?php: 2 /* 3 * ### CKFinder : Configuration File - Basic Instructions: 4 * 5 * In a generic usage case, the following tasks must be done to configure  
CKEditor with CKFinder (using ASP.NET) - goto: answer
Contact the system owner and check the CKFinder configuration file' I think it has something to do with permissions on the folder? To configure CKFinder for they say: 'Make the user files folder writable for the Internet user.  
[PHP] <?php /* * ### CKFinder : Configuration File - Basic ...
* 3. Create the CheckAuthentication() function that enables CKFinder for authenticated users; *    
How to install CKEditor with CKFinder ... - LevelTen Dallas, TX
Here's a quick run-through on how you can install and configure both CKEditor and CKFinder to enhance your drupal ... I prefer the following configuration as it allows maximum fanciness while minimizing the types of markup which could override the site's styling edit /sites/all/modules ...  
php - Como definir uma pasta dinâmica no CKFinder? - Stack ...
Estou quebrando a cabeça para definir uma pasta dinâmica ao abrir um POPUP do CKFinder. Vejam o código abaixo: // config.js var finder = new CKFinder(); finder.popup(); // CONFIG.PHP $baseDir =  
How to install CKEditor and CKFinder -
Drupal 7 - Installing CKEditor + CKFinder and Setting Permissions; Drupal 7 - How to install Drupal 7 with Acquia Dev Desktop; Drupal 7 - How to change p to br in CKEditor and TinyMCE; Drupal 7 - How to install TinyMCE and IMCE;  
CKEditor 3.6 + CKFinder 2.0 Asp.Net configuration and basic ...
CKEditor 3.6 + CKFinder 2.0 Asp.Net configuration and basic usage. Get web develop articles from    
PHP中CKEditor和CKFinder配置 .-android100学习网
打开/ckfinder/config.php, 首先设置第一个函数CheckAuthentication(),这个函数需要按照自己的规则写,只要return true的情况才能允许上传文件到服务器的,当然不建议直接写return true,这将导致安全问题。  
CKeditor with a CKFinder custom config file -
I know it is possible to load a custom config file for CKFinder. CKFinder.config.customConfig = baseUrl + '/js/ckfinder_config.js'; However, when I load CKFinder within the CKEditor I don't know how to load the custom config for CKFinder.  
CKFinder - invalid config.php detected « WordPress DK Forum
Ja, føler mig lidt dum - men har LØST det nu :) Som der står alle først: CKFinder Installed, invalid config.php detected. Did you copy ckfinder_config.php?  
#9939 (Unable to disable CKFinder flash uploader in Firefox ...
After setting the config option to disable the flash uploader in CKFinder, it successfully disables it in IE, but not in Firefox or Chrome. This is the config option I am using: config.removePlugins = 'flashupload';    
cristianav/ckfinder-imagecrop-plugin · GitHub
cristianav / ckfinder-imagecrop-plugin. Code; Issues; Pull requests; Pulse; Graphs; HTTPS clone URL. Subversion checkout URL. ... CKFinder.config.baseUrl = 'http://localhost'; In ckfinder/config.php update the last part where the plugins are loaded:  
[CakePHP – How To] CKFinder configuration ... - SANIsoft
Hello guyz, I am back again with an article on CakePHP. This one is related to CKFinder configuration management. CKFinder is a file management plugin for CKEditor using which you can upload new files or use existing files to link in to CKEditor’s content.  
CKEditor + CKFinder + configuration - Program Develop
CKEditor + CKFinder + configuration. Get program develop articles from    
_ckeditor_requirements_ckfinder_config_check | Drupal API ...
Versions; 7 – 6 _ckeditor_requirements_ckfinder_config_check($profile_name) Executed when the built-in file browser is enabled. Returns FALSE if no errors are found in the config.php file, otherwise it returns an error message.  
CKFinder Config - version | Opencart
Hi guys, I'm not sure of my OpenCart version but it's the one previous to the current release! I believe this issue is to do with the CKFinder configuration (v  
Adding CKFinder with Authentication to CiviCRM - CiviCRM ...
Add authorization code to CKFinder configuration. Modify Drupal settings to extend authorization to CKFinder. Install CKFinder. Choose a directory in your site and upload the CKFinder files. I like to create a directory in /sites/all to hold my CiviCRM overrides.  
Using CKEditor with Razor for .NET MVC 3 - Peter Keating
Open ckfinder/config.ascx, this is the main configuration file, temporarily change the CheckAuthentication() method to return true instead of false. ... The CKEditor & CKFinder combine to a total size of around 10mb.  
Add CKFinder to CKEditor for image file management.
Upload to /sites/all/modules/ckeditor/ so the full path will be /sites/all/modules/ckeditor/ckfinder . There are two nested ckeditor folders, one above the level of ckfinder and, ... Make a backup copy of the file found at sites/all/modules/ckeditor/ckfinder/config.php ;  
ckeditor/ckfinder installation configuration Q's? | Drupal Groups
Me again!!! Now that we're running Drupal 6.25 we needed to upgrade our wysiwyg editor. We chose ckeditor/ckfinder as the pair. Installing it seemed easy enough and went smootly.  
jsp realized using only ckeditor upload pictures is how to ...
jsp realized using only ckeditor upload pictures is how to limit the file size configuration. Get discussion of developing web application from | information ... ...    
SAKRA WebStudio: Install CKEditor and CKFinder in Symfony
I follow this step by step and CKEditor run. But when I press image icon and jump "Image properties" dialog box all crashed..... I guess, this is from configuration come.  
ASPRunner Professional 9.0 manual - Rich Text Editor plugins
Rich Text Editor plugins . To choose Rich Text Editor type set Edit type of any text field to Textarea and select Use RTE check box. ... Edit file C:\Program Files\ASPRunnerPro9.0\source\plugins\ckfinder\config.asp in the following way: ...  
ckeditor config - CiviCRM,12091.0.html
But now i want to customise it a little and also try to use de CKfinder module to upload images. I added some code to the config.js here is my code. ... // added code for ckfinder -----> config.filebrowserBrowseUrl = '/ckfinder/ckfinder.html';  
cakePHP 2.1, ckeditor + ckfinder - Google Groups
For ckfinder, here is my config: * Put these lines at the top of the file after the <?php : * session_name('YOUR SESSION NAME'); - I found that my session name was NOT 'CAKEPHP' but what I have the cookie named. * session_start(); * In ...  
CKEDITOR.config - CKEditor 4 Documentation!/api/CKEDITOR.config
CKEDITOR. config. clipboard_defaultContentType = 'text'; Defaults to: 'html' Available since: 4.0 . CKEDITOR.config view source. codeSnippetGeshi_url: String.  
The CKeditor Configuration Daquan - Programmer Share
For security consider the in CheckAuthentication the ckfinder / config.php file function default return value is false, the need to manually modify the validation criteria, is not recommended for direct returns true.    
Introduction - CKEditor 4 Documentation!/guide/dev_file_browse_upload
Using CKFinder. CKEditor may easily be integrated with CKFinder, an advanced Ajax file manager. For a live demonstration, see the demo. The integration may be conducted in two ways: by setting CKEditor configuration options (example below) or by using the CKFinder.setupCKEditor() ...  
pyBcmORalfQ videos - Entertainment For You
Continuando a outra vídeo aula, nessa aula vou ensinar como fazer upload de imagens pra servidor pelo CKeditor usando o CKfinder. Código: config.filebrowserBrowseUrl = 'ckeditor/ckfinder/ckfin...    

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