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Decommissioning of Nuclear Facilities - NRC: Home Page
On this page: What We Regulate; How We Regulate; What We Regulate. The nuclear regulatory activities of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) include decommissioning nuclear facilities, which means safely removing a facility or site from service and reducing residual radioactivity to a ...  
NRC: Backgrounder on Decommissioning Nuclear Power Plants
Backgrounder on Decommissioning Nuclear Power Plants Printable Version Decommissioning (video) On this page: Discussion; Regulations; Decommissioning Funds  
Decommissioning - Connecticut Yankee
From 1968 until permanent shutdown in 1996, Connecticut Yankee operated a 619 megawatt pressurized water reactor at the Haddam Neck site. The nuclear power plant underwent a successful decommissioning from 1998-2007 with all plant structures removed and the site restored to stringent state and ...  
NASA - NASA Update on Plum Brook Reactor Facility ...
The Community Workgroup for the decommissioning of the closed Reactor Facility at NASA Glenn Research Center's Plum Brook Station will meet on Mar. 3.  
Decommissioning | ICR USA
Decommissioning ICR OnSite Services. Our ICR OnSite Services Division takes pride in offering Machine and Equipment Decommissioning services that are different.  
IAEA Delivers Final Report on Decommissioning Efforts at ...
The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) delivered a report on 12 February 2014 to the government of Japan describing the findings of a two-part review of the nation's efforts to plan and implement the decommissioning of TEPCO's Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station (NPS).  
Decommissioning: The Risks, Benefits and Liabilities - Power ...
If your company is planning to retire a coal-fired power plant, you’ll need more information about decommissioning, decontamination and demolition.  
Decommissioning - CLS Offshore Ltd
Decommissioning. CLS is one of the leading suppliers of floating pole technology, and has one of the largest in-house teams of technicians experienced in the operational and safety procedures in this field.  
Denison Environmental Services - Mine Closure Consulting ...
Decommissioning and Demolition, Denison Environmental Services provides closure costs consultations and estimating.  
Decommissioning - Page 1 - Nuclear Free Planet
MIA STEINLE l Project on Government Oversight 9 November, 2012. Government investigators have uncovered conflicts of interest among the contractors working on a multi-billion dollar effort to decontaminate and decommission two of the nation’s nuclear weapons sites.  
Decommissioning - USS GUAM LPH 9 ASSOCIATION
Decommissioning. This section is broken up into various scanned images of documentation during the decommissioning of the USS Guam LPH-9. Click on a link with the corresponding topic to view the scanned image.  
Demolition & Decommissioning - DECOMREC
DECOMREC benefits from a combination of over 50 years senior management experience working in decommissioning & demolition of petro-chemical, industrial and urban sites, consistently demonstrating the high level of skill needed to operate safely on high risk sites  
Decommissioning - NRC Cadillac Mi
Naval Reserve Center Cadillac Association. Main Commissioning Units Articles Photos Decommissioning Reunion In Memoriam  
Nuclear Waste Management & Decommissioning
Nuclear waste management news, processes and events covering handling of spent nuclear fuel, decommissioning of nuclear power plants and disposal of nuclear waste.  
NUKEM Technologies: Decommissioning
Decommissioning Every nuclear facility is destined to be decommissioned at some point in time - due to age or for economic or political reasons.  
Decommissioning - VGB PowerTech - Fachverband der Strom- und ...
Tasks. Practical experience on decommissioning; National regulatory issues; International issues: WENRA/ENISS (Western European Regulator´s Association)  
Decommissioning - Strahlungsmessgeräte: SEA Strahlenschutz ...
Phase 1: Decommissioning of installations which are not needed anymore for remaining operation: Phase 2: Decommissioning of large components, for example parts of the steam generator  
AlanDick Communications :: Decommissioning & disposal
Our key competencies in the discipline of decommissioning and disposal include: Waste stream management skills and processes - Successful decommissioning and disposal is aided by an early start - the earlier the better - ideally designing with end of life in mind.  
Site Decommissioning - Mono Consultants
We view and operate Site Decommissioning as a separate project team within Mono. We have been carrying out site removal and reinstatements throughout the UK for many years and have developed a team with the necessary skills.  
LL and G Construction Inc - Decommissioning
LL&G is a leading provider of offshore construction and inspection services to the domestic and international oil and gas industry operating at water depths up to 500 feet in the Gulf of Mexico and select Latin America Markets.  
DHL | Decommissioning | English
In today’s world where the effects of some industries on the environment is a cause of concern, once cannot simply walk away from a mine once operations have come to an end.  
Environmental remediation and decommissioning ...
Environmental remediation and decommissioning. BP works to restore the environment when remediating or decommissioning a site or in response to an unplanned incident. The BP-operated Miller platform in the North Sea, ceased production in 2007  
Sonardyne's Capabilities for Decommissioning. Over the coming years, an increasing number of offshore oil and gas installations will be approaching the end of their producing life.  
Decommisioning - Spafford Global Consulting - The ...
Decommissioning. By: George Spafford. August 31, 2006. We put a great deal of effort into buying new devices for users, upgrading their systems, making them mobile, etc.  
Maersk jackup to serve as base for North Sea Yme field ...
Maersk jackup to serve as base for North Sea Yme field decommissioning. 09/17/2014. Offshore staff. OSLO, Norway – Petroleum Safety Authority Norway has sanctioned use of the jackup Mærsk Giant as living quarters on the Yme field in the southeastern Norwegian North Sea.  
Shell grapples with uncertainties of Brent field ...
Shell grapples with uncertainties of Brent field decommissioning. 02/01/2012. By Jeremy Beckman Editor. Decades-old facilities undergoing rigorous scrutiny. Shell is preparing to decommission the Brent field production complex in the UK northern North Sea.  
Plant Decommissioning Services by Dec-Tam
Plant Decommissioning Services by Dec-Tam. Dec-Tam has been helping plant owners and real estate developers decomission buildings for over 30 years.  
Decommissioning of Facilities - IAEA NEFW
Decommissioning represents the final phase in the lifecycle of a nuclear facility. It involves all activities undertaken to remove radioactive contamination from and to dismantle the facility with the aim that it may be released from regulatory control and the site reused for other ...  
Davis family headed west for decommissioning of ship named ...
Losing something named for a family member would be a sad occasion for many folks. Not for relatives of the late Rodney Maxwell Davis, about 30 of whom will be heading to Everett, Washington, this week, where Davis will be honored when the Navy decommissions the ship named for him. Davis, a Marine  
Central Platte Natural Resources District
Abandoned wells that have not been properly plugged can provide a direct path for contaminants to reach groundwater. Pollutants such as fertilizer, animal wastes or agricultural chemicals may travel into an aquifer through an improperly abandoned well and endanger nearby ...  
USS Saratoga Museum Foundation, Inc. - Decommissioning Speech
The following is the text of CNO Mike Boorda's remarks at the decommissioning of USS SARATOGA, 20 August, 1994: As we flew down this morning, I spent a lot time thinking about what I might say as we bid farewell not only to a ship but to an important era in Naval history and in the history of ...  
OFFSHORE INSTALLATION & COMMISSIONING / DECOMMISSIONING. Our experienced maintenance personnel perform all manner of offshore equipment installation, from heat exchangers or degassers, to access platforms, escape hatches, moonpool wave breakers or full derrick construction.  
Decommissioning - Axis Energy Projects Limited
Decommissioning Specific Decommissioning Services. Axis Energy Projects has specific decommissioning expertise in the following areas: Structural design and analysis:  
Decommissioning - USS SAVAGE
USS SAVAGE, DER-386, Decommissioning, Mare Island, CA.  
Minnesota State University, Mankato - Gage Decommissioning ...
Contact. Minnesota State University, Mankato Mankato, MN 56001 1-800-722-0544  
Offshore Decommissioning - Bisso Marine
For more than one hundred years BISSO MARINE has been providing unsurpassed service and quality to the marine and energy industries. BISSO MARINE performs marine construction, pipelaying, salvage, heavy lift, and diving services. With offices and strategic alliances located across the Gulf Coast ...  
Status of the Decommissioning Program
Decommissioning Program 2010 Annual Report Division of Waste Management and Environmental Protection ... nrc/regulatory/decommissioning.html) are updated on a quarterly basis. The information contained in this report is current as of September 30, 2010.  
Coal Plant Decommissioning - TheStreet - Stock Market ...
Coal Plant Decommissioning ... Cumulative revenue from 2013 to 2020 will total $5.3 billion.This Navigant Research report examines the market for coal plant decommissioning, taking into ...    
Nuclear Decommissioning - - The New York Times
In “As Reactors Age, the Money to Close Them Lags” (news article, March 21), questions were raised about the adequacy of decommissioning money for Entergy’s nuclear plants. In fact, Entergy has already set aside money, in addition to other financial assurances, to decommission ...  
Decommissioning - USS CLAUD JONES
Sanadikun (USS Claud Jones) class patrol frigates Indonesian navy. Thanks to Dennis Jose (HTFN, 1973-74 USS McMorris) for this program. Also Thanks to ...  
Plant/ Facility Decommissioning and Demolition
Decommissioning and Demolition Management Services provided by de maximis frequently include: Facilitate and communicate between client, contractor(s), engineer, disposal facilities, laboratories, and potential developers  
Yankee Nuclear Power Plant
General Information. ownership; document room; links; Rowe Brochure Fuel Storage and Removal Yankee Rowe Property Decommissioning. building demolition; large comp removal/ship  
Decommissioning - salamonie
Thomas Keske, MM2, USS Salamonie, 1964-1968, had the most time served aboard the USS Salamonie at the time of her decom-  
Offshore Decommissioning - East of England Energy Group - EEEGR
Offshore Decommissioning. The region offers: 40+ years heritage of offshore experience and transferable skills; A strong, established energy industry network  
Yes Vermont Yankee: Looking Back Toward Decommissioning
Looking Back Toward Decommissioning Picture of Dry Casks at Maine Yankee From 3Yankees website: Let me start with a fact: Entergy can use SAFSTOR or Prompt Decommissioning, their choice. With either type of decommissioning, the current workers lose their jobs.  
Decommissioning - Optimus – engineering consultants ...
Decommissioning . Optimus have a successful track record in supporting North Sea and international operators in management of all aspects of decommissioning, from annual liabilities reporting to offshore decommissioning project management and management of waste inventories.  
SolstenXP | Decommissioning
SolstenXP provides specialized decommissioning services including well plugging and abandonment, site restoration, platform removal and pipeline abandonment.  
Decommissioning - USS Nicholas FFG-47 "Plank Owners"
*****New Information***** The Nicholas is scheduled to be Decommissioned on Monday 10 March, 2014 in Norfolk, VA. The guest speaker at the ceremony will be the original Commanding Officer, VADM (Ret) James F Amerault.  
Decommissioning, 1 March 1946 -
All photos courtesy of Ray (Basil) Phipps. Five Subs Given Unit Citation at M.I. Ceremonies [begin caption] ADMIRAL R. S. EDWARDS, COMMANDER Western Sea Frontier, presents the Navy Unit Commendation ribbon to officers and men of the Submarine Bluegill during recent ceremonies aboard the U. S. S ...  
Network Decommissioning - KMM | Managed Services | Telecom ...
Network Decommissioning. Out with the old and in with the new… Carriers are feeling the financial impacts of maintaining multiple generations of network technologies.  

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