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Calibration - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Calibration is a comparison between measurements – one of known magnitude or correctness made or set with one device and another measurement made in as similar a way as possible with a second device. The device with the known or assigned correctness is called the standard. The second device is ...  
Calibrations Homepage - National Institute of Standards and ...
Martin Wilson (Gaithersburg, MD) Calibration Administrator Physical Measurement Laboratory 301.975.2356 Telephone 301.975.2950 Facsimile    
Calibration Standards® - Scan Systems
Welcome to EDM Specialties ™ Since 1985, EDM Specialties™ has been offering our NDE inspection clients the finest quality calibration standards available.  
ANSI Calibration Standards | eHow - eHow | How to - Discover ...
The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) oversees US and international calibration standards for a variety of workplaces. These standards are used to promote health and safety for workers, provide guidelines for product development and ensure environmental protection.  
Calibration Standards
RTC manufactures and distributes high quality calibration standards. RTC’s standards are certified reference materials, accredited to ISO Guide 34 and ISO 17025.    
Standards, Accreditation, and Traceability | Tektronix
Standards are codified requirements for a process such as calibration or compliance. Promulgated by cooperative industry bodies and/or governmental entities, standards are the cornerstone of calibration.  
Calibration standards for spectrophotometers
Calibration of spectrophotometers 3 Traceability of the calibration and conformity to the regulations 4 Calibration standards for testing the wavelength accuracy 5  
Calibration Standards - Calibration Standard | Edmund Optics
Calibration Standards ideal for determining the accuracy or level of precision of an optical component for optical applications are available at Edmund Optics.  
Calibration and Reference Standards Information on GlobalSpec
Calibration standards and reference sources include any source that can provide a reference for the calibration of an instrument or comparison of a material or component.  
NIST Traceable Calibration - Sure Controls
Who is NIST and what do they do? NIST traceable calibration is an assurance program that certifies that a laboratory or manufacturer is fully equipped to calibrate equipment to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) standards and that any products offered by that manufacturer will ...  
Calibration Standards - Products - Products and Services ...
CONTACT DETAILS Paragon Scientific Limited - 6 Prenton Way, North Cheshire Trading Estate, Prenton, Wirral, CH43 3DU. UK Tel:+44 (0)151 649 9955  
VLSI Standards, Inc. - Traceable Calibration Standards and ...
VLSI Standards, Inc. is a leading supplier of NIST traceable calibration standards and calibration certificates.    
Calibration Procedures: Standard Operating Procedures
1: Preparation of Calibration Certificates Revision Date: Sept 2014 Job Aids: Calibration Certificate and Test Report Review Template PDF DOC. DOC  
ISO 17025 Calibration Services | Precision Instrument Calibration
ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Accredited Calibration Services. Visit our website or call us today 610-489-5500  
force calibration standards
Morehouse Instrument Company can be of service to you with almost a century of experience as a company in force calibration equipment and services.  
Calibration Standards, Metrology Hardware & Software
Fluke Calibration is a leader in precision instrument calibration and metrology hardware and software for electrical, temperature, pressure, flow, and RF measurements.    
Fluke Calibration: US | Calibration Equipment & Standards ...
Welcome to Fluke Calibration. Fluke Calibration is a leader in precision calibration instruments, equipment, service and software for electrical, RF,    
Gas Calibration Standards, Natural Gas Standards, Pipeline ...
MESA Specialty supplies petrochemical and refinery gas calibration standards, including natural gas pipeline calibration gas standards. Also available are polymer, sulphur,butadiene gas standard and liquid calibration mixtures.  
Industrial Calibration Services | Calibration Standards ...
Calibration Quality Standards Quality Calibration Services Since 1994, IN-CAL™ has been a leader in offering a wide range of calibration and repair services to customers around the world in their facilities as well as in our environmentally controlled laboratory in Hudson, NH.  
Tool Calibration and Control System - Quality Assurance ...
Calibration Standards. There are 3 types of standards in your tool calibration and control system: Primary Standards: Those units or instruments of highest quality and stability which are periodically calibrated by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) or by other contract ...  
Calibration Standards - Index Instruments
Calibration Standards . A versatile, easy to use range of liquid and solid reference standards for checking the calibration of all types of manual, semi-automatic and full automatic refractometers.  
Microscopy Calibration Specimens and Measuring Standards
calibration specimens for scanning and transmission electron microscopes,atomic force microscopes,ion sputter standards  
Calibration Instruments, Standards and Reference Sources
GlobalSpec offers a variety of Calibration Instruments, Standards and Reference Sources for engineers and through SpecSearch the Calibration Instruments, Standards and Reference Sources can be searched for the exact specifications needed.  
Calibration Standards - ECUTEC Home Page
ECUTEC, Inc. fabricates calibration standards for heat exchanger tubing and test blocks. ECUTEC sells eddy current tubing analyzers, probes, carry cases, mock-up training exchangers, and does job shop projects. Your one stop for eddy current non-ferrous tube testing equipment, calibration ...  
Calibration Standards - Olympus IMS
Olympus NDT has the capability and experience to manufacture a wide range of calibration standards for eddy current array applications. Whether these calibration standards are defined in an aircraft manual or are entirely custom-made, Olympus NDT can manufacture to any requirements.  
Calibration Weights - Precision Weighing Balances
High precision calibration weights to meet your metrology weighing needs. Sartorius, Troemner and Rice Lake laboratory weights with Report of Traceability and optional Certificate of Calibrati  
Dairy Testing | Dairy Laboratory | Calibration Standards
DQCI Services is a leading dairy testing company that utilizes Mojonnier, Kjeldahl and other testing methods to insure quality of dairy products such as milk.    
Standard (metrology) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In the science of measurement, a standard is an object, system, or experiment that bears a defined relationship to a unit of measurement of a physical quantity. Standards are the fundamental reference for a system of weights and measures, against which all other measuring devices are compared ...  
Gas Calibration Standards / Air Sampling / Sample Handling ...
Our high-quality air monitoring gas calibration standards are provided by Spectra/Linde and Scott/Air Liquide — meeting lab requirements for two separate sources of calibration standards.  
Calibration and Calibration Verification Requirements
Calibration and Calibration Verification October 2006 Since March 2005, the Washington Medical Test Site (MTS) regulations require calibration verification for both moderate and high complexity test systems.  
Gas Chromatography and Calibration Standards
The importance of accurate dilutions when creating a calibration curve for quantitative analysis by GC.  
Calibration Standards | ASI Standards
ASI Standards, formerly Analytical Services, Inc. is a worldwide trusted source for calibration standards serving the petroleum, lube oil, crude oil and  
Coating Thickness Standards - Certified and Non-Certified
Certified thickness Standards are used to verify the accuracy and operation of coating thickness gages and are an important component in fulfilling both ISO/QS-9000 and in-house quality control requirements.    
Calibration Standards - - Condec
Designed for quick, convenient and accurate performance, the UPC5100 pressure calibration standard takes portability to a new level.  
Machine tool calibration: standards and methods | QC and ...
During the past decade, product innovation, improvement, and cost reduction programs have led to growing interest in machining parts with ever-tighter tolerances. Accurate parts reduce costs by cutting assembly time, maintenance and warranty costs; and improve products, leading to ...  
Calibration Standards - Keysight Network Analyzer Service ...
Learn about other Calibration Standards: Data-Based Standard. Sliding Load. Offset Load. Arbitrary Impedance Load. Standard Definitions. Standard definitions describe the electrical characteristics of the standards and the frequencies they will be used.  
Calibration Standards
High Purity Standards is the leader in analytical standards. Provide icp standards, analytical standards, custom standards, metals standards, reference materials, inorganic standards, calibration standards, inorganic ventures, spex, accustandards. Solutions for organic, inorganic, environmental ...  
Helpful Hints - Calibration Standards • Calibrate the instrument within the desired dry film thickness range. • Deduct magnetic base reading when calibration of Type I gage has been performed using NIST plates.  
AFM calibration standards - BudgetSensors
Below you can find a selection of AFM calibration standards offered by Budget Sensors®. Currently we supply tip characterization samples and height standards.  
INTERNAL STANDARD CALIBRATION - Arizona Department of Health ...
Internal standard calibration involves the comparison of the instrument responses from the target compounds in the sample to the responses of reference standards added to  
Reference Standards Calibration Blocks - PH Tool
PH Tool Reference Standards , headquartered in Pipersville PA, has supplied the NDT industry with high quality Reference Standards and Test Blocks since its founding in 1973.  
Calibration Standards | Rudolph Research Analytical
Calibration standards for Rudolph Research Analytical laboratory saccharimeter instruments. Rudolph adheres to NVLAP & NIST quartz control plate standards.  
MY/MA/RTD Calibrator( Mains Operated) - Calibration Standards ...
Manufacturer and Exporter of Calibration Standards, Three Phase Power / Energy Meter Calibrator, Tachometer Calibrator (Non-Contact Type), mV/mA/RTD Calibrator (Battery Operated), mV/mA Calibrator (Mains Operated) and Multifunction Calibrator offered by Zeal Services, Pune, Pune, Maharashtra, India.  
What is calibration standard? definition and meaning
A recognized objective standard of quality for a business process output or characteristic. Calibration standards may be established through internal research or with the help of external process improvement consultants, and are used to make adjustments to other areas of the enterprise to ...  
Refractive Index Standards - Calibration Standards - Products ...
Paragon Scientific produces a range of sucrose standards for use in the calibration and verification of all types of refractometer e.g. handheld, Abbe and high accuracy digital instruments.  
Calibration Standards - Kipp & Zonen - Solar Radiation ...
Calibration Standards. The only accepted world standards for the calibration of radiometers for the measurement of global or direct broadband solar radiation are as below:  
Calibration Gas Cylinders, Disposable Gas Cylinder ...
Order calibration gas standards, instrument grade support gases, disposable compressed calibration cylinder gases, calibration gas regulators and handling equipment - including pure Oxygen, CO2 and Hydrogen cylinders used in health & industry contexts.  
Calibration - Calibration - Chromedia
The external standard technique This is the calibration technique of choice in almost any method of analysis, chromatography included. A series of standards with known concentrations of the analyte is analyzed under the same conditions as the sample to establish the calibration curve as the ...  
Calibration, Certification, and Verification of Standards
Calibration, Certification, and Verification of Standards. This page last reviewed July 18, 2014. Services | Service Schedule | Standard Operating Procedures  
Instrument Calibration Standards | PerkinElmer
We provide technology, services and solutions for applications such as environmental monitoring, food safety, clinical diagnostics and biomedical research.  

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