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USA Swimming - Breaststroke: Timing - Pull Your Legs, then ...
Breaststroke: Timing - Pull Your Legs, then Kick Your Streamline. Tweet. 3/12/2012. By Russell Mark//High Performance Consultant. A lot of swimmers and coaches often talk about timing as an important aspect in breaststroke. When something is off, you’ll often hear talk about late timing.  
Perfect Breaststroke Timing For Smooth Easy Swimming
Top tips for smooth and easy breaststroke timing and coordination. Get the sequence right and your breaststroke technique will be effortless.  
Breaststroke Swimming technique - timing - YouTube
How to get the timing right when swimming breaststroke - as with all the strokes, timing is the key to bringing great technique alive as well as keeping the ...    
Breaststroke Timing – Part 4 - Swymnut Masters
One of the biggest questions I get about breaststroke is when to time the kick in relation to the pull. This is a bit tricky. Many a coach has been heard calling out from deck, “kick your hands forward”. ... If you are not using the correct stroke timing ...  
How to Do the 'Death' Breaststroke Kick Drill in Swimming
Edit Article How to Do the 'Death' Breaststroke Kick Drill in Swimming. If you need to work on your timing in breaststroke, this is a great drill to do.  
Breaststroke Timing? - Yahoo Answers
The timing in breaststroke is very important but it can be broken down to three steps Pull Kick Glide In breaststoke you start every stroke from the streamline position as you start to pull with your arms this is when you breathe so by the time you start your kick your arms and head ...  
Breaststroke | Breaststroke Drills and Workouts ...
Learn everything you need to know about swimming breaststroke. Discover how to swim fast by improving your technique with these drills and workouts.    
Breaststroke - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Breaststroke is a swimming style in which the swimmer is on his or her chest and the torso does not rotate. It is the most popular recreational style due to the swimmer's head being out of the water a large portion of the time, and that it can be swum comfortably at slow speeds.    
Swim Magazine: The Modern Breaststroke, Tips to Improve Your ...
by Wayne McCauley The Modern Breaststroke Tips to Improve Your Stroke Breaststroke is in a state of change, with many Masters swimmers are in the process of converting from the conventional or flat style to the wave style of breaststroke.  
Breaststroke Timing Drill – Part 2 » Swymnut Masters
On May 20th, I wrote a post on a drill for breaststroke timing. You can read that here. That post also gave a link to an article by Swimming World on breaststroke timing.  
Breaststroke - Timing Underwater Dolphin - YouTube
Ever since the initiation of the dolphin kick in the underwater pull, there have been discussions about when the dolphin kick should come in.    
Common Breaststroke Mistakes |
Most swimmers kick wide in breaststroke. ... Breaststroke - Timing the Kick. A great coach recently said that the biggest problem with... Beginner's Guide to the Breaststroke. The breaststroke is a great swimming stroke for beginners...  
Timing of Breaststroke Swimming - Swim Teach
Why is the timing of Breaststroke swimming important? Breaststroke is the least efficient of the four basic swimming strokes. This is because of the wide leg kick and arm pull and the overall body position therefore creates a large frontal resistance.  
Breaststroke Technique | Breaststroke Tips | Breaststroke Zone
Here we discuss the breaststroke technique of some of the best swimmers. Learn what to look for and how to improve your technique with these tips.  
BREASTSTROKE INTERPRETATION . SW 7.1 . ... FINA issued an interpretation of the breaststroke rule covering the initiation of the arm pull. Obviously, this interpretation also applies to correctly judging the timing of the single butterfly kick which may follow initiation of the arm pull. 1.  
Dolphin Kick Breaststroke Drill with Rebecca Soni - Video
Rebecca Soni: “Dolphin Kick Breaststroke drill is one of my favorites. For me, the biggest benefit of this drill is being able to work on the timing of the stroke. The timing is the most important variable in this stroke.  
Benefits of the Breaststroke - Live Healthy -
While swimming breaststroke, your kick, pull and timing will be challenging to perfect, but with practice, you will begin to see stroke improvements and greater benefits. Swimming Breaststroke. Breaststroke will take time to perfect, but the basics are easy to grasp.  
Olympic Breaststroke Technique | STACK
Olympic Breaststroke Technique Timing. Unlike other strokes, ... Make sure you're not initiating your kick until you have your arms recovering, in a streamline position. Think about it: do you want to block your main source of propulsion?  
Rebecca Soni - Swimming - Breast Stroke, How To Videos ...
Learn swimming techniques from Olympic gold medalist Rebecca Soni. Watch ProTips4U swimming training videos to improve kick, turn, pull and timing.  
Breaststroke Timing | Russell Payne
Breaststroke Timing. I’ll start off by apologizing about my lack of updates so far this season. I have been busy getting myself back into training mode after this summer.  
How to improve my 50m breaststroke time - The Swimming Expert
I’m 6 foot 1 and about 140 pounds and my breaststroke kick is faster then my freestyle kick. ... 2 Responses to How to improve my 50m breaststroke time? Michael Burrows January 20, 2015 at 10:59 pm # Glide variation times in training sessions – count 1000 or 1000, ...  
Breaststroke Kick - Swimming Technique and Tips
This article explains the different phases of the breaststroke kick. The swimming technique of the kick is illustrated using a nice an underwater video.  
Breaststroke video - U.S. Masters Swimming Discussion Forums
Breaststroke video I'm ... I'd work on your breaststroke kick in kick sets. ... Watch Kitajima and you'll see that his hips stay relatively on the same plane the entire time. The timing of your kick may be slightly too late as well, ...  
Swimisodes - Breaststroke with Rebecca Soni - Dolphin Kick ...
Learning how to swim fast Breaststroke is difficult especially timing the strike phase. One thing all fast swimming techniques in Breaststroke have in common is…    
How to Swim the Breaststroke: Swimming Technique
The breaststroke is without a doubt one of the most popular swimming strokes. In fact, many recreational swimmers are perfectly happy using this swim stroke all the time.  
Swimisodes - Rebecca Soni - Dolphin Kick Breaststroke | The ...
Dolphin Kick Breaststroke otherwise known as Cobra Breaststroke can help swimmers of all abilities become faster by allowing them to focus on timing the strike phase with the kick. By adding fins we increase the speed as well as the amount of drag that creates a greater 'feeling' in the water.  
Breaststroke Drills - Effortless Swimming
If you’re looking for a way to improve your breaststroke check out some of the drills in the Effortless Breaststroke Program. ... The time here he did 4 weeks ago in a short course pool; ... We start with kick on our front with your arms by our side.  
Master Breaststroke - U.S. Masters Swimming
Breaststroke is a devilish stroke: challenging to learn, difficult to perfect, and full of nuance. To a nonswimmer, breaststroke may look easy. Can't anyone do it? Well, maybe great grandma's breaststroke from 1920—head held up, a nice leisurely scull and that super-wide frog kick. The ...  
Swim Coach Direct: Breaststroke Timing -
Get someone to time your complete stroke cycle from when your hands begin to separate on the pull to when your heels come together at the end of the kick's propulsion.  
Teaching Swimmers Breaststroke for the First Time | American ...
Some swimmers can kick breaststroke quite naturally, others need lots of work. ... You also want the swimmers to use their own senses for judging the best time to pullout, recover, and kick. The “bicycle down a hill” story is a good analogy to use.  
Improving your backstroke technique - Home of Swimming | The ...
To ensure you are squeezing the most out of your time in the pool here are a few advanced tips for improving your backstroke technique.  
Improving Breaststroke Technique - Masters Swimming Hub
Good timing of the arm action and leg kick are imperative to make the most out of your breaststroke. Try to time your arm action and leg kick so there is always something propelling you through the water.  
How to swim right: breaststroke | Life and style | The Guardian
"Breaststroke is all about timing," she says. "You can't kick and pull at the same time or you'll go nowhere." And what about breathing? "The fact that your body is flat in the water makes breathing in breaststroke easier than in front crawl," says Shaw.  
BREASTSTROKE - Portage Community School District
BREASTSTROKE Probably the most difficult of all strokes to master is the breaststroke. This is because the motions of the arm stroke and Kick are circular in motion, rather than linear in motion as it is with the other three competitive  
Great Breaststroke Kick: The Ins & Outs - Swimming News ...
by Marty Hull Increasing Flexibility Great Breaststroke Kick: The Ins & Outs Legs are very powerful and efficient on land. In the water, legs don't workas well.  
Breaststroke - Timing the Kick - Swimming Videos |
A great coach recently said that the biggest problem with breaststroke is "the kick." THis confirms out belief that working on when and how you initiate the kick is a much bigger concern than most people think.  
Breaststroke Drills - Dixie Zone
Breaststroke Drills. When doing drills, the main focus should be breaking the stroke down and perfecting it. Don't rush drills -- good technique is the important factor.  
exercise technique - Recreational vs Competitive Breaststroke ...
Looking around some information about breaststroke technique, I am seeing different information about the timing of the kick. With the recreational breaststroke (with head all time out) I tend to have my legs already flexed when breathing and kick when extending my arms.  
Breaststroke Drills- Swimming Practice Plans
Breaststroke Drills. The Long and The Short of It. As with any other sport, practice makes perfect, especially where swimming strokes are concerned.  
Faster Breaststroke - Southern Pacific Masters Swimming
Faster Breaststroke. How can you improve fastest in your breaststroke races? Fact: 40 % of the 200 short course breaststroke is composed of the start and 7 turns.    
How To Do Breaststroke Kick - Effortless Swimming
Breaststroke kick is important if you want to be a good breaststroker. There are a number of ways you can improve your kick in order to swim faster. ... Hi, For a national standard swimmer, can you explain the difference between 50,100 and 200m breast technique / timing.  
Now - the latest rule in dolphin kick in breaststroke turns!!...
OK--- So here is the latest in explaining when we can do a dolphin kick & not get DQ'ed !!:badday: We can do it like the Olympics:bow: swimmers!! Oz Osborne OK Now the Latest Official rule is : Emergency Rule Change: Breaststroke Modification in timing of breaststroke kick effective now!!  
Breaststroke Pullout Rules | Swimming Science
Recently, FINA amended the breaststroke pullout rule, simply allowing the swimmer to perform their dolphin kick at any point during their pullout.  
ss finis clinic power-point breaststroke Teaching ...
9/30/2010 2 Teaching Breaststroke-Timing, Beautiful Arms, Great Kicking Sweep kick to finish with heels of feet driving to the wall behind you.  
Breaststroke - Timing of Permissible Butterfly Kick After the ...
Breaststroke - Timing of Permissible Butterfly Kick After the Start and Turns  
How to Swim Breaststroke the Race Club Way - The Race Club ...
In this Fast Swimming Techniques Video, Gary Hall Sr. reveals how to Swim Breaststroke the Race Club way. We believe that the swimmer must get into a full streamline after each narrow kick in order to minimize frontal drag and maximize distance per stroke.  
How to Swim the Breaststroke: 7 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow
How to Swim the Breaststroke. The breaststroke can be a tricky stroke to master, but once the steps are coordinated correctly it can be a very leisurely way to swim. Place yourself laterally in the water with your arms extended straight in...  
The Breaststroke Pull - Breaststroker's Web Page, The ...
Invented by Hungarian coach, Jozsef Nagy, it was perfected by my teammate, Mike Barrowman, whose gold medal time at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona ... Santos will describe three drills to help you master/he breaststroke kick, then give you tips on how to put the entire wave stroke together)  
FINA Announces Another Rules Change to Breaststroke Pullouts
FINA has announced a rules change to the breaststroke underwater pullout – the latest change to try and give officials a fighting chance, and athletes an even chance, at adhering to the ever-more-complex breaststroke rules.  
How to fix a screw kick in Breaststroke - The Swimming Expert
This simple progression will help a swimmer to correct a screw kick in breaststroke over time. Great info for swim teachers and swimming coaches.  

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