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XML - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Extensible Markup Language (XML) is a markup language that defines a set of rules for encoding documents in a format which is both human-readable and machine-readable.    
XML Tutorial - W3Schools Online Web Tutorials
XML stands for EXtensible Markup Language. XML was designed to describe data. XML is a software- and hardware-independent tool for carrying information.  
Extensible Markup Language (XML)
Introduction; Working Groups; Events; Other Resources; Contact; Nearby: XML Specifications and Translations of them. Introduction. Extensible Markup Language (XML) is a simple, very flexible text format derived from SGML (ISO 8879).    
XML Introduction - What is XML? - W3Schools
What is XML? XML stands for EXtensible Markup Language; XML is a markup language much like HTML; XML was designed to describe data, not to display data, where the XML community shares XML development resources and solutions, features timely news, opinions, features, and tutorials; the Annotated XML specification created by Tim Bray; authoring tools, XML developer resources, interactive forums...    
XML File - What is it and how do I open it?
What is a XML file? Files that contain the .xml file extension are Extensible Markup Language files. XML files are structured text files. These files can contain a variety of content for an array of computer application purposes.    
XML File Extension - Open .XML Files - - The ...
An XML file is an XML File. Learn what Mac, Windows, and Linux programs can open .XML files.    
Focus Area News | advances the use of open standards by providing educational information, discussion areas, and collaborative resources.    
XML Files - XML Basics - Introduction to XML Use, Syntax and ...
Need an introduction to XML? Learn what XML is all about and discover how XML differs from HTML. Explore XML syntax rules, learn how to write well-formed XML documents, adjust XML attributes, validate XML documents, and more.
What is XML? This introduction to XML is geared towards a reader with some HTML or SGML experience, although that experience is not absolutely necessary. This article is an update to A Guide to XML, which originally appeared in the Winter 1997 edition...  
What is XML (Extensible Markup Language)? - Definition from ...
The definition of XML (Extensible Markup Language) is a text-based format used to share data on the World Wide Web, intranets, and elsewhere.  
Extensible Markup Language (XML) 1.0 (Fifth Edition)
1 Introduction. Extensible Markup Language, abbreviated XML, describes a class of data objects called XML documents and partially describes the behavior of computer programs which process them.    
XML File (What It Is & How To Open One)
An XML file is an Extensible Markup Language file. Learn how to open an .XML file or convert an XML file to another file format.  
XML at The Apache Foundation
The Apache XML Project used to be the home for many XML-related subprojects, many of which have moved to top-level project status recently or are currently in migration.    
PHP: XML Parser - Manual
An event-based parser such XML Parser is preferable for large files, because tree-based parsers must fully load the file into memory in order to parse the XML.  
XML Files - Extensible Markup Language Tutorials for Developers provides web developers with a basic introduction to programming in XML, XML DTD, XML DOM, XML XSL, XML RSS and ASP.NET. Learn how to create basic XML programs from's expert tutorials and example code.    
XML Tools for Windows - Free downloads and reviews - CNET ...
The most downloaded XML Tools software, including Altova XMLSpy Enterprise Edition, Altova MapForce Enterprise Edition, and Altova StyleVision Enterprise Edition  
What is XML? - About
A technical definition of XML or Extensible Markup Language is "a document markup language for defining structured information". But that is a bit abstract, so let's take it step-by-step.  
XML Viewer - Free download and software reviews - CNET ...
From MindFusion: MindFusion's XML Viewer is used to examine the contents of an XML file in an easy-to-use environment. In addition you can make modification to the XML such as inserting and deleting items as well as adding and deleting properties to existing items.  
The XML FAQ Frequently-Asked Questions about the Extensible ...
Your support for our advertisers helps cover the cost of hosting, research, and maintenance of this FAQ. The XML FAQ    
XML Editor, XML Tools, and XQuery - Stylus Studio
The Stylus Studio XML Editor is an innovative XML IDE providing advanced XML development tools for XML, XSL, XSLT, XML Schema, DTD, SOAP, WSDL, SQL/XML, XML mapping, Web services and XQuery, simplifying XML data integration.    
What is XML? - HTML Goodies
Okay, What Is It? In five words or less you mean? That can't be done. XML are initials for EXtensible Markup Language. Seems strange that the first word is "Extensible," yet they use the "X" to denote the word.  
XML.Gov - Home Page
Extensible Markup Language (XML) embodies the potential to alleviate many of the interoperability problems associated with the sharing of documents and data.    
XML dictionary definition | XML defined
XML and HTML are complimentary markup languages used for the presentation of data to the WWW. HTML is a language that describes how information is displayed on the screen in your web browser and XML describes how data is organized, stored and retrieved from memory.XML is simply text.    
Altova XML Tools
Altova offers XMLSpy and other award-winning tools for XML development and working with XML alongside complimentary technologies such as SQL, UML, XBRL, and more.  
XML - definition of XML by The Free Dictionary
XML (ĕks′ĕm-ĕl′) n. An international standard metalanguage for creating markup languages that structure digital information in a way that allows for the exchange, display, and storage of data independent of proprietary operating systems and hardware devices.  
What is XML? What Opens a XML? File Format List from
eXtensible markup language. XML is a file extension for an Extensible Markup Language (XML) file format used to create common information formats and share both the format and the data on the World Wide Web, intranets, and elsewhere using standard ASCII text.  
XML - Definition by AcronymFinder
The World's most comprehensive professionally edited abbreviations and acronyms database. All trademarks/service marks referenced on this site are properties of their respective owners.  
Altova XML Editor and Award-winning XML, SQL, and UML Tools
Altova is the maker of the XMLSpy XML editor and other leading XML, SQL, and UML tools for software, web site, and database development, data conversion, cross-platform mobile app development, business reporting, and more.    
XML, XML Tutorial, XML Tutorial Online, XML Examples, XML ...
Learn XML with XML Tutorials, XML Examples and XML Tutorial code. Learn eXtensible Markup Language, Getting started with XML.  
XML (Extensible Markup Language) Definition
Stands for "Extensible Markup Language." (Yes, technically it should be EML). XML is used to define documents with a standard format that can be read by any XML-compatible application.    
XML - What does XML stand for?
Using XML technology, companies can enhance the way they share information among orders, inventory, and production to help partners communicate throughout the supply chain and respond directly to changing market conditions.  
XML Editor
oXygen XML Editor is a cross platform tool setting the standard in XML editing. This advanced XML editor provides the most intuitive tools for XML editing, authoring, and conversion, XSL, XSLT, XQuery, XML Schema, DTD, Relax NG, and Schematron development, SOAP and WSDL.    
XML Parser - Stylus Studio
XML Parser. A parser is a piece of program that takes a physical representation of some data and converts it into an in-memory form for the program as a whole to use.  
XML Tutorial -
Free XML tutorial - learn about XML and how to use it. Includes DTDs, XLST, and XPath.    
XML schema - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
An XML schema is a description of a type of XML document, typically expressed in terms of constraints on the structure and content of documents of that type, above and beyond the basic syntactical constraints imposed by XML itself. These constraints are generally expressed using some combination ...  
XML-DEV mailing list |
XML-DEV serves as an open, publicly archived, unmoderated list supporting XML implementation and development. XML-DEV emphasizes active participation through code development, creation of protocols and specifications, and other material contributions such as reference resources. XML File Format XML File Format File Format Specification and General Information. Note:The information provided on this page is related to the XML file format used by 1.0 only.  
XML - Lesson 02: The Nodes of an XML Element - Function X
An element in an XML document is an object that begins with a start-tag, may contain a value, and may terminate with an end-tag. Based on this, the combination of a start-tag, the value, and the end-tag is called an element.  
The XML Programming Language
History. XML, which stands for Extensible Markup Language, is a language similar to HTML used for creating arbitrarily-structured documents and web pages. Learn to use XML in your applications
Welcome to - If you are looking for virtually anything on XML, SOAP, and related technologies, bookmark this site - We'll help you find what you are looking for!    
How to use XML Notepad to create an XML document
Microsoft XML Notepad is an application that allows you to create and edit XML documents quickly and easily. With this tool, the structure of your XML data is displayed graphically in a tree structure. The interface presents two panes: one for the...    
XML Tutorial - Lazarus wiki
Introduction . Currently there is a set of units that provides support for XML on Free Pascal. These units are called "XMLRead", "XMLWrite" and "DOM" and they are part of the Free Component Library (FCL) from the Free Pascal Compiler.  
XML for Beginners - CodeProject
Introduction. The Extensible Markup Language (XML) is a general-purpose markup language. It is classified as an extensible language because it allows its users to define their own tags.  
CRAN - Package XML
XML: Tools for parsing and generating XML within R and S-Plus. This package provides many approaches for both reading and creating XML (and HTML) documents (including DTDs), both local and accessible via HTTP or FTP.  
JSON: The Fat-Free Alternative to XML
XML and JSON both use Unicode. Open and extensible. XML’s one-of-a-kind open structure allows you to add other state-of-the-art elements when needed. This means that you can always adapt your system to embrace industry-specific vocabulary.    
XML Sucks
XML Sucks “The essence of XML is this: the problem it solves is not hard, and it does not solve the problem well.” – Phil Wadler, POPL 2003  
What is XML Core Services? - Definition from
XML Core Services (formerly known as MSXML, for Microsoft Extensible Markup Language or XML) is an application for processing Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformation (XSLT) in an XML file. Based on Microsoft's Component Object Model (COM), XML Core Services is essentially an application    
XML Tutorial - Syntax - Tizag Tutorials
XML Syntax: Our Example XML Document. This lesson will analyze a real XML file to point out the syntax used to create a Well-Formed XML document.  

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