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How to find {CFIDE-HOME} in Coldfusion - Stack Overflow
any one has idea, how can I find {CFIDE-HOME} path in my server? this is for coldfusion 8.0.1  
Adobe ColdFusion critical vulnerability APSA13-03
ColdFusion customers who have restricted public access to the CFIDE/administrator, CFIDE/adminapi and CFIDE/gettingstarted* directories (as outlined in the ColdFusion 9 Lockdown Guide and ColdFusion 10 Lockdown Guide) ...  
Changing the ColdFusion CFIDE Scripts Location - Pete Freitag
One of the things that the HackMyCF ColdFusion server security scanner looks for, is if the /CFIDE/scripts/ folder is in it's default location. There have been security vulnerabilities located in this folder in the past, most notably was the FCKEditor Vulnerability in ColdFusion 8.    
Is your ColdFusion Administrator Actually Public?
Created empty folder /CFIDE/Administrator/ and perma-redirecting to site root via IIS6. Seems to do the trick witout rewriting.    
CFIDE directory - Coldfusion - Getting Started
As you mentioned the solution was to map a virtual directory to the folder. This is correct. But this has to be done in your web server, which is why  
Adobe® ColdFusion® 9 Server Lockdown Guide
Adobe ColdFusion 9 Server Lockdown Guide 3 For each new user, right-click and select Properties. On the Terminal Services Profile tab, check Deny This User  
ColdFusion Muse: Protecting the CFIDE directory in IIS
Yesterday I had a server with IIS and a few hundred sites on it. Some, though not all, of the sites had an unprotected CFIDE directory mapped.  
The Roper Center for Public Opinion Research
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How to lock down CFIDE in IIS -
Ryan Stille wrote on 07/09/09 12:23 PM. Even allowing access to the scripts directory can be dangerous. Adobe just released a hotfix to fix an issue where you can upload files to the server by accessing some scripts in /cfide/scripts/  
ColdFusion Security hotfix APSB13-03 - Adobe Systems
ColdFusion 10, ColdFusion 9.0.2, ColdFusion 9.0.1, and ColdFusion 9.0 are affected with the vulnerabilities mentioned in the security bulletin APSB13-03.  
coldfusion - Workaround for CFIDE Not Web Accessible for AJAX ...
Several pieces of ColdFusion functionality - media player and multi file uploader - are predicated on JavaScript libraries being available at /CFIDE/scripts, even if the scriptsrc is configured in  
Presidential Approval Ratings - The Roper Center for Public ...
Whether you're interested in Presidential approval ratings, analyzing social trends, finding answers to individual questions or conducting more detailed secondary analysis, you'll find it in the archives at the Roper Center.  
ColdFusion 10 Server Lockdown Guide — Adobe ColdFusion Blog
Read directly from ColdFusion product team here. Blog; Adobe ColdFusion Blog Conversations on ColdFusion and ColdFusion Builder. ColdFusion 10 Server Lockdown Guide. ... Below is an example of a web.config. I did not include /CFIDE/scripts or /CFIDE/Graphdata.  
File Integrity Checking CFIDE » David C. Epler
To check your CFIDE against the hashdeep hash for your version, you need install hashdeep and to go to the directory above CFIDE as shown below (Windows):  
APSB09-09 Hotfix available for potential ColdFusion 8 input ...
Hotfix available for potential ColdFusion 8 input sanitization issue. Release date: July 8, 2009. Last Updated: August 19, 2009 . Vulnerability identifier: APSB09-09. ... Take a backup of /CFIDE/scripts/ajax/FCKeditor folder outside of the webroot.  
Adobe ColdFusion 9 * Administrator API
You can use the Administrator API to perform most ColdFusion Administrator tasks programmatically. The Administrator API consists of a set of ColdFusion components ... The CFCs for the Administrator API are located in the cf_web_root/CFIDE/adminapi directory.  
ColdFusion Muse: That Pesky CFIDE Directory
If you are CF community connected (and if not why not?) you know about the latest "sub-zero" exploit to ColdFusion that once again targets the Administrator or adminapi directory under the CFIDE directory.  
Securing the ColdFusion MX Administrator - Steven Erat's Blog ...
I would really love to be able to do away with CFIDE/administrator. If we were to reinstall, or deploy to additional servers, it is a pointless hassle to go clicking through all of that mess when what I would really want is a copy of what is already in use elsewhere.  
Adobe ColdFusion APSB13-03 - Remote Exploit
execute output_exec, 'chmod', "755 ../../wwwroot/CFIDE/#{output_payload}" # execute the payload execute output_exec ... end def administrator_9x_login user, password vprint_status "Trying ColdFusion 9.x Administrator login" # coldfusion 9 appears to do ... - View topic - CFIDE - Spambot Security's ...
Signature Suggestions ... "I block /administrator, so this got blocked. In anycase, I don't have coldfusion ..." · "I've had this in my custom since May. Code: $ax += (inmatch($requesturi,"/cfide/","Hacking attempt, INSTA-BAN - ")); And this one since March. Code: $ax += (inmatch($requesturi ...  
ColdFusion Security Hotfix APSB12-21 - Adobe Systems
Download and Extract both zip files. In ColdFusion administrator, select System Information page by clicking the icon "i" in the upper-right corner.  
ColdFusion 10 update 1 released — Adobe ColdFusion Blog
Read directly from ColdFusion product team here. Blog; Adobe ColdFusion Blog ... The /jakarta and /CFIDE virtual directories are only a couple of the many settings that wsconfig.exe writes to applicationHost.config.  
Administrator API - Adobe Systems
The Administrator API consists of a set of ColdFusion components (CFCs) ... The CFCs for the Administrator API are located in the cf_web_root/CFIDE/adminapi directory, and each CFC corresponds to an area of the ColdFusion Administrator, as the following table shows: CFC.  
ColdFusion 10, Configuration and Settings Migra... | Adobe ...
Hi, Used the following URL to access the CF Adobe ColdFusion 10 Configuration and Settings Migration Wizard: http://localhost/CFIDE/administrator/  
Is It Safe To Block Access To /cfide? - Ben Forta | Home
Subscribe Feed › E-Mail › Options Go back to Blog 14 Jan 2013 Is It Safe To Block Access To /cfide? A user, worried about the recent attacks on ColdFusion servers, asked if he could safely block all public access to /cfide.  
Adobe ColdFusion Directory Traversal Vulnerability
... "/CFIDE/administrator/enter.cfm" #!/usr/bin/python # CVE-2010-2861 ... "/CFIDE/administrator/archives/index.cfm", "/cfide/install.cfm", "/CFIDE/administrator/entman/index.cfm", "/CFIDE/administrator/enter.cfm") post = """POST %s HTTP/1.1 Host: %s Connection: ...    
Feature#3732913 - Isolate the /CFIDE/scripts directory from ...
Title. Isolate the /CFIDE/scripts directory from the rest of /CFIDE Description. This has come up repeatedly over a number of years. ColdFusion exposes /CFIDE by default, which is bad, and absolutely should not be the case.  
Secure CFIDE Virtual Directory - House of Fusion
Secure CFIDE Virtual Directory was asked on the ColdFusion Talk (CF-Talk) mailing list.  
CFIDE and Cfdocs - What, Where, Why? - Experts Exchange - The ...
Hello, I recently installed Coldfusion MX 7. For every website I had configured in IIS, it created a cfide and cfdocs folder. 1) What are these folders for?  
Can't access ColdFusion9 administrator | Adobe Community
... \ColdFusion9\wwwroot\CFIDE\administrator\enter.cfm, line: 232 "coldfusion.runtime.RequestTimedOutException: ... Yes, CFIDE for sure..can't remember if that was the only one. Like Show 0 Likes Actions ; Go to original post. Actions ...  
Millions of Coldfusion sites need to apply patches
Download from Adobe. 2. Make a backup of the {CFIDE-Home} ... Extract the files in to the web root directory that consists of CFIDE folder. The Server Settings > Mappings page in the ColdFusion  
Proper path for CFIDE directory ColdFusion 8 Enterprise
Hi, I discovered recently that our server was not validating cfform fields. The only way to get it to work is by placing the CFIDE directory where it is accessible via HTTP. Is this a security...
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Millions of ColdFusion users still at serious risk locale=..\..\..\..\..\..\..\..\..\..\JRun4\servers\cfusion\cfusion-ear\ cfusion-war\WEB-INF\cfusion\lib\ Email Address . Spotlight.  
CFIDE Virtual Directory on every website? - Coldfusion ...
Is having the Administrator now avaiable through all my websites a good thing. Now that I have the cfide folder set up as a virtual directory, it's now on  
Adobe ColdFusion Bugs Let Remote Users Obtain Information and ...
DoS (WASC-10): http://site/CFIDE/componentutils/packagelist.cfm?refreshCache=yes At this request the update of components cache occurs, which leads to overload of the server, if large amount of components is installed. Full path disclosure ...    
cfchart – CFIDE/GraphData.cfm problems | Just random crap
Got cfchart - /CFIDE/GraphData.cfm problems? If you’re running into problems with <cfchart> you’re more than likely experiencing problems with the mappings. On a productions machine you don’t want to expose the CFIDE to the public, so you remove it! However, ColdFusion needs ...  
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Duplicate CFIDE and WEB-INF sandboxes created when enabling ...
Issue. After enabling ColdFusion Security in a new instance in ColdFusion MX 7 Multiserver configuration, duplicate system sandboxes (CFIDE and WEB-INF) are created.    
Bug#3755230 - ORM EventHandler is stating that it must ...
Bug#3755230 - ORM EventHandler is stating that it must implement interface cfide.orm.IEventHandler when it does  
How to move CFIDE in ColdFusion 8? - House of Fusion
How to move CFIDE in CF8? was asked on the ColdFusion Talk (CF-Talk) mailing list.  
Error - Adobe ...
Error msakata (IS/IT--Management) (OP) 19 Sep 02 17:19. After installing Coldfusion Server 5, I recieve "The page cannot be displayed" error when trying to run the Coldfusion Administrator on a NT 4 box SP6a and IIS 4 .  
Making CFIDE Available to all Apache VirtualHosts ...
Making CFIDE Available to all Apache VirtualHosts. When working with ColdFusion on Linux, you may encounter a situation where you want to make the contents of the CFIDE folder available to all sites that are hosted on that server.  
Changing the webroot of the ColdFusion 10 Beta (Zeus) Built ...
If you run the ColdFusion built in web server on your local machine and want to keep your current webroot while playing with the Zeus beta here's how to change the web root:  
ColdFusion Administrator Login
Version: 6,1,0,hf45343_611 Copyright (c) 1995-2003 Macromedia, Inc. All rights reserved ... Enter your ColdFusion Administrator password below  
cfide | rabidGadfly
As I mentioned in my last post (Drag and Drop Sorting with CFAjaxProxy and I’ve started to use CFAjaxProxy. It’s been very easy to integrate and I had no problems at all on my local machine.    
Multiple Site, IIS And CFIDE - ColdFusion | Dream.In.Code
Multiple Site, IIS and CFIDE: I have multiple sites, but one is having trouble accessing cfide  
Ask a Jedi: What's up with "CFIDE"? (And some cool Allaire ...
So here is a fun question: Why is the CFIDE directory called CFIDE? To be honest, I had no idea. I pinged Damon Cooper and got a very interesting response:  
CFIDE directory - Categories - The SitePoint Forums
Ok Admins have verified that the css files are there at both the c:CFIDE\ level and the root\CFIDE and that our configuration is pointing to the root CFIDE across all servers in the cluster.  
Access CFIDE with Apache »
I leave CFIDE and WEB-INF in the default location and create a symbolic link to it in the webroot of any vhost that needs access to it. ... <Location /CFIDE/administrator> Options +FollowSymLinks Order deny,allow Allow from all  

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