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Your AdChoices - How interest based advertising finds you
X. When you click the AdChoices Icon on ads on your favorite Web sites, you learn more about interest-based ads. Watch this mildly educational video to find out how it works.    
Ad Choices Icon | NAI: Network Advertising Initiative
The AdChoices Icon (also known as the “Advertising Option Icon”) is a notice embedded in or around advertisements you see online. When you see the AdChoices Icon on a Web page or near a Web banner, it lets you know that information used to infer your interests may be gathered or used to ...  
Your Ad Choices - The Canadian Ad Choices Program
Interest-based ads are ads intended for you based on your web surfing behaviour. Look for the Ad Choices Icon to know you're being reached respectfully.  
AdSense Help - Google Help
Ever notice "Ads by Google," "Sponsored Links," or the AdChoices icon as you browse the web? Ads like these show all across the Internet. Advertisers can use AdWords to show Google Ads on sites that are part of the Google Display Network.  
AdChoices: What Is AdChoices? How Does AdChoices ... - WordStream
What is AdChoices? Learn all about the Ad Choices program and how it affects both users and advertisers in this guide.  
AdChoices Icon Appears In Yahoo Ads - wikiNOL
Google announce before few months that they are replacing the “Ads by Google” label with “AdChoices” label. Today I found that Yahoo also started “AdChoices” label for yahoo ads, you can see in the screen shot of yahoo mail login page.  
Remove AdChoices , removal instructions - 2 Spyware
What is AdChoices? AdChoices (can also be found as AdChoices virus) is a very questionable program, which has been included to 'adware' or  
AdChoices: Learn About Ads - CenturyLink
AdChoices: Learn About Ads. is committed to full disclosure. We’ve added this page to ensure you understand that during your visit to, you are presented with online advertising from third-party advertisers.  
Your Ad Choices - The Canadian Ad Choices Program
WHAT DOES THE AD CHOICES ICON DO? The Ad Choices Icon (also known as the "Advertising Option Icon") is a sign for consumer information and control for interest-based advertising (which is also referred to as “online behavioural advertising”).  
Tracking the Trackers: The AdChoices Icon | Center for ...
The Center for Internet and Society at Stanford Law School is a leader in the study of the law and policy around the Internet and other emerging technologies.  
Why This Ad? - Yahoo
Yahoo Advertising & Publishing Solutions. Yahoo delivers custom solutions to build your brand and drive the response you want. Yahoo's industry-leading targeting tools turn audiences into customers, helping you reach the people who matter to your business and deliver the right message.  
How to Use the Ad Choice Privacy Icon
The icon, developed by the Digital Advertising Alliance, of which 4A’s is a founding member, provides consumers with a number of options concerning the collection of personal information and online behavioral advertising.  
AdChoices Icon | AdMonsters
Hello Monsters - Are advertisers requesting publishers have the capability to overlay the Ad Choices icon on third-party ad creative? If so, what vendors can help us implement the icon in this manner?  
How to Remove AdChoices Popup Ads Thoroughly/Annoying Ad ...
What Is AdChoices? Ad Choices is an adware that would offer you coupon service and promoted products. At the very beginning, you may have run into aschoices occasionally when you are browsing Facebook or YouTube.  
Google AdSense AdChoices Logo Comes To Ads
Google has replaced the Google AdSense "i" button on the AdSense ads with "Ad Choices." We knew this was coming and now it has happened. When I go to a page with an AdSense ad, it loads the ad and shows AdChoices in the top right.  
Accountability Program Brings AdChoices Icon to Facebook ...
AdChoices Icon Will Give Facebook Users Additional Transparency and Choice about Advertisers’ Use of Consumer Behavioral Data on FBX. Arlington, VA – Feb. 4, 2013 – The Online Interest-Based Advertising Accountability Program (Accountability Program) today released a decision finding that ...  
Facebook to implement AdChoices icon on FBX ads to improve ...
Facebook has agreed to display an industry-standard icon on its ads that are targeted using third-party data about users’ Internet browsing history, according to AdAge.  
What are my options? | NAI: Network Advertising Initiative
This is the AdChoices Icon or "Advertising Option Icon." When you see the AdChoices Icon on a webpage or near an online ad, it lets you know that information may be used to figure out your interests to improve the ads you see.  
What's Missing on Twitter Retargeted Ads? 'AdChoices' Icon ...
Does Twitter's eschewing the 'AdChoices' icon on retargeted ads, undermine the credibility of the industry self-regulatory program?  
Your privacy and Microsoft personalized ads
Your privacy and Microsoft personalized ads. Home; Personalized ad preferences; Legal Privacy & Cookies © 2014 Microsoft ...    
AdChoices—Google or Microsoft or Yahoo - AIMS WEBSOFT ...
You’ve probably noticed that ads appearing on the Google Display Network have a special ‘i’ icon that expands to an ‘Ads by Google’ label in the bottom corner of the ad has been changed to a different ‘i’, which now expands to AdChoices.  
Ad Choices - Rocket Fuel
Ad Choices Advertising Option Icon ... Ad Choices. AdChoices . Ad Marker Container Dimensions. 広告マーカーコンテナの寸法 . 77x15px. Rounded lower left corner radius: 8px. 77x15px . 左下の丸い角の半径: 8px .  
How to block AdChoices Ads in Adsense - Google Product Forums
My adsense is frequently showing some ads marked as AdChoices. ... Ad units will be moving to show AdChoices instead of Ads by Google and the little i icon. Re: How to block AdChoices Ads in Adsense: EricLiu: 4/25/11 6:41 AM: wasaweb, thanks for the info.  
Goodbye "Ads By Google" & Hello "AdChoices" As Google's Backs ...
Those "Ads by Google" and "i" labels on AdSense ads will soon be replaced by an "AdChoices" triangle icon and label, as Google moves to comply with an indu  
What is AdChoices icon on online ads? - TechAbly
Webmaster Tips; Jun 4, 2011; What is AdChoices icon on online ads? Sometime ago, I read about the change Google is going to confer Adsense ads on the official Google Adsense blog.  
Study: Consumers Don't Know What AdChoices Privacy Icon Is ...
That consumer education campaign touting the ad industry's privacy program? Well, to use industry parlance, it didn't exactly move the needle. Research from Parks Associates comparing consumer awareness in 2011 to 2013 of the Digital Ad Alliance's AdChoices icon -- the little blue triangle seen  
Users More Likely to Click On Ads With AdChoices Icon | Adweek
Transparency and choice go a long way toward making Internet users comfortable with receiving interest-based ads, according to the results of a poll from the Digital Advertising Alliance.  
An Icon to Tell You About Web Tracking on Ads - Digits - WSJ
A new icon alerting users to behaviorally targeted advertising could soon start making its way onto more Web ads.  
AdChoices Icon | ProBoards Support
AdChoices Icon. Tech Support. Help Guide. Admins and Moderators. Users and Members. Developers. Support Board. Sales Questions. Mobile App Support. Mobile Archives. Praise! Coding & Development. Plugins. Plugin Library. Request a Plugin. Plugin Development. Themes.  
AdChoices Self-Regulatory Icon - Now in Mobile : Global ...
Print; Comments ; Trackbacks ; Share Link; This post was written by Amy S. Mushahwar, Frederick Lah, and Christine E. Nielsen. On August 21, Jumptap and Evidon announced a partnership to create and implement the AdChoices icon in mobile web and mobile app advertisements.  
Privacy Preference Manager
In order to enhance your experience while visiting the Scripps Networks website or one of our affiliated sites, we utilize various technologies to provide you with content and ads that are relevant to you.  
Facebook (Sort Of) Agrees to Display AdChoices Icon on ...
Facebook has agreed to start displaying the famous, blue AdChoices triangle on all ads that use behavioral targeting — with one modification.  
Tracking the Trackers: The AdChoices Icon | Web Policy
August 17, 2011 Tracking the Trackers: The AdChoices Icon. Original at the Stanford Center for Internet and Society. Jovanni Hernandez and Akshay Jagadeesh are the first authors of this study.  
AdChoices - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
AdChoices is an icon shown and associated program participated in by Internet advertisers on some advertisements to indicate that the ad is an instance is "interest-based advertising", i.e., the advertisement is based on information gathered about the user's interest via tracking of the user's ...  
Offering the Ad Choices Icon for Marketers
Consumer privacy has always been a top priority for Quantcast. This includes giving consumers clear notice and choice about the ads they see.  
AdChoices Icon - Comcast Help and Support Forums
This ADChoices icon keeps coming up at the top of my e-mail screen. How do I get rid of it?  
What is an AdChoices Icon in Display Ads? — Flite Blog
Have you ever seen an AdChoices button on a display ad while browsing the web? Most consumers have, and if you've ever wondered what the little icon means and why it's important, we've got answers for you.  
DAA Releases Creative Specs for Placing Ad Icon on ... - AdWeek
The Digital Advertising Alliance today is releasing creative specs on how the little blue ad marker should be used and displayed on mobile ads—the next major step in extending the DAA's ad choices program to mobile.  
Inside AdSense: New in-ads notice label and icon
We'll soon start to change our in-ads notice icon to a new icon that expands to an "AdChoices" label.  
Advertising Campaign to Promote ‘AdChoicesIcon – Q&A
‘AdChoices’ Icon – Q&A. Global ad server, AdTech, is also helping with the campaign. The ads will also run across leading UK political blogs and websites, supported by DG Mediamind and Vevo. The overall EU campaign is being managed by Velvet Rock Communications.  
AdChoices - How to remove? -
AdChoices is an adware application that causes lots of pop ups to be displayed on your computer while you are browsing the Internet. It is installed to random systems bundled with freeware.  
Advertising Option Icon FAQ | Rocket Fuel Inc.
What is the Advertising Option Icon? The Advertising Option Icon is designed to provide consumers with enhanced information and choices about how and when data is collected or used to serve ads targeted to them based on their likely interests.  
AD Removal Tool. Remove AD Now - Exterminate It!
Find out how to remove AD from your PC. Manual and automatic AD removal details provided. Free scan available. Get rid of AD RIGHT NOW!!!  
In-ads notice for the Google Display Network - AdWords Help
Google is committed to providing users clear choice and information about the ads they see. Ads that appear on certain sites on the Google Display Network show an “Ad Choices” icon.  
ad choices icon
Ad Choices Advertising Option Icon(広告オプションアイコン)についてよく聞かれる質問. ... Ad Choices is an adware that would offer you coupon service and promoted products. At the very beginning, ...  
Evidon Serving 2 Billion Daily “Ad ChoicesIcons Worldwide ...
Evidon serving billions of AdChoices Icons every day, with many more coming on mobile devices.  
AdChoices Icon | JD Supra
Popular Reads on JD Supra; Information Governance's Leadership Problem... The Internet of Things Will 'Rock' the Retail Sector; Privacy Settings Won't Keep Social Media Posts Out Of Court  
Facebook ads will start letting you know -- sort of -- when ...
Facebook’s ads will start showing an AdChoices icon, which the advertising industry hopes to make into a universal indicator that you’re being targeted.  
Adchoices icon (TEXT) | iPaste,
the adchoices icon appears on sites that use google's adsense program to show ads. while google often shows you ads based on the content of the page you are viewing, we also show some ads based on the types of websites you visit, view, or where you intera    
AdChoices's channel    

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