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Recipes with Angular.js - Directive-to-Directive Communication
This demonstrates the typical use case of a reusable component augmented by other directives. Now there might be other ways of passing data back and forth ...    
Other directives - European Commission
Other directives - Free movement of professionals ... Some professions are not covered by Directive 2005/36/EC. Recital 42 and Article 2(3) state that the directive does not apply to professions for which the recognition of professional qualifications is governed by specific legal provisions.  
AngularJS Documentation for $compile
The controller is instantiated before the pre-linking phase and it is shared with other directives (see require attribute). This allows the directives to communicate ...    
The Use and Abuse of Executive Orders and Other Presidential ...
In recent years, there has been renewed interest in the proper use and possible abuse of executive orders and other presidential directives.  
class RDoc::Markup - rdoc 4.1.1 Documentation - Seattle.rb
Other directives¶ ↑. :markup: type. Overrides the default markup type for this comment with the specified markup type. For Ruby files, if the first comment ...    
Commercial agents - European Commission
Commercial agents have common rights and obligations throughout the EU, in particular with regard to contracts and commissions. 25.07.2014 – Public consultation on the Evaluation of the Commercial Agents Directive (86/653/EEC)  
Content Security Policy 1.1
Jun 4, 2013 ... This is true even when the element data is semantically equivalent to content which would otherwise be restricted by one of the other directives, ...    
10.010 10.010 . DISTRIBUTION OF POLICIES, PROCEDURES AND OTHER DIRECTIVES . Reference: Procedure 10.000 – Procedure Manual and other Binding Written Directives  
Aircraft Cleaning Jobs in Jacksonville, Florida -
Jobs 1 - 20 of 31 ... ... company, supplier and other directives. Performs close tolerance drilling, reaming and countersinking operations to critical support structures, ...    
STATUTES, EXECUTIVE ORDERS AND OTHER DIRECTIVES Following are lists of the various statutes, executive orders and other directives referred to or ... Federal Grant and Cooperative 31 USC §§6301-08 210 Agreement Act of 1977  
Partly completed machine and DofI and DofC | LinkedIn
If a partly completed machine has to be in conformity with other directives, that require a CE-marking. Would you put a CE-mark on it or leave it without, as written ...    
Handbook to army regulations and other directives on ...
Handbook to army regulations and other directives on administration, [Walter Sczudlo] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.  
Multisite Domain Mapping to Internal Server only - WordPress
ServerName # Other directives here. </VirtualHost>. <VirtualHost ##.#.#.###:80> DocumentRoot /var/www/public_html ServerName    
Hangout: OpenACC and Other Directives |
Not a member yet? Register now and get started. Register for an account  
Ethical Reasoning for Difficult Decisions - Center for Teaching ...
Some directives will seem in conflict, and we must resolve them by considering the other directives. Note well: we must consider all four in an ethical decision.    
Other Directives - The C Preprocessor - GCC, the GNU Compiler ...
8 Other Directives. The ‘ #ident ’ directive takes one argument, a string constant. On some systems, that string constant is copied into a special segment of the object file.  
Creating Angular.js directives containing other directives ...
I am trying to come up with a library of re-usable directives. First two directives I tried to implement are DatePicker and DateRangePicker. The DateRangePicker must contain two DatePickers. I want  
javascript - writing an angularjs directive to wrap other ...
I've little experience writing my own directives. In my app I've been implementing my own tabs like this: <div id="tab_1" ng-class="{'active': selected == 1}" ng-click="selected = 1"></d...  
Other Directives - 九王爷的府邸 | Just another ...
Other Directives. Programmers may have to prepare C programs or C library packages that have to work in a variety of environments. The choices of types of code can vary from one environment to another.  
OpenACC Home |
OpenACC Home. OpenACC Member calendar. GPU Technology Conference. San Jose, CA. Tue, 2015-03-17 08:00. Hangout: OpenACC and ... Hangout: OpenACC and Other Directives. San Jose, CA. Tue, 2015-03-17 12:00. Tutorial: Introduction to Compiler Directives with OpenACC. San Jose, CA. Wed, 2015-03-18 08:00.    
Water Framework & Other Directives - WRc
Water Framework and Other Directives. WRc’s Catchment Management Team provides services to support river basin management planning  
other Directives - Translation into Italian - examples ...
Translations in context of "other Directives" in English-Italian from Reverso Context: other community directives, subject to other directives, to the provisions of those other directives  
Possible Other Directives for the Special Directives or ...
Possible Directives for the Special Directives or Limitations section of the Living Will, Medical Power of Attorney, or combined form The following are examples of directions persons could write in their living will,  
First Fish…and other directives:) | Salvoes in Faith
Chapter 2 of Jonah has language that suggests that he died in the fish at the bottom of the waters. Jesus later referred to the sign of Jonah in anticipating His own resurrection.  
Property Assessment Directives - Nebraska Department of Revenue
All other directives have been superseded by other directives, incorporated in regulations, or obsolete due to repeal of laws.  
OTHER DIRECTIVES APPLICABLE TO ATEX EQUIPMENT In the last newsletter, we talked about the two ATEX directives. In particular, we have treated the ATEX  
Other Directives - The C Preprocessor
8 Other Directives. The ` #ident ' directive takes one argument, a string constant. On some systems, that string constant is copied into a special segment of the object file.  
Academic Misconduct Policy
official announcements, program advising notices and other directives. Failing to do so may affect my degree progress as I may not become aware of opportunities and requirements in a timely way. Name of Student (please print): ...  
LAUSD Superintendent John Deasy ordered to submit a ...
Los Angeles Unified board member Bennett Kayser, part of a majority that has been increasingly critical of Superintendent John Deasy, sent a letter Friday to the schools chief demanding a plan spelling out who is in charge when he's gone.  
Award & Administration Guide I-6 NSF 09-1 Exhibit I-1: STATUTES, EXECUTIVE ORDERS AND OTHER DIRECTIVES Following are lists of the various statutes, executive orders and other directives referred to or implemented by  
AngularJS Documentation for $compile$compile#!
AngularJS needs this information as those elements need to be created and cloned in a special way when they are defined outside their usual containers like <svg> and <math>. ... Note that expressions and other directives used in the directive's template will also be excluded from execution.  
Other Directives
The legislative landscape in Europe and the world is changing and the time frames available, so that each organization can tackle the legislative updates, are too small to allow a constant adjustment.  
Chapter 8. Other Directives
Chapter 8. Other Directives. The #ident directive takes one argument, a string constant. On some systems, that string constant is copied into a special segment of the object file.  
The C Preprocessor: Other Directives
8. Other Directives . The `#ident' directive takes one argument, a string constant. On some systems, that string constant is copied into a special segment of the object file.  
Director's Order 42, Existing Manuals, Handbooks, and Directives
DIRECTOR'S ORDER NO. 42 . Subject: Existing Manuals, Handbooks and Other Directives . Sec. 1 Purpose. This order provides for converting the myriad of separate manuals, handbooks, and other directives within the Service to conform with the new directives system implemented in the Fish and ...    
BPR Manuals and Other Directives - The Official Website of ...
BPR Manuals and Other Directives Monday, 05 January 2009 22:13 - Last Updated Wednesday, 29 October 2014 07:32 BPR Documents Business Process Reengineering Manuals Afan Oromo Version (Ms-Word-2003 format)  
mcpp -- a portable C preprocessor with Validation Suite
Preprocessing processes #include, #if, #define and some other directives, and expands macros. Every C/C++ compiler system has a preprocessor. In recent years many compilers absorbed preprocessor into themselves ... , mcpp distinguishes itself among many existing preprocessors.    
Directives for Universal Review and Comment | The City of ...
City of Portland, Oregon Police Bureau Web Site ... The Executive Order regarding Directive 010.00, Directives Manual, outlines the process by which directives are created, revised, or rescinded.    
Micro-Methods Laboratory, Inc. | Ocean Springs, Mississippi
... and other directives, for maintaining the highest standard of ethical conduct, and for promoting efficiency and effectiveness in the administration of management's programs and activities in all laboratory operations. ... Ocean Springs, MS 39564    
DHMH - policies
DHMH Policies. Welcome to the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene's Policy and Procedure Internet web site. This site was designed to facilitate the access of DHMH policies by staff and management.  
and enjoy full mobility. At the same time, it is stressed that self-regulat - ory measures adopted by trade and industry should be given priority, if  
UNICOR Home Page
Prison Industry Enhancement Certification Program; Partnering with UNICOR; Selling to UNICOR; How to Purchase. Why Buy UNICOR; Ordering Procedures; Purchasing & Payment Options; Returns; Schedule of Products; Waiver Requests; News. Board of Directors; Board Meetings; Annual Reports;    
Catalonia Engineering Solutions
... products helps you to prepare the documentation needed for obtain PED (Pressure Equipment Directive) certification and other directives. ...    
Can Falsified Medicine and Other Directives Backfire?
All of us who are concerned with pharmaceuticals have to follow and comply with different regulations and directives. In the last ten years number of do’s and don’ts and “how to” have increased. Competition for drugs and APIs from developing countries has increased. It has ...  
Other directives .
a simple, no nonsense approach to compliance - Whatever you make, trust DAS to make it comply  
National Transit Safety Research & Assistance Center
About Us. The National Center for Transit Research established this National Transit Safety Research and Assistance Center as a comprehensive transit safety resource.    
Other Directives for Insurance
Below you can download information regarding other directives. Attachments: File File size; Insurance Regulation Order No.16 of 2006: 6546 Kb  
Preprocessor -
The preprocessor is executed at translation phase 4, before the compilation. The result of preprocessing is a single file which is then passed to the actual compiler.  
BBSR Homepage - Other Directives
Europe: Other directives relevant for energy efficient building. Questions concerning energy and climate policy and the responsible use of limited resources are becoming increasingly important at European level.  
New Approach and other Directives
The relationship between standardization and legislation at European level has been developed in accordance with the so-called 'New Approach' to technical harmonization and standards, which was introduced in 1985.  

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