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Ajax (mythology) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Ajax or Aias was a mythological Greek hero, the son of King Telamon and Periboea, and the half-brother of Teucer. He plays an important role in Homer's Iliad and in the Epic Cycle, a series of epic poems about the Trojan War. To distinguish him from Ajax, son of Oileus (Ajax the Lesser), he is ...  
Ajax - Myth Encyclopedia - mythology, Greek, god, names, war ...
Ajax proved to be an outstanding warrior during the war that followed. When Achilles left the battle because of a dispute, Ajax fought Hector, the Trojans' champion.  
Profile of Ajax: Greek Hero of the Trojan War
Ajax the Greater was the son of the king of the island of Salamis and the half-brother of Teucer, an archer on the Greek side in the Trojan War.  
Ajax (Sophocles) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Sophocles's Ajax is a Greek tragedy written in the 5th century BC. The date of Ajax's first performance is unknown and may never be found, but most scholars regard it as an early work, circa 450 - 430 B.C. (J. Moore, 2). It chronicles the fate of the warrior Ajax after the events of the Iliad ...  
Ajax - Sophocles - Ancient Greece - Classical Literature
“Ajax” (Gr: “Aias”) is a tragedy by the ancient Greek playwright Sophocles. Although the exact date of its first performance is unknown, most scholars date it to relatively early in Sophocles' career (possibly the earliest Sophoclean play still in existence), somewhere between 450 BCE to ...  
Ajax, Greece, Greek mythology -
Warrior prince who was huge and strong, but slow in speech. His father was king Telamon of Salamis. Ajax was considered the second greates warrior after Achilles, and he was the one who carried the hero's dead body back to the camp while Odysseus held the Trojans back.  
Ajax - Greek Mythology for Kids!
Ajax, a hero of the Trojan War - Greek Mythology for Kids  
AJAX, Greek Mythology Index
1. A son of Telamon, king of Salamis, by Periboea or Eriboea (Apollod. iii. 12. § 7; Paus. i. 42. § 4; Pind. Isth. vi. 65; Diod. iv. 72), and a grandson of Aeacus.  
Ajax - Encyclopedia Mythica
Ajax was the son of Telamon, king of Salamis. After Achilles, he was the mightiest of the Greek heroes in the Trojan War. Ajax was a huge man, head and shoulders larger than the other Greeks, enormously strong but somewhat slow of speech.  
Ajax | Define Ajax at
noun 1. Also called Great Ajax, Telamonian Ajax. Classical Mythology. a Greek hero in the Trojan War who rescued the body of Achilles and killed himself out of jealousy when Odysseus was awarded the armor of Achilles. 2. Also called Ajax the Lesser. Classical Mythology. a Locrian king, noted for his  
Ajax - Greek Mythology -
Ajax was the son of Telamon of Salamis. He was one of the heroes who fought for Greece in the battle of Troy. After Achilles died, there was a contest hheld among the other heroes.  
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ajax the greek god is known for what??? | Yahoo Answers
Update: Ajax the greek "warrior " is known for what? hows his name related to the dish washind cleaner ajax powder???...  
Ajax - Ancient and Classical History at
Ajax was one of the suitors of Helen and so was one of the members of the Greek force against Troy in the Trojan War. Ajax killed himself.  
Ajax by Sophocles — Reviews, Discussion, Bookclubs, Lists
Ajax has 1,697 ratings and 51 reviews. Jessica said: this series, The Greek Tragedy in New Translations, pairs scholars & poets for bangin' translations ...    
Ajax - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster ...
Definition of AJAX. 1: a Greek hero in the Trojan War who kills himself because the armor of Achilles is awarded to Odysseus . 2: a fleet-footed Greek hero in the Trojan War  
Ajax (Greek mythology)->Drama | Barnes & Noble
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Meaning, origin and history of the name Ajax
From the Greek name Αιας (Aias), perhaps deriving from Greek αιαστης (aiastes) "mourner" or αια (aia) "earth, land". In Greek mythology this was the name of two of the heroes who fought for the Greeks in the Trojan War, the son of Telamon and the son of Oileus.  
Ajax - Infoplease
Ajax , Gr. Aias, in Greek mythology. 1 Hero of the Trojan War, son of Telamon, thus called the Telamonian Ajax, also called Ajax the  
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Ajax of Greek Mythology: Story, History & Quiz |
History. Ajax, also known as Ajax the Great, was the son of Telamon, who was grandson of Zeus and King of the island of Salamis and Periboea. He was also cousin of the famed Achilles.  
Ajax - a play by Sophocles - Theatre Database
The following essay on Ajax was originally published in The Tragic Drama of the Greeks. A.E. Haigh. Oxford: ... Sophocles has made a bold departure from the usual Greek custom, in presenting to the eyes of the audience the spectacle of a violent death.  
The Internet Classics Archive | Ajax by Sophocles
Ajax By Sophocles. Commentary: Several comments have been posted about Ajax. Download: A 65k text-only version is available for download. ... Before the tent of AJAX in the Greek camp at Troy. It is dawn. ODYSSEUS is discovered examining the ground before the tent. ATHENA appears from above.  
Ajax - definition of Ajax by The Free Dictionary
A·jax (ā′jăks′) n. Greek Mythology. 1. The son of Telamon of Salamis and a warrior of great stature and prowess who fought against Troy. 2.  
Ajax (Aias) and Achilles: Images of Ancient Greek Mythology ...
Ajax (Aias) and Achilles. Ancient Greek Mythology, Religion, Art « Back to Last Page | Photos: Mythology, Religion, Art of Greek Heroes » Ajax (Aias) the Great is described as second only to Achilles in Homer's Illiad and he is the only one of the great heroes who does not receive assistance ...  
Ajax (Greek Legend) (Earth-616) - Marvel Comics Database
Ajax is a Greek hero serving the Olympian Pantheon. Large warhammer  
Ajax - Shmoop
Ajax was one big, beefy dude. Massive and strong, Ajax was considered Greece's second best warrior during the Trojan War (Achilles was #1). Hector of Troy came the closest to beating Ajax when the two fought one on one; but in the end, the daylong bout was a draw. Customer Reviews: Ajax (Greek Texts and Commentaries)
Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Ajax (Greek Texts and Commentaries) at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users./>  
Heroes in the Trojan War - Timeless Myths
Heroes II contain information and stories of the heroes and heroines of the Trojan War. Heroes II included references to Odysseus, ... son of Oïleus (Oileus). Ajax was head taller than the other Greek leaders, while the Lesser Ajax was shorter in stature than most Greek.  
Ajax - Mythology Dictionary
Occasionally called Ajax, Aias, Aias, Ajax or Ajax. Greek - Son of Oileus. Brother of Medon. At the fall of Troy he raped Cassandra who had taken refuge in the temple of Athena. For this sacrilege the gods caused a storm to disperse the homeward-bound Greek fleet and he was drowned.  
Who is Ajax in Greek mythology -
Click link below! Choose Ajax in left hand menu! There were actually too people named Ajax in Greek mythology, both soldiers in the Trojan War.  
Ajax Summary -
Odysseus, chosen by Greek leaders in the Trojan War to replace the dead Achilles as the chief warrior of the Greek forces, paces up and down before the tent of Ajax, who was slighted by the selection of Odysseus.    
Sophocles, Ajax, line 1 - Perseus Digital Library
Sophocles. The Ajax of Sophocles. Edited with introduction and notes by Sir Richard Jebb. Sir Richard Jebb. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1893. ... Thomas R. Martin, An Overview of Classical Greek History from Mycenae to Alexander, ...  
Ajax - Mythology Wiki
Poseidon kills Ajax the Lesser. Ajax, also spelt Aias, can refer to two Greek mythological characters, both leading contingents from their homelands to Troy.  
Ajax - Cummings Study Guide
Ajax Gigantic Greek warrior who helped the Greeks defeat the Trojans. Odysseus Supreme military strategist who designed the Trojan horse, a ruse that enabled the Greeks to win the Trojan War. Athena Goddess of wisdom and war.  
Ajax - Hellenica World
Aias (Greek: 'Αίας': 'Of the Earth'), or Ajax, king of Salamis, a legendary hero of ancient Greece. Aias the Great. To distinguish him from Aias, son of Oileus, he was called Aias the Great or Telamonian Aias.  
Telamonian Ajax - University of Dallas
Telamonian Ajax. Ajax is the son of Telamon, the old king of Salamis at the time of the Trojan War. In literature, he is referred to as the Telamonian Ajax, Ajax of Salamis, or simply as Big Ajax.  
Ajax by Sophocles | 9781500354916 | Paperback - Barnes & Noble
Ajax - Sophocles - Translated by R. C. Trevelyan Sophocles's Ajax is a Greek tragedy written in the 5th century BC. The date of Ajax's first performance is unknown and may never be found, but most sch. Skip to Main Content; Sign in. My Account. Manage Account;  
Ajax Greek Mythology - Viewing Gallery
Galleries Related: Little Ajax Greek Mythology, Ajax Greek Hero, Ajax Greek Warrior, Ajax Troy, Hector Greek Mythology, Ajax Cleaner, ... Displaying <18> Images For - Ajax Greek Mythology... Galleries Related: Little Ajax Greek ... Sophocles: Ajax (Bcp Greek Texts) (9780862920098 ...
Sophocles' Ajax is one of the most disturbing and powerful surviving ancient tragedies. But it is also difficult to understand and interpret. What are we to make of its protagonist's extremism?  
Sophocles: Ajax - Poetry In Translation
Dramatis Personae. Athena. Odysseus (The king of Ithaca) Ajax (King of Salamis) Chorus of Sailors. Tecmessa (Wife-captive of Ajax) Teucer (Ajax ’s half-brother)  
Ajax | the Greater | Encyclopedia Britannica
Ajax, (Latin), Greek Aias, byname Ajax the Greater , in Greek legend, son of Telamon, king of Salamis, described in the Iliad as being of great stature and colossal frame, second only to the Greek hero Achilles in strength and bravery.  
Sophocles' Ajax - Duke University
According to others, and this is the version followed by Sophocles, Ajax decides to kill the Greek leaders but goes mad (by the intervention of Athena), and slaughters the flock instead; then in humiliation he kills himself;  
Mythology: Ajax Greek Mythology Pictures
I tell my son stories about our day's activities where he plays the ajax greek mythology pictures a manifestation of evil, the ajax greek mythology pictures a doubt, a symbol of greed in most cultures.  
Ajax Characters
Ajax by Sophocles Characters. Ajax- Ruler of Ithaca, a Greek commander at Troy. Ajax is the tragic hero of Sophocles's play. He becomes possessed and commits suicide with Hector's sword.  
Ajax 1 - Greek Mythology Link
Greek Mythology Link - a collection of myths retold by Carlos Parada, author of Genealogical Guide to Greek Mythology.  
Who were Ajax and Achilles in Greek Mythology? | Yahoo Answers
Given how crappy some of the online mythology sites are for Greek myth and legend questions you're better off checking hard copy !!! ... Achilles and Ajax were both Greek Rulers.  
Ajax ( the Great), Greek mythology, Greek Culture
Ajax was a man of giant stature,daring but slow. When the Trojan War was about to break out he led his forces from Salamis to join the Greek army at Aulis.  
Ajax the Great - Phantis
Ajax the Great. From Phantis. Jump to: navigation, search. Aias (Greek: Αίας or Ajax was a king of Salamis, and a legendary hero of ancient Greece. ... Like most of the other Greek leaders, Ajax is alive and well as the Iliad comes to a close.  
Chilling New Translation of Sophocles' 'Ajax' | The Nation
A new translation of Sophocles' Ajax derives chilling power from its infidelity to the original text.  

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