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<b>2015</b> in <b>China</b> - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia<b>2015</b>_in_<b>China</b>
The following lists events that happened during 2015 in China. Contents 1 Incumbents 2 Events 2.1 January 2.2 February 2.3 March 3 Culture 4 Sport 4.1 Association football 4.2 Other 5 References Incumbents Party General Secretary – Xi Jinping President - Xi Jinping Premier - Li Keqiang ...  
SIAL <b>CHINA</b> <b>2015</b> | Asia's Leading Food &amp; Beverage Exhibition  
10 reasons to visit SIAL CHINA 2015 99% booked . Asia’s largest food & beverage show; 17 categories of diverse food inspirations & products; 2700+ exhibitors and 55,000+ visitors from all over the world  
<b>2015</b> <b>China</b> Public Holidays &amp; Calendar - Portal Seven<b>China</b>.jsp?year=<b>2015</b>
Check 2015 China calendar with public holidays list. Check dates in 2015 for Lunar New Year, Qing Ming Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival.  
<b>China</b> declares war on 'forbidden game' of golf - Apr. 6, <b>2015</b><b>2015</b>/04/06/news/<b>china</b>-golf-corruption
There are no Chinese golfers participating in The Masters this week, and perhaps that is fitting. It's already been a rough spring for "the rich man's game" in China. On March 30, Chinese authorities announced the closure of 66 "illegal" golf courses -- roughly 10% of all courses in ...  
<b>China</b>'s <b>2015</b>: Fighting corruption, tightening grip -<b>2015</b>/01/12/<b>china</b>/<b>china</b>-<b>2015</b>-look-ahead/index...
Beijing, China (CNN)As New Year's Eve messages go, Xi Jinping's speech on national television was almost pitch-perfect. Highlighting continued economic growth and rising living standard in 2014, the Chinese president -- entering the third year into his expected decade-long reign ...  
Holidays and observances in <b>China</b> in <b>2015</b><b>china</b>/<b>2015</b>
Overview of holidays and many observances in China during the year 2015  
<b>China</b> Public Holidays <b>2015</b> (Asia/APEC)<b>2015</b>/<b>china</b>.htm
China public holidays and national holidays, from Q++ Studio, the unique ad-free source of professional public holidays information for 2015 and beyond.  
Official Public Holidays in <b>China</b>, <b>2015</b>/2016/2017 <b>China</b> ...<b>china</b>
China holidays and festivals list with tour packages. China has seven legal holidays, and peak time for travel always occurs on National Day, sometimes the New Year's Day and Spring Festival.  
<b>2015</b> <b>China</b> League One - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia<b>2015</b>_<b>China</b>_League_One
The 2015 China League One is the twelfth season of the China League One, the second tier of the Chinese football league pyramid, since its establishment in 2004.  
World Health Day: <b>China</b>'s <b>2015</b> focus is food safety - <b>China</b> ...  
This year, China is embracing the day by highlighting the challenges and opportunities associated with food safety. In China, more than 200 million people are affected by food-borne diseases each year, with pregnant women, children and the elderly particularly at risk.  
<b>China</b> sets <b>2015</b> growth target at 'around 7%' - CNBC
China has set its gross domestic product (GDP) growth target at "around 7 percent" for 2015 - the lowest in 11 years - focusing on quality over quantity as it overhauls its growth model.  
<b>China</b> in <b>2015</b>: Gauging the New Normal - Knowledge@Wharton<b>china</b>
Many China economic experts are optimistic. Though 2015 is poised to be another difficult year, in large part due to the real estate slowdown, “I’m inclined to believe we are approaching the bottom of the market, and things will turn up better than most expect,” says Pieter Bottelier ...  
<b>China</b> military spending to increase -<b>2015</b>/03/05/asia/<b>china</b>-military-spending
China says its military budget will increase by 10.1% in 2015, the latest in a series of double-digit increases.  
<b>China</b>s Military Budget Increasing 10% for <b>2015</b>, Official Says<b>2015</b>/03/05/world/asia/<b>china</b>s-military...
BEIJING — The Chinese military budget for 2015 will be about 10 percent bigger than last year’s, a senior Chinese official said on Wednesday, meaning that such spending is growing at a pace faster than the overall growth rate of the Chinese economy.  
What's in store for <b>China</b> in <b>2015</b>? - BBC News<b>china</b>-30630190
China has had a busy year - But what lies in store for it in 2015? China's 2014 has been full of riddles and contradictions, but what's in store for 2015?  
<b>China</b> NPC <b>2015</b>: The Reports - <b>China</b> Real Time Report - WSJ<b>china</b>realtime/<b>2015</b>/03/05/<b>china</b>-npc-<b>2015</b>...
In keeping with tradition, China Real Time has uploaded English and Chinese versions of all three major reports from the opening day of the National People's Congress as text-searchable PDFs for your reading pleasure.  
Population Pyramid of <b>China</b> in <b>2015</b><b>china</b>/<b>2015</b>
Visualization by Martin De Wulf — All code on github — Previous version of the site, with data from 2008. Keywords: demography, population pyramid, age pyramid, aging, retirement.  
<b>China</b> lowers <b>2015</b> growth target to 'approximately 7%' - Yahoo ...<b>china</b>-lowers-<b>2015</b>-growth-target...
Beijing (AFP) - China lowered its 2015 economic growth target to "approximately seven percent" Thursday, scaling down expectations in the face of "formidable" difficulties for the world's second-largest economy after its decades-long boom.  
Breakbulk <b>China</b> <b>2015</b> - Breakbulk Events &amp; Media<b>china</b>/breakbulk-<b>china</b>-<b>2015</b>
Breakbulk China is the largest conference & exhibition in Asia addressing the needs of traditional breakbulk and project cargo logisticians.  
<b>China</b> To Boost Military Budget By 10 Percent In <b>2015</b><b>2015</b>/03/04/<b>china</b>-military-budget...
BEIJING (AP) — China said Thursday it will boost defense spending by 10.1 percent, a smaller rise than last year but in line with large annual increases that have drawn concern among the country's neighbors over Beijing's military and territorial ambitions.  
Hornets NBA Global Games <b>China</b> <b>2015</b> Fact Sheet<b>china</b>-<b>2015</b>...
Hornets to Participate in Global Games China 2015 ... is part of Turner Sports Digital, part of the Turner Sports & Entertainment Digital Network.  
Hornets to Participate in NBA Global Games <b>China</b> <b>2015</b> ...<b>china</b>-<b>2015</b>
Hornets NBA Global Games China 2015 Fact Sheet. March 25, 2015. 2015 NBA Global Games. NBA Global Games Press Conference in China - 3/25/15. March 25, 2015. Schedule; Ticket Central; Single Game Tickets; Sell Tickets; Hornets Fan Shop; Team Standings; Team Stats; Roster; Leaders; Player Stats;  
UK-<b>China</b> trade bromance a blow to White House - Mar. 13, <b>2015</b><b>2015</b>/03/13/news/economy/<b>china</b>-uk-britain...
U.S. efforts to counter China's growing influence in Asia have been dealt a blow by Britain's decision to join a new China-led financial institution modeled on the World Bank.  
Population of <b>China</b> (<b>2015</b>) - Worldometers<b>china</b>-population
China Population: current, historical, and projected population, growth rate, immigration, median age, total fertility rate (TFR), population density, urbanization, urban population, country's share of world population, and global rank. Data tables, maps, charts, and live population clock  
<b>China</b> sets growth target of about 7% for <b>2015</b> - USA TODAY<b>2015</b>/03/04/<b>china</b>...
BEIJING — China plans an economic growth rate of about 7% in 2015, marking its weakest expansion since 1990 and a further slowing of the world's second largest economy.  
Exclusive: <b>China</b>'s international payments system ready, could ...<b>2015</b>/03/09/us-<b>china</b>-yuan...
HONG KONG/BEIJING (Reuters) - China's long-awaited international payment system to process cross-border yuan transactions is ready, and may be launched as early as September or October, three sources with  
<b>China</b> defense budget rise to defy slowing economy | Reuters<b>2015</b>/03/04/us-<b>china</b>-parliament...
BEIJING (Reuters) - China's defense budget this year will rise about 10 percent compared with 2014, a top government official said on Wednesday, outpacing the slowing economy as the country ramps up investment  
<b>China</b> River Cruises &amp; Tours <b>2015</b><b>china</b>/<b>2015</b>
Yangtze River Cruises with Uniworld. Marvel at the geographic diversity of China, from the mountains of Tibet to the grand gorges of the Yangtze.  
Borderlands Online Lands In <b>China</b> in <b>2015</b> - Kotaku<b>china</b>-in-<b>2015</b>...
Earlier this morning, China time, the fine folks at Shanda Games dropped a bombshell. They're bringing Borderlands to China. That's right, they've announced Borderlands Online, a made for China action RPG/online shooter. According the press release sent out by Shanda and republished by various  
<b>China</b> GRI <b>2015</b> - GRI Global Real Estate Institute<b>China</b><b>2015</b>
China GRI 2015- The GRI is a global club of senior real estate investors, developers and lenders that runs its activities through a collection of annual meetings focussed on different regions of the world.  
<b>2015</b> in <b>China</b>: More Pain, Less Growth - The Wall Street Journal<b>2015</b>-in-<b>china</b>-more-pain-less-growth/...
China’s Shanghai stock index was up 50%, one of the best performers of 2014. But investors are still wary, Silvercrest Asset Management managing director Patrick Chovanec says. Photo: Getty  
<b>China</b> in <b>2015</b><b>China</b>_in_<b>2015</b>.pdf
01 January 2011 China in 2015 2 Focus charts and tables Figure 2: Share of wage income and consumption will rise in China – reversing a decade-long declining trend  
<b>China</b> | Expo Milano <b>2015</b>  
Agriculture, food, environment, sustainable development are the focal points of China's participation in Expo Milano 2015. Its aim is to recall the tenet of Chinese philosophy that "man is part of nature," and to illustrate its cultural traditions and progress in the areas of agriculture ...  
<b>China</b> in <b>2015</b>: What to Expect | The Diplomat<b>2015</b>/01/<b>china</b>-in-<b>2015</b>-what-to-expect
China in 2015: What to Expect. Chinese President Xi Jinping has a full plate this year: a continuing anti-corruption campaign, a stated commitment to developing the “rule of law,” and a need to move forward on difficult economic reforms.  
The 3rd International Printing Technology Exhibition Of <b>China</b> ...  
With successfully launching the 8th Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition, the promotional activities of its sister exhibition—International Printing Technology Exhibition of China (Guangdong) kick off.  
<b>2015</b> / 2016 / 2017 Chinese Public Holiday Calendar, Schedule<b>china</b>
Detailed China public holidays calendar shows the festivals of 2015, 2016 and 2017, including the Spring Festival, Qingming Festival, May Day, Mid-Autumn Day and National Day.  
What could happen in <b>China</b> in <b>2015</b>? | McKinsey &amp; Company<b>china</b>_in_<b>2015</b>
Commentary What could happen in China in 2015? What do you get when you add slower economic growth, greater volatility, and rising competition to more international flights and genuine Chinese innovation?  
<b>China</b> Overview - World Bank<b>china</b>/overview
China’s 12th Five-Year Plan (2011-2015) forcefully addresses these issues. It highlights the development of services and measures to address environmental and social imbalances, setting targets to reduce pollution, to increase energy efficiency, ...  
BIOFACH <b>CHINA</b> - Welcome to BIOFACH <b>CHINA</b> <b>2015</b>  
Welcome to BIOFACH CHINA 2015. Since 2012, the consumption of organic food accounted for 1.01% of the whole consumption of food, up by 0.65% compared with 0.36% in 2007.  
Fi Asia-<b>China</b>, Hi &amp; Ni <b>2015</b> | Home<b>china</b>/home
Fi Asia-China, Hi & Ni is China's most important gathering of ingredients suppliers, distributors and buyers for the food & health industries.  
<b>China</b>: Hard landing in <b>2015</b>? |
Nigeria Ruling party crumbles in historic election. 05/04/2015: But only mass struggle can guarantee the interests of workers and poor masses under buhari’s presidency  
APT - <b>China</b> <b>2015</b>, Yangtze River Cruises, APT Tours of <b>China</b> ...<b>china</b>-<b>2015</b>
Join APT on a small group tour of China in 2015. Cruise through the stunning Three Gorges region aboard the Yangzi Explorer. Visit iconic attractions, such as the Great Wall, Tiananmen Square and the Terracotta Warriors.  
Top <b>China</b> Tours <b>2015</b>  
www.<b>china</b> provides worldwide travelers with high quality China tour packages to Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Xian, Yangtze, Tibet, Taiwan...  
<b>China</b> worlds largest economy <b>2015</b> - Vanity Fair<b>2015</b>/01/<b>china</b>-worlds-largest-economy...
Without fanfare—indeed, with some misgivings about its new status—China has just overtaken the United States as the world’s largest economy.  
<b>2015</b> CN <b>China</b> Silver Panda BU 10 Yuan OGP <b>China</b> Mint at ...<b>2015</b>-<b>China</b>-Silver-Panda-Yuan/dp/B00QL4FYTG
2015 China Silver Panda (1 oz) Brilliant Uncirculated Sealed in Original Mint Capsule The Chinese Panda Coins are very popular with both coin collectors and investors.  
What Challenges Does <b>China</b> Face in <b>2015</b> - The Wall Street Journal<b>china</b>-face-in-<b>2015</b>/...
As China’s growth rate falls to its lowest level in nearly 25 years, The WSJ’s Jacky Wong asks BlackRock’s head of China equities about the challenges China faces in 2015, and the tools officials have  
<b>2015</b> Billionaires: <b>China</b> Dropoffs Hurt By Profit Pressure ...<b>2015</b>/03/05/<b>2015</b>...
China’s then-record 152 members of the 2014 Forbes Billionaires List was easily surpassed on the latest edition of the global wealth ranking announced on Monday, in which the mainland boasts 213 listees.  
People's Republic of <b>China</b> - <b>2015</b> Predictions by ...<b>china</b>-<b>2015</b>-predictions.action
Our formidable neighbour, China was recently alleged to be a fast emerging threat to our national security. Ganesha looks at China's Foundation Chart to predict the way ahead in the year 2015.  
<b>China</b>s <b>2015</b> to-do list: Defense budget boost 10%, foreign ...
The world's economic engine, China, is outlining its targets for 2015 at the National People's Congress in Beijing. RT LIVE Subscribe to...  
XIAMEN | FUJIAN | <b>CHINA</b> | <b>2015</b> | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
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